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Author of the day - SS Kumar
SS Kumar
lawyer, poet, writer and photographer


SS Kumar has 62 pages on Wikinut

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A poem reflecting life in the hallways of high school
Michael Jordan has a one-on-one challenge against LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant at Madison Square Garden.
Nowadays, the quality of education is low. Some people think that we should encourage our students to evaluate and criticize their teachers; others believe that this would result in a loss of respect and discipline in the classroom. This post will clarify on that.
A not so bad UK drama based on true events. That's what could happen with teens using the internet without parental supervision... I'm getting old :)
Daily passenger in local train journey is quite interesting and thrilling for attending office regularly. A good number of passengers come to the railway station to board the same compartment at an appointed time. The passengers who boa...
And of time we have different minds mine as usual is uneek...yours is unique
Giving and Charitable causes is always a complex issue and we are asked to contribute for much of our waking day, but it is necessary to ask whether we should be giving to many of the causes or whether they should be a part the duties of a normal caring society?
Despite the mountains of scienctific and anecdotal evidence that show marijuana to be the most benign mind latering substance available, this plant, and anyone who uses or even touches it, continues to be subjected to some of the most punitive criminal laws in history. How did this re...
Musings on the meaning of a popular name, its origins and numerology. Implications of "completion of the grid" in 2008 near the spiritual "south pole" of the Earth.
We course through life but soon are in the evening of it. What we need to fall back upon may elude us when young, but memories keep us company especially those of what we did to benefit others. One should keep that thought in the back of our minds even as we pursue our goals to give u...
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