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Author of the day - Jessica Russell
Jessica Russell
I have made a living as a freelance writer since 2003, with expertise in the areas of travel and pol...(more)

Jessica Russell has 278 pages on Wikinut

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When you buy the more expensive, you aren't ONLY getting the best. Most of the times the generic store brands are the same quality of the brand names. Most of the time the only difference is the brand is the brand name has prestige some people want.. But in this economy why to spend i...
Liverpool and Manchester Utd are two of English soccer's biggest clubs. In terms of trophies, they have won more than any of the other clubs and have had periods of domestic dominance that most of the other clubs have never matched. Liverpool vs Manchester is perhaps the biggest of fi...
The second part of the creepy, exhilarating and telling anecdote about the occult and the paranormal that engulfed our lives and left us hovering on the edge of sanity ever since we negotiated the haunted woods of NIMHANS via the verboten short cut.
There are many different steps, which you should do before leaving on the trip. First of all, it is all about planning experience.
A music poem. A poem of voices, sounds, white magic, and love.
During the early 20th century much excitement was caused by the “discovery” of an ancient stone that seemed to prove that Scandinavians had colonised part of what is now the United States in the 14th century.
We discuss some behind the scenes fun facts about this fun chapter of the Miauli series, "Captain Miauli lends the use of his ship to Leopoldt the tiger".
In some primary education schools, they have decided not to celebrate Christmas as they used to do to not offend to migrants' children.
Stuffed vegetable has own color and flavor. Color and flavor awaken appetite. Stuffed vegetables are rich in nutrients. Enjoy these stuffed vegetables
The very first thing you should know about ink stains is their different categories. Water-based ink spots are easiest to remove that you get from washable markers but with permanent highlighters and markers, it’s a disaster! Whereas ballpoint ink is tricky to get off but can be tre...
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