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Author of the day - kimiti
I am a son of God, kingdom seeker, from humble background, husband of one wife, four children, i wil...(more)

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Human civilization has been developing through intellectuals sowing seeds for improving quality of life of people. Important of such seeds are detailed here under each of which has contributed to make human life independent of Nature.
We all suffer from varying amounts of ignorance.Some people more than others.
Molly and Milly arrived at their destination tired and thirsty. Molly showed Milly how to get in the house without being noticed. Milly was so tired she fell asleep on the couch which left Molly to hunt for clues.
everyone must celebrate a birthday with a cake as an important part of birthday celebrations. The need for this celebration to be different and more fun every year also contributed to this change. Sometimes budget to factor these changes. to keep it fun and without the need to spend m...
If you retire what do you do? Give up socializing and sit in the living room watching cooking shows and knitting till your grandchildren has sweater after sweater. Or do you still socialize and volunteer if you are still bright and bouncy? But do you volunteer at the hospital gift sho...
Time ad infinitum This is about generations and time ...not any fuckin Toms Dicks Harris nor James flames
After a months long delay due to illness, Culture Club is ready to perform in North America.
Former Indiana Pacers power forward David West, 34, who became a free agent on July 1 has reached an agreement to play basketball for the San Antonio Spurs. West will be paid the minimum salary for veteran basketball players of $1.4 million for one season.
My life is starting to take some shape. My life was full of chaos, trauma and a really unhealthy lifestyle for years. I felt literally out of control of everything. I had to (and still have to) work hard to get where I want. I had to learn not to listen to others all the time, and lea...
After a difficult weekend with his car at Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton qualified on pole by a tiny margin. But could he convert it to a win?
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