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Author of the day - Linda TuckerRDA
Linda TuckerRDA
Retired RDA. clinical dental asst. instructor. Author/ freelance writer. I also do paid to click ad...(more)

Linda TuckerRDA has 101 pages on Wikinut

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Read about life in the 1950's in a small East African bush town called Kongwa where going outside at night was not quite the thing to do, especially not for women and children on their own!!
.”The normal treatment time for this bug is one to three weeks. Now a Henry Ford Hospital study suggests that they can treat MRSA related pneumonia in half that time."
A glimpse to a global sports superstar - Jonah Lomu and the farewell salute to fit to his final journey on after life. The emotional public rite was so emotional that one could only be awed in fascination by both the surrealism, fervor and sports heroism both into by the man and the ...
I was thinking that children are not born with shame, so why should we feel it when older? So this is my personal views about that.
Fear is phobia It encompasses schizophrenics also who think they are the only ones being sought so they may pee about
It's one week shy of the semi finals on "The Voice" and the top 10 singers step up their performances.
This short story is about a man called John, who has searched for God, both high and low, for over fifty years, or so. He never found him, but little did he ever realise, that so many times in his life, God though, had actually found him instead. John was blind to his own seeing of ...
Denver Broncos starting quarterback Peyton Manning who is recovering from an injury to his left foot since the Week Nine football game versus the Indianapolis Colts will not returning to lead the football team "anytime soon." The likely scenario is that Manning will return as the star...
How could you describe a feeling of despair and loneliness? This another poem from my teenage years and how this poem became outlet of my depression.
The Color Wheel is a publication about many subjects. It is a color circle of articles.
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