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Author of the day - LOVERME
The one and only LOVERME
Thanks friends for reading me,
its natural VIRGINOUS poetry
that comes my...(more)

LOVERME has 1489 pages on Wikinut

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Old memories never go away and some can be hauntingly lovely, like mine with Russian girls
Jealous, incompetent, unprofessional casteist top officials in indian intelligence agencies are making completely fake financial fraud allegations against engineer, wasting tax payer money.
Irish musician Van Morrison recently celebrated his 70th birthday...and released a giant musical collection of albums.
[i][b]Self-Confidence[/b][/i] is believing yourself and your abilities, and being ready and willing to face new situations and accomplish difficult tasks. [i][b]Self-esteem[/b][/i] reflects a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth.
Those who choose to live ~ within the shadow of the Almighty ~ sheltered by the God who is above all gods ~ understand that He is our Refuge ~ our place of safety. He is our Lord. We trust Him. He rescues us.
This series will finish with the Queens of England. We will now focus on the reigning Queen of England. We continue this part of the series with Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee onward.
Can you identify different kinds of nuts when you see them? Here are some common nuts that people consume as food.
The Washington Nationals who are the defending National League East Division champions on Thursday have activated first baseman and outfielder Tyler Moore from the 15 day disabled list. Moore will be available to play baseball for the Nationals on Thursday when they host the Atlanta B...
This is a review of an old anime series which lasted just 13 episodes.
Stone Mountain and Mt. Rushmore were both started by the same sculptor. Take a look back and see how these two monuments came to be.
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