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The Forresters and Spencers are headed to Monte Carlo for the Spencer Summit. Who will win in this game of lust and passion?
Brooke heads to Barcelona, Spain to head Forrester International to get away from Ridge and start a new life.
Dedicated to all the residents I've worked for in my career as a CNA.
Another winter is upon us as Sandpoint, Idaho has it's first snow storm of the season.
The Phoenix Is Dead! We remember one of daytime's beloved villain, NBC's Days of Our Lives, Stefano DiMera, as portrayed by Joseph Mascolo!
Now that Jaden has revealed himself to Regina, will he find Regina and convince her of his love?
Will Regina accept Jaden as the mystery man after Parker's death? Or will guilt drive her from Jaden's love?
Is Daniella's scheme to take Tyler from Cassidy?
Daniella is at it again as she schemes to get Tyler into her clutches.
The ongoing story of one woman's plot to take everything away from her high school friend.
Two high school reunite but one doesn't know the extent of the other's visit. Will the friendship survive shemes and plots to ruin a friend's life?
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (August 13, 1926 – November 25, 2016), a Cuban politician and revolutionary who governed Cuba for nearly 50 years from 1976 – 2016 as Prime Minister has passed away at the age of 90.
The U.S. has a history of cases that are ripe with rape, murder, scandalous affairs, and racial tension.
Poetry of romance and love and missing someone special.
A tale of a beloved pet that is missed and adored.
Some poems of love and heartbreak...with inspiration from Randy Travis, Colin Raye and George Strait.
I’m missing you I’m dying inside And nobody knows it but you.................
The love story or Sonny Corinthos and Connie Falconerie aka Kate Howard as played by Maurice Benard and Kelly Sullivan on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. Strictly a fanfiction. In no way a part of the ABC storyline.
The ongoing love saga of Liam & Hope Logan on the CBS soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful.
A fanfiction for fans of Passions Ethan & Theresa Winthrop (Eric Martsolf & Lindsay Hartley).
A Fanfiction about Days of Our Lives character, Steve "Patch" Johnson as played by Stephen Nichols.
Madison gets her chance alone with Noah; but will she get her date with Noah?
More adventures of sisters Madison and Brittany Parker and their rivalry for Noah Roberts.
The continuing saga of two sisters and their jealous rivalry over the affections of a boy.
This is teen romance about a 14-year-old girl and her jealous competition with her older sister for the affections of a much older guy.
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