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Author of the day - n.c.radomes
Retired government employee; finds hubbing, blogging on any interesting topic enjoyable.

n.c.radomes has 190 pages on Wikinut

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Is the Missile system that Israel uses from God? Does God then take sides?
Human body needs plenty of energy. This is obtained by consuming food. One must exercise to keep the body in shape. Find out which exercises will help you.
Born slaves so feel .Its high time the intelligent woke up to grass root realities and not continue to cling to the mosses of the past Fungus also changes
Too much estrogen-containing foods in your diet can make your ears rattle. An uncommon connection was the result of an inadvertent clinical study conducted on me, by me, for me, and in my own home to uncover an obscure medical revelation. Go with me here, this can happen to you.
Writing on controversial topics can be a mind opening, enriching experience, yet it can also present certain difficulties. So, what are the points in favor of and against writing on controversial topics?
This is my experience with Job Interviews and job hunting.
Many men and women in uniform have sacrificed their lives in defense of our rights and freedom. For those of us who are alive, let's give a thought of their gallantry and offer a solemn salute to their heroism to symbolize that their passing are not in vain.
How political elites divide the many along racial, social and economic lines
A humorous poem about ailments, diseases and germs and how to avoid them.
"Eh... we just sort of see a flower." That lily without the right amount of sun. Without the right amount of rain. It still sprouts. It still remains.
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