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Author of the day - Steve Kinsman
Steve Kinsman
I live in California with my wife Carol, where I have been practicing professional astrology for 35...(more)

Steve Kinsman has 1203 pages on Wikinut

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‘Stop! You’ll all jump and fall to your deaths. Please stop. Stop!!’
Life saver – little bigger, little better – slide reduction, golden bowl, primary concern today is lookin out the window. Think hermit energy in the studio. I wish you were a hermy
This covers a painful 40 year period of my life and in dealing with society's and my acceptance of an over weight me.
Heavy, fearful or foolhardy emotional investments are the lid and ceiling on success or the prelude to genuine failure. Maintain objectivity and a strongly yet genuinely thoughtful aura, and you will get what you want out of life here and now instead of investing in the day-traded por...
An original article written when I found out that Robin Williams had committed sucide and then I read some really cold analysis by folks on the internet.
Since St. Patrick's Day is March 17, 2015 I decided to write about Sparkey's Day Out.
this is about a guy name Joe and how his life was and it made him feel and act and how he can be around women.
I was once in madly in love with a dear friend who was also a poet, a want-to-be-writer like myself who I spent hours with in the sunshine of our dreams...This is that story, the pale penned colors of those golden days.
The WWE Universe honored “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan at Madison Square Garden.
Science fiction writers have always started exploration of the universe through a single step to our sister planet Mars. Yet how possible is this with existing technologies and humanity's willingness to explore?
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