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Author of the day - Abhinav
Abhinav Kumar is a Public Relations and Digital Marketing professional who also love to write about ...(more)

Abhinav has 48 pages on Wikinut

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A commentary on seeing Shakespeare in the Park (with photos).
This article looks at the private school system in Nigeria and how it affects education in the secondary school level of education in the country.
This is a sonnet devoted to my love, inspired by the scene when I was to leave him after a short visit.
What do you do when a family member is sick and refuses to listen to medical advise. This situation becomes very hard on the family.
It is not really fair to compare it to Netflix, as Netflix has an overall superiority of library, exclusive content, and complete ubiquity (is there a video streaming device left that doesn’t have Netflix?). The real question to ask is “is it worth it to have both of them?” ...
Well-designed kitchens look beautiful; they add value to your home and can enhance your family life when they become the hub of the home. But kitchens are so well used that they can become a little tired after a while. You don't want to have to redecorate your kitchen regularly, and w...
Have you ever been upset and just needed to get away? Where? Anywhere to just get your thoughts clear. Let me ask you another question, have you ever been driving in one of those moments and a song comes on that seems to say exactly what you are going through? This is about one of th...
This article asks a lot of questions, and then it tries to provide a few of the possible answers to these questions. These are big questions like: Who is God? Who are we? Can these types of questions ever be answered? Read on at my attempt to do so.
Things a one should see and do if ever pays a visit to Dominican Republic.
Though we all came naked into the world but not empty God gave us gift, talent and abilities as we came into the world if we must use it we must use it well because it is the best resources God ever gave to mankind....
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