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Author of the day - Charlee Felice
Charlee Felice
Write to love, love to write.
A bit of this and a tad of that. However, inspiration, love, relation...(more)

Charlee Felice has 34 pages on Wikinut

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Like Charlie Brown and his friends, Mafalda is a lovable character created by Quino that tells us many truths about life and our daily living.
Metaphorical description how I feel when suffering a bout of severe depression.
Galveston is home to many haunted locations and the ghosts continue to dwell in what is considered to be one of the most haunted cities in the nation. The Travel Channel has featured many of these haunted sites on their show “America’s Best Ghost Stories” and the Discovery Chann...
After the conclusion of Carribian premier league West Indies will host Bangladesh for 3 ODI matches, one Twently20 international and two test matches starting from 20th august 2014. Tensports tv channels will broadcast the whole series live on tv and online through their official webs...
Discover what to expect on your first cruise. These tips will help you find the right cruise and reveal some great benefits of why cruising is so great
The Voice is one of several poems that Hardy wrote following the death of his wife Emma. It conveys his grief and sense of guilt over his treatment of her.
In August 2011, Deborah and her partner , affectionately known as Helping Hands, set up Proboards, which is a site that celebrates Gareth Gates. After three years it continues to thrive, read on to find out more.
When the world's populace races ahead with the lure of amassing large economic gains, the government unfortunately has to carry the burden of the poor. Poverty alleviation has become the bane of nations worldwide, especially in the southern nations.
The tragic loss of life in Ferguson, Mo. just underscores the need to implement policies that will restore much more economic opportunities where the balance and equality prevail with all ethnic groups.
Lower back pain can be caused by a number of different elements. Discover the many causes of low back pain and how you can avoid it.
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