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Author of the day - dean moriarty
dean moriarty
I like travel, photography, poetry, short stories and home improvement.

dean moriarty has 167 pages on Wikinut

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A work of art can offend for one reason or another, but is there ever a good reason for destroying one? The following example is a case in point.
Does everybody complain you never sit down? If they do, you might want to go to the doctor for a checkup to see if you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ? If so, there is a medicine you might want to consider.
The internet is a place to share and discover all manner of things, but there are rules about posting things that someone else created without permission; Google has decided that it knows better than the law and "bullies" its users.
Amazon has reported a third-quarter loss of $437m (£273m) - up significantly from the $41m loss it reported for the same period last year.
The South Korea announced plans to allocate US$1.5 billion to build a wireless network 5G which will be commercially available in 2020 With 5G technology, it will be 1,000 times faster than the 4G LTE network previous version, Internet users will be able to download for 800Mb movie fi...
The Miami Heat basketball players believe they will be able to contend for another National Basketball Association championship run without forward LeBron James on their roster.
Jordan met his beautiful neighbor one day at the elevator.
The West is facing the worse drought in decades. Sixty-three trillion gallons of water have been depleted in a year and a half. With ground water continuing to be depleted, the earth's surface is rising at a steady yet minimal rate. Something needs to be done now.
This poem is about the death of an old couple, who coincidently both died on the exact same day. At least they all mostly said that it must have been a coincidence, but perhaps you and I know differently. Love brings together again what death takes apart.
All parents, everywhere, will be familiar with "the backseat lament" an endurance test not for the faint of heart!
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