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Author of the day - Youlen
Current status: student of E-Business department, Faculty of Econimics. Full-time fashion lover. Boo...(more)

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All cat litter and litter boxes aren’t equally acceptable to all cats and you need to pay close attention to your kitty’s likes and dislikes if you want a happy, furry companion. Like most humans, cats also demand a clean bathroom with a degree of privacy when they go potty, so le...
In honor of the recent Presidents' Day, here is a very mixed profile on our third President, Thomas Jefferson.
Once known as British Honduras, Belize is a constitutional monarchy located in Central America. Belize features a diversified society comprised of various languages and cultures.
This is a true story from my youth about the nature of the world we live in and the love of He who made it.
At the time watching The Idol contest on TV that aired in various countries , it turns out we watched the family intimacy of the participants is a key part of their success
This is a fictional story about love, war and survival. The war is continuing but peace talks are taking place in Washington. Everyone is praying for an end to the senseless war.
I find myself thinking about, smiling about and remembering the good times and people i have been blessed to meet in my life, i hold my memories dear as they always a silver lining in the clouds of life.
The objective statement is the first substantive line of your CV or Résumé and getting it right can make all the difference between being called for an interview and having your resume placed in the circular file next to the hiring manager's desk.
The article speaks about beautiful city tour of Colombo in Sri Lanka. Visitors can spend the entire day in Colombo.
Loren Moore was one of my writers for Storytime Tapestry. He wrote stories of his dog Buck and it became a fade for his various friends to write their buck stories as well. This is the story I wrote about Loren's Buck. It is a fictitious story of course.
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