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Donna Begg is the website admin of ConsumerHealthDigest.com. She has been awarded with the MD and Do...(more)

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Bess of Hardwick was one of the most remarkable women not of royal blood to emerge from the Tudor Age. From relatively modest origins she rose to enjoy considerable wealth and prestige, and some of the buildings she commissioned are among England’s premier attractions.
Writers love to be read, it is what drives their very existence, yet many may question why they bother given that so few people even know they exist. Sharing and SEO are a vital part of growing as a writer and gaining popularity and it is a vital part of the writer's craft that all sh...
Lewis Hamilton pipped Rosberg by seven thousandths of a second on Saturday to claim pole position for the Singapore Grand prix. But could he convert it to a win? Read on to find out more.
Searching for an attractive fiend ensemble for Halloween? Verifiably the demon may have been known as a man, and outfits went for men, however today the fiend outfit suits a lady generally also if worse. There is no concealing your expectations with a demon outfit; while a heavenly at...
This piece is about how future generations will live longer
Felipe makes plans to leave Southern Arm and begin the next chapter of his life.
This poem tells about my loneliness and forever longing to the man I love.The feeling of losing someone I love forever is like being hit by a dagger.My poems relate mostly about my lost love..what a pain forever it will be felt within me.
I called it, way back in the day of April 30, 2013, on a site came to be known as the bubble-ooze. I'm moving it here: Who knew I'd ever say there were any politicians with a lick of sense? Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) are pushing for legislation to d...
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can already be sampled by the user in a number of countries. Page iFixit site known as ' dismantle ' sophisticated mobile devices directly related to the release of their latest report 'core' latest generation of smartphones made by Apple.
I was saved by the Grace of God through Jesus Christ. This is my story
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