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Author of the day - darkeraven
Comic book and multimedia reviewer since 2002. Worked with CWN, Comic Book Insider, RKYV Revue as we...(more)

darkeraven has 100 pages on Wikinut

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The ghosts of Joseph and Mary will forever be bound to their mansion looks much like it did back when the they resided there during the 1870's. Today the mansion is a restaurant, but the ghost's refuse to leave, and instead mingle with the patrons.
Description of a Citizen of Zion. A Psalm of David.
Where do I begin? At the beginning, of course. Let me introduce myself.
This article is an overview of how to succeed as a freelancer working from home.
Want a GUY's point of view what NOT to do on a first date? This piece plays Cupid's helper.
Unbelievable, but if a restaurant served it – would you give it a try at least?
Here I go into the history of mankind or perhaps beastly-kind for those who are agents of the darkness for greed and power create wars causing killing and destruction..it has been going on forever and still does...unfortunately...
What is the LG G3? LG is among the last companies to release its flagship phone for 2014. It needs to play catch-up. It aims to do this with the LG G3, a phone with an excellent 5.5-inch QHD screen and laser-focusing camera. Not only has LG caught up, in some cases it has surpassed t...
Kaspersky internet security 2014 is new version of internet security published by Kaspersky lab. It is excellent security tool suitable for home and office users. This post contains the features of Kaspersky internet security 2014 free download.
AvansCure is the global source of Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), formulations, intermediates, industrial chemicals, nutraceuticals, food Ingredients and specialty chemicals.
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