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Author of the day - mandy littlejohn
mandy  littlejohn
Hello I am Amanda ,a single mom of three children I love being a mom I also love writing I was born ...(more)

mandy littlejohn has 7 pages on Wikinut

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During my work experience in BPO, I had worked under many team leaders and on occasions also worked as a back up for them. Being in that role of part time team leader, I got chance to learn few things about this role.
Packaging is an art of making products attractive in front of the consumers. It facilitates in the process of selling. So, packaging supplies are an important marketing tool for the manufacturers across the globe.
Learn about one of the Taliban Five. This man was traded, along with four others, for US citizen/soldier Bowe Bergdahl.
I am totally in control of my life. I am totally confident and positive. I am achieving my goals, I have determination and drive- What you are actually doing here is re- programming your subconscious. If you talk to yourself in a positive way, that's what your subconscious will focus ...
All SEO techniques, what you really require in order to improve your search rankings, the best techniques that youwill eventually learn after long time optimizing your website.
Autocratic Governor Jackson Mandago now likened with Hitler as debate over whether plebiscite should be held continues drawing a lot of hooha and haha in this East African country
It's all about measuring the employee performance by marking grades and promoting the right person to the right place to the Organization for a mutual growth.
Felipe tells Mona the secret that he has kept since early childhood and she responds with compassion.
A collections of 5 short poems that I have written.
This is a short story about a girl who feel in love with a boy who was her polar opposite.
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