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Author of the day - Donald Pennington
Donald Pennington
Donald contributes to a variety of sites, networks, blogs, and other publications. He sometimes writ...(more)

Donald Pennington has 50 pages on Wikinut

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We are all gifted with a unique set of skills and abilities. With those abilities we can make extra-ordinary things happen in the world around us, or not. It is completely up to you whether you want your life to make a difference and what difference you want your life to make. Just be...
Who Will Win Cricket World Cup 2015 ? Take a look at every teams chances and who is the favorites you ?
For someone very special that means a lot to me and that I love
Tennis is a sport and should remain so. The finals of the first Grand Slam for the year 2015 has begun…almost ended. We take a look at the players who made it to the final of the Australian Open. The fight will be tough and traditional.
A personal opinion piece of the book Private Vegas, released on 26th Jan 2015
There are many theories of personality in psychology and I will visit some of them from time to time as the Montreal mental health examiner. Right now I want to revisit the work of Abraham Maslow and put forth my own theory of personality for my readers to ponder.
A big drug rocket was seized in Mexico, this is the worlds biggest busted drug rocket. Millions of dolalrs, pesos and Euros were seized inclusing vehicles, weapons, antique animals and villa.
Finishing the task in the kitchen is nowadays getting quicker with the help of these kitchen appliances, making you save your precious time.
Forgiveness is something we must do to stay healthy mentally. I will delve into the topic, helping you to have a better understanding of it and relationships.
A mediocre film which merely concentrates on sadistic and bloody tortures. The only worthwhile scene was in the beginning.
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