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Comic book and multimedia reviewer since 2002. Worked with CWN, Comic Book Insider, RKYV Revue as we...(more)

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Stray with me into a land of make believe where only happiness and caring dwell yet it really is all around us if we will look and see. In the meantime enjoy this quite sweet piece...one of the loving that always goes on....
Lyrics to a forthcoming album ... if they still make albums. Feedback welcome for this newbie songwriter
It is one of the most moving stories I have ever watched with very original idea to the core of the story. The movie is not about war, although the action takes place during World War I. The story is about the friendship between Joye, the horse and its young owner Albert.
O sleepy world! As I sleep... you keep vigil .... for when you are asleep I shall stand by...so don't worry death lies side by side
Local legend surrounds the bridge with paranormal activity, from strange lights and screams to disembodied voices. Passenger's crossing the bridge claim that black nothingness occurs and then razor sharp claws attack them. Orbs can be seen floating throughout the area of the bridge.
We are told to be ourselves. Know yourself. To your own self be true. How can we do this though, if we do not as yet know who this self is, or who it might potentially still be? This poem answered these questions for me.
A peaceful, country village tries to hide its past, even though it means justice might not get served; but then, two children show up and help to solve the crime, a crime in which they were killed.
This article attempts to reveal the hermetic wisdom inside the chapter 29 of Al-Quran. It helps to explain the Quranic guidance during challenging times in human lives.
In 1978, when I took the year off to write poetry and plays, I tried to justify my existence by being the happy homemaker while my wife went out to work.
Gaza's Palestinian people have been bombarded now for three weeks by the Israeli military under the guise of "self-defense." This is an unconscionable act of war and it must stop.
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