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Author of the day - kanu
I wish I had written everything here but I am still a learner and still trying to explore myself. I ...(more)

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Volleyball was played in the Philippines for years but was never popular during those years. Collegiate volleyball teams of the UAAP and NCAA became popular nowadays. Alyssa Valdez is making her name - or should I say made her way to stardom.
At some time or another, we’ve all experienced the effects of sunburn – be it a light burn or a more heavy burn. If if you ‘have’ found yourself having spent a little too much time in the sun, here are 4 natural home remedies to help ease the pain of sunburn, and assist in the...
The cotton textile industry is one of the most widely distributed industries of India.
Gyges was a man who lusted for the queen and he was blessed by providence and given a ring which made him invisible. he could thus satisfy his desire for the queen and marry her
Dad and Molly went to the junkyard. Dad came home and went into seclusion, he refused to share his thoughts with Molly. She decided to keep a close eye on him. Milly spotted the 63 Chevy Impala in the middle of night. This time the car didn't stop at the corner, it just kept going ...
This is the beginning of my health issues concerning my liver.
Healthcare cost is rising and expensive. Learn how to reduce healthcare cost and save lives with these tips.
Obituary for award winning Country singer Lynn Anderson
It's a recall of the wild: Black bears, mountain lions and jaguars are just some of the species turning up in areas of the United States where they haven't been seen more than a century.
Women in parts of Northern Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat have to trek long miles for fetching water every day through arid deserts. The poetry describes the plight, which the women have taken spiritedly while fetch water and singing in praise of the Lord everyday.
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