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Author of the day - Donald Pennington
Donald Pennington
Donald contributes to a variety of sites, networks, blogs, and other publications. He sometimes writ...(more)

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Forgiveness is something we must do to stay healthy mentally. I will delve into the topic, helping you to have a better understanding of it and relationships.
A mediocre film which merely concentrates on sadistic and bloody tortures. The only worthwhile scene was in the beginning.
We can through our consciousness, win or lose at life. Because reality works like this: What we put in genuinely, we get out of it all genuinely. It is that simple, yet, it will take probably a few sections to explain my concept.
Former Minnesota Twins right handed pitcher Scott Baker, 33, has signed a minor league contract in an attempt to return to the Major Leagues in 2015. The New York Yankees have signed Baker to try out to make their team since they will be needing some pitching depth on their roster in ...
This post is about my Detroit Pistons' All-Time Starting 5.
Genesis 19 tells the story of Lot offering his daughters to the men of Sodom to protect his angelic guests. Some people think this act was acceptable in the eyes of God, but a closer analysis shows otherwise.
Three foreign male tourists were discovered inside the Banteay Kdei temple at the world heritage site on Thursday, the spokeswoman for the Apsara Authority -- the government agency managing the Angkor complex
The simple pleasure of life, simple pain that leads us in our pursuit of an infinity of questions, and look like nobody can say what we find and what we do not know.
Name my kid So many feel at bay when they swim and later have a kid...Wow what to name Fisherie !or Swimlie
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