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Author of the day - Fern Mc Costigan
Fern Mc Costigan
Aspiring Freelance Writer in the following subjects that I follow as Politics, Fine Wines, Sports as...(more)

Fern Mc Costigan has 168 pages on Wikinut

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On Friday free agent relief pitcher Jason Frasor, 37, signed a one year $1.25 million contract with a mutual option for the 2016 baseball season.
Members of Pink Floyd continue to set records...and attracting a surprising new audience.
How I learn codding. And what am I doing? And how I started codding. Later will be more fun.
How a dream taught me to teach a Vietnamese man taught a man to speak English and just in the nick of time.
How does Huxley's dystopic novel mirror the society we live in today?
I'm talking about the use of testimonials and anecdotal. This is one of the most amazing tools I have used at the time of sale. It is vital we sellers terms in our folders testimonials from satisfied customers who use our products and services, it serves as proof and, often, is the e...
This chapter introduces the narcissistic character and motives of Char, a nurse who works in a CCU at a hospital in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. All names and dates are fictional.
After donkey years of toiling and moiling, with uncertainties and ambiguity, the Kenya farmer is now a settled person. An organization they have held to too long now has a Headquarter and Conference Centre it prides as its!
The Friday after Thanksgiving is such a complete opposite as the reason we have a holiday season at all and yet, many still participate in the yearly craze.
In 1999, Gerard Bodson published a French version of this book which uncovers the 'shocking secrets of The Book of Revelation'. Now, almost 15 years later, the truth is beginning to be revealed in our daily lives.
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