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Author of the day - kimiti
I am a son of God, kingdom seeker, from humble background, husband of one wife, four children, i wil...(more)

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Former Indiana Pacers power forward David West, 34, who became a free agent on July 1 has reached an agreement to play basketball for the San Antonio Spurs. West will be paid the minimum salary for veteran basketball players of $1.4 million for one season.
The judges revealed the top 20 dancers - 10 street dancers and 10 stage dancers - on episode two of Vegas week.
Something is happening in the small town of Blackford, Indiana, that no one expected. Not just death, but brutal killings, and the criminals are still out there. At the same time, mysterious strangers renovate an old house and are welcome to the neighborhood. Now, the people of Blackf...
My life is starting to take some shape. My life was full of chaos, trauma and a really unhealthy lifestyle for years. I felt literally out of control of everything. I had to (and still have to) work hard to get where I want. I had to learn not to listen to others all the time, and lea...
After a difficult weekend with his car at Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton qualified on pole by a tiny margin. But could he convert it to a win?
Master your innate skill in order for you to find your right livelihood.
This article is about African mythology. Like many places around the world Africa has a rich mythology, which come from ancient tribes who used to live their. If you want to learn a little more about African mythology, then the info is right here in this article.
The lack of exposure to the sun of the main causes of poverty vitamin " D" , especially among women , because the sun 's rays in the Arab countries may be strong and harmless .
I wonder, how and under what conditions, a person invented lying - to say what is not in existence. Is this not the greatest invention of humanity on the Earth. A majority of us would like to call it a negative development. But there has been none on this earth who did never lie excep...
These poems are the product of a yearning for meaning that can only be found by searching and interpreting. These poems are my interpretations and I hope they inspire you to search.
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