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Author of the day - Tami14191
Studying at Faculty of Chemical Engineering in Surabaya Institute of Technology

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Tami14191 has 9 pages on Wikinut

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Love is always arriving at our door. If we have a pile of dust in our minds, it might just land on that pile. It's good that it's also arriving in our hearts, and so eventually it will get through to our minds, despite the dust. It will eventually either blow the dust all away, or s...
Do you experience out of body movements...do you see into other realms of light... do you know how to access the moon and clouds...not to worry read this and enjoy...
All friends depart.We are now at that threshold of time when each day we hear so nd so passed away We will follow soon ...
you might likely experience flashbacks of your (future) soul-mate. You fall in love with each other’s flaws, you look each other right in the eye and you can’t imagine your life without them.
I try to make the best of nightmares; they are not inconvenient, really, for they happen in one's sleep. And the lingering images give me something to write about.
Improving the immunity in kids is a must. Giving them the right kind of food that is high on both taste and nutrients is a must.
What is a compromise and is it always the best answer? How expensive can it be to put off tough decisions? Original column appeared in the Boonville (Missouri) Daily News on October 23, 2013.
The article speaks about the combination of Rajender Kumar and Vaiajayantimala and remembering Rajender Kumar on his birth anniversary on 20th July 2014.
Special Olympics New York offers a unique fund raising event in Niagara Falls for adventurous thrill seekers.
A tribute to my late father who was also my greatest teacher.
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