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Author of the day - karolijj
I am a health enthusiast and food lover. I care for the environment too.

karolijj has 3 pages on Wikinut

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A timeless piece and an attempt to make a classic prose for valentines and beyond about wedding ring tale.
What do you do when an impending Blizard is coming, and you are afraid for a dog? This is the story of a Whippet dog that wandered away from his home and where he ended up, and who saved him and how?
The condition of children made to beg on India's streets and gangs that operate on these children
This is the second episode of the third chapter of a story written by me about 13 years ago, but only recently rediscovered. With breakfast out of the way, it is time for Murie to start her first day's work at Trotter Hall.
The one thing every man learns over the festive season holiday is how little a woman knows about her home.
As I stand here looking at my life it seems that I have come into a desert place, it is hot and dry and there is not water. I feel the sweat pouring down my neck and back. I feel as though I will never get through these difficult times. As I mediate on God's word I come to realize ...
thugs ruled North Indian plains and hills for 200 years and their terror ended after the British went after them
premature ejaculation suffered by some men would be a very big problem,especially for those who already have a partner. now many medications that may help men who experience it.
A poem based on both colonisation and the blood of innocent ones being spilled in the attempt to globalize Democracy.
Award season continues with the 2015 Juno Award nominees.
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