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Author of the day - Phyl Campbell
Phyl Campbell
I am "Author, Mother, Dreamer." I am also teacher, friend, Dr. Pepper addict, night-owl. Catch my bl...(more)

Phyl Campbell has 121 pages on Wikinut

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Tech Talk: India's largest Information Tech firm TCS merges its Japanese unit with Mitsubishi Corp's IT division
Normally a timid bird, the cassowary can inflict a dangerous wound by stabbing forward wit the dagger-like claw on its inner toe. It feeds on fruits, nuts, herbs and small animals.
This article is to air a view which I think many jobless south africans are facing and some how come up with a solution through voicing my opinions through this website.
Social Media Platforms can help brands build online communities of loyal customers who will go out on their own and spread the word about the business.
Education is important part of human If you able to provide good education to a single slum students than its very proud for yourself. just give a single chance to yourself and take action for Right to Education or education for everyone
how to make money from videos sites, upload and share video and earn money, read more
I'm flattered to be Author of the Day again so soon -- I was just honored in February, so I certainly didn't expect it again so soon. (I'm not dying, am I?) Maybe it's unloading so much baggage, but from the bleachers right now, things are looking up.
The Bard..Stratford-Upon –Avon …450 ...Born450 Years ago...we all know and so celebrate a living ICON .No star please In front of him we stand as dwarfs ALL...
Does God want me to have dreams fulfilled. What happens when your dreams die?
Life's nearly all endearing times -- engagements, birthdays and also anniversaries : are usually recognized using gemstones. Although the majority of people assume that a new precious stone using shade is surely an inferior gem.
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