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Recent pages by hotcheetos

A poem about a moment that almost happened but didn't and wondering about what if.
A poem about the feeling that you are going nowhere and wondering what to do about it.
A poem about having your heart broken and moving on despite the pain.
A poem about how we may keep certain things that remind us of certain events.
A poem about coming to the realization that not only is your life blowing around on the wind but your relationship, as well.
A poem about my first serious girlfriend and what it was like to go see her.
Finally, got a break from the busy holiday. Just want to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and I hope everyone has a blessed New Year.
A poem about standing in my front yard and coming to the sudden realization that my lawn is just a giant miniature jungle.
A poem that compares life to a bunch of different and seemingly unrelated trivial things.
A poem about surviving a broken heart. There was a time when I believed it was just a metaphor. Boy, was I wrong.
I have a tendency to let little things get to me. I have a tendency to worry about things that I have no control over. I need to take the advice in this poem.
A poem about my fading belief that there really is such a thing as soulmates.
This is actually about the last time I got my heart broken. It was no fun at all.
A fictional poem about something that almost happened to me. So it's kind of almost true but not really. Yeah.
This one is for my brother who explained to me what "hustling" was shortly after one of this stints in jail.
A poem about losing the love of your life and having to wait in hopes that you will someday be with them again.
A poem about the thought of just walking away from the job and living a life of crime.
A poem about losing someone and not wanting to believe they will never return.
A poem about how life can seem overwhelming at times but you keep going until you struggle through and then things are okay again.
A poem about some of the issues we deal with on a daily basis including love and infidelity.
A short poem I wrote after listening to a friend complain and complain about his wife.
A poem I wrote when I fasted for 40 days. I really could feel myself wasting away.
This poem is about spring even though it is autumn now. Strange, huh?
I find it fascinating how two people can meet and how a relationship can begin from that meeting.
I guess this is my vision of what it might be like on the other side.
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