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Oluwasgun Chidike
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Author. Story Teller. Dreamer. Prophet of God. One Of Those Revolutions Will Begin With A Pen.
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As a follower of the Way, trouble is an indication of being on the right route. No matter what you face, know Jesus is with you and greater is He than satan.
A spiritual warfare poem of persecutions and not losing sight of your worth.
Along this spiritual journey, I've only recently become aware of and able to identify what the visions are. Once we decide to get to know God, different things will be revealed to us. Here's a poem about visions.
A poem of spiritual and society truth. Can speak for itself.
A spiritual warfare poem of power. This new poem can generally speak for itself.
A poem addressing a persecution with this term. Though I've cleared on numerous occasions that the reason why we write is not for praise or exaltation but neither to be devalued and discredited.
One of the main things to look out for in spiritual warfare is being blindsided. That's one of the devil's main weapons. He'll get you preoccupied with small attacks that you miss the big attacks he's sending to your empire. Fighting him head up is the easy part.
A love spiritual love poem of faith, hope and growth.
A poem about life and striving for holiness during fiery trials. Intentions of inspiration. Happy Holidays to all!
Recalibration remain another constant in the spiritual journey. Times of examination or even repentance. Shaking off false values that maybe you we're beginning to believe about yourself. Back again. Doesn't always mean you went anywhere spiritually or mentally. Just realizing that re...
Here's a spiritual poem with societal truth. Eh.. Polyphagous amusements...
Here's an abstract and spiritual poem that can generally speak for itself.
Holiness is something we must actively pursue. Consciously. Without this, we could never see God.
If the darkness of society was only one... Cognitive Dissonance would be a good way to describe it...
Here's a spiritual poem that can speak for itself.
A abstract poem of society, life and some spiritual truth.
An abstract spiritual poem that can generally speak for itself.
A spiritually abstract poem of symbolism and persecution. The journey may transition but it continues. The Light is very resilient. We have the best teacher and coach anyone could ask for. GOD.
Smoldering. Smoldering. Smoldering. Within. Without. Life. Here's a poem that can speak for itself.
I often attach descriptions to my poems but they can all speak for themselves. Here's another one.
When I mention "society", I'm mostly referring to the darkness of society. The manipulation of society. The oppression in society. It remain in a constant state of sleeping. Here's a poem that can speak for itself.
With a prophetic anointing, God shows you most things before they happen. If not actual events, it's hard to describe, but He'll reveal it to you extrasensory, if that makes sense. These are things that are unique to the individual's life. God will enlighten you on important things su...
Truly. As sheep to a slaughter are we presented to the world as followers of Christ. We dwell near the shadow of death but the victory is ours. Fear is not a factor. Let us march forth and reclaim all the things in our lives the evil stole. God is bigger than the one in the work.
A poem of clarity. Art can't be appraised. I don't even think most art is created for that reason. Its self expression. The equivalent of a fingerprint. Unique and true.
Here's a poem inspired by the Holy Bible. The Exodus. Praise the Lord. For Light is growth.
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