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Author of the day - Peter P.
Peter P.
I'm Peter, 47 years and living in Belgium. I'm married with Veronika and together we have two lovely...(more)

Peter P. has 199 pages on Wikinut

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It's the semi finals on "Face Off"...who made to the finals and who got eliminated.
Christopher and Lotus gets into an intense argument, which leads to a physical altercation. Later, Bonny and Shakerah gets into a brawl.
This poem is about inequality of life, the gift some are looking for with tears to some people is abundance. The product of a blessed union
No matter what the plans are for any given day, within that day something will happen that we can either take as an opportunity from which to learn or we can look at what happened as another obstacle to our happiness. The choice is ours.
This article contains a poem about nothing that hopefully does not say nothing to you. It is meant to contain everything within its nonsensical words. The writer's surprising conclusion is that he is a part of God's dream, and that God's dream can only have meaning to himself. I ca...
The Muslims ruled for many centuries, but their aim was to destroy Hindu culture and it was only the British who let Hindu culture flourish
Returning home after a lengthy time away, I spied a spider spinning its web on my porch. “Hey, Hon, look at this very large spider and tell me whether I should stay out of its way.” “No,” he said, “unless it’s as big as a small animal, in which case it’s a Goliath Bir...
oDesk is a famous and one of the most reliable job marketplaces in the world. Every day, millions of people come to this marketplace to either place their orders or to look for jobs. Since the day this giant marketplace was found in, it has become one of the best and highly competitiv...
Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant will not be returning to play basketball until he has fully recovered from his operation to repair a broken bone in his foot.
Carve is an online fiction magazine, which pays people to write fiction stories. Anyone can write a story and submit it to them, and if they accept it, they will pay out a 100 dollars. Read the rest of this article, and find out all about the online fiction magazine Carve.
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