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Author of the day - Wildflowers
I am fifty years old.I have been stopped my work for 23 years.My main works are poems

Wildflowers has 3 pages on Wikinut

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A personal reflection remembering a distant summer day down at the lake
A child is a precious pearl which should be adored but they are abused, cursed and ill-treated. This poem is all about the sentiment of a child and the treated of a well literate society.
Abraham's wife Sarah dies and Abraham sends his eldest servant to find a wife for Isaac from among his own people.
Ageing is stressful and a suicide that haunts the person assisting with the suicide. Something they didn't keep in mind there is always someone checking up one people. This persons pops in to find out how the old dude was doing, the lies that were told to hide the fact his dead. Mm...
Sometimes in sales it can be difficult to get an appointment with a decision maker. Some companies erect elaborate systems to keep sales people out so they are not tempted to buy things they do not need. These are usually small and medium sized companies with buyers who only have purc...
Truly. Times are crazy. As the biblical prophecies be fulfilled it's growing more important to keep the spiritual in perspective as well as the physical. I've learned in this life that obscurity isn't always a thorn but can be used as a tool of clarity by God Himself. Here's a poem of...
Does lightning specs and comes with Android and Windows 10! You can make this phone top.
By virtue of Proclamation 467, and in keeping with the late president 125th birth anniversary, Nov. 16, 2015 was declared Pres. Elpidio R. Quirino’s Day. A series of vital activities are lined up to remind the public of the national objectives he had pursued and implemented as presi...
Whether to work as a team or as an individual has long been a controversial topic because both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Below are some evidences and examples to help you know better about the two.
An answer to a very pertinent question, a question that must twist every heart.
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