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Author of the day - Sophie Schiller
Sophie Schiller
Sophie Schiller was born in Paterson, NJ and grew up in the West Indies. A writer of Historical Fict...(more)

Sophie Schiller has 4 pages on Wikinut

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A short poem about romantic thoughts that I have written.
DNA profiling has put many dangerous offenders behind bars, but it has also led to clearing the innocent. It is though, not without its dangers.
This is a poem is about a boy i wish i never met...
A little tour of Londons art and architecture that I went on to discover the not so well known attractions on the streets of the city.
Whether it is about individual or a company, mobile devices have made a great impact. There are many applications in app stores today to fulfill the need of daily life. Nothing in our daily lives has remained uninfluenced from mobile application whether it is sleeping, eating, work or...
The time I went for my first ever STD check at the local hospital.
God really does pay attention to the lives of those who love Him. I learned this through different moments in life. Both good and bad. Never think anything escapes the sight of God.
There is a certain way we all must sail with the winds of life if we want to get anywhere, that is where autosuggestion, self-hypnosis, and mental discipline come in. Without those disciplines, we are like corks on the water going nowhere hoping we make a good port, but with self-dire...
The world today is actually controlled by the shadow masters who hid behind every politician and world leader.
Life is in itself a long romance some fall into it some rise above
If you are a fan of superhero comics, then you will surely know about the competition between the 2 comic book publication giants, DC and Marvel Comics. Everyone will be excited to know both in terms of superiority and power, below are the real difference between DC and Marvel Comics.
Discovery of what appears to be a Sasquatch like creature in a recent NASA orbiter photograph of the surface of the Northern Plains of Mars.
Does a parent or and adult person know what their children are watching or searching for when they are online? Time to find out before it is too late.
Indian Railways have made an announcement that the trains may soon get real-time GPS tracking system to avoid accidents. According to the sources, the real time GPS tracking system will be integrated with Google Maps and will be accessible through range of mobile devices & computers
In today's world we have got this ever increasing problem of stress.more people are fatigued from stress than from their jobs or from their families. here's how you can lead a better life and kick out your stress...
As a home builder, your marketing center gives your customers a look at the kind of home you can create for them. You want them to enter this space and immediately feel both welcomed and impressed. Following are four strategies for creating a marketing center experience that will imme...
God is so awesome in creating each person differently. I don’t believe there is a carbon copy of me anywhere on this earth. I am a unique individual with many fastest to my own life. One thing is for sure, I am hard pressed right now.
If you are of a mind to visit Africa and explore this exotic continent, we have a few tips to help you prepare.
In today’s modern world, the use of mobile devices is highly increased in these days. Whether you are using a mobile phone, tablet or portable laptop, you can use the right charger, which is essential to the lifespan of your devices battery.
Well i do belive life itself is unpredictable anything can happen butwith a twist..
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