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A lot of people fear to answer the question, they feel it puts them into an uncomfortable situation. The existence of God as been a weary and dragged out discussion which many have deliberated on. Even though the very proof is put before our eyes that clearly shows us that a greater b...
Coexistence has never been easy test, but giving a thought to these hints may help to find a suitable partner or lodger.
Pink lips are looked upon as aesthetically pleasing, and beautiful with a hint of natural femininity.
Why are people killing each other in the name of religions? Have they ever seen this almighty GOD? Does he look like Osama or Obama?
A word of encouragement to remind you to rejoice and be glad this day and every day.
Dancer Mark Ballas is releasing a new single and is asking for help from fans for the video.
A villanelle about a young love torn apart by circumstances...
The term `self – discipline' makes it very clear that discipline should spring from within. There is no point in external forces continuously trying to discipline us.
Sex satisfaction with the use of sex toys may be the in thing, but after reaching heaven, caution must not be thrown to the winds. In other words, sex paraphernalia must be disposed of properly.
This is a poem dedicated to anybody around the world named Shamarie.
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