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Author of the day - Deepizzaguy
A native of Ancon Panama. I like to write about cartoons past and present, motion pictures, sports r...(more)

Deepizzaguy has 78 pages on Wikinut

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Gain some knowledge about some romantic hotels that are really special and at very low prices. Learn about some bargains in Medan, Indonesia.
The Pacific War began in 1941, after the Japanese airstrike on Pearl Harbor. From then on, the Japanese dominated most of the early battles of the Pacific War against the British, Commonwealth and U.S. armies. With a string of victories, the Japanese absorbed a variety of territories ...
The Tea Party has gone from fringe group to Political darling of the Right. And, predictably, the Republican Party has sided with them. It may seem like a good fit, but this group shouldn't be trusted, especially by the Grand Old Party.
Tips on how to move on after a death or significant change in ones life making them feel unwanted.
This is a poem I wrote myself which is about the love between a dog and its owner.
Sceptics scoff at the old man's stories of paranormal activity in an abandoned village and its ruined manor house. But when a group of young professionals decide to spend a night within the walls of the old house, the ghost hunters become the hunted. If anybody needs a reminder that i...
The American Civil War is often regarded as the culmination of Abraham Lincoln’s campaign to end slavery, but that is an over-simplification of his motives. His Emancipation Proclamation can be seen as having had an ulterior motive.
Swelling number of enthusiastic guests and customers throng Bata Kenya business premises at the magnificent Hilton Hotel in Nairobi- Kenya's capital city for the historic launch
In this article I am going to show you how to ask the hardest question. The hardest question should be asked regularly of your customers, employees and even your spouse.
The article speaks about the success of Ash. On her birthday her admirers expect her to make a comeback in bollywood films.
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