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Gerry Legister
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I am from the UK, and I love creative writing. And I write on many different subjects, including War peace, love, happiness.
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The Jews had a very narrow interpretation of people, and to a large degree excluded Samaritans and Gentiles. treating them as dogs and sorcerer, but we are all Gods people and no one should be exclude another because of the lack of their finance.
Have your own private Villa built on the sunny island of Jamaica. A place where you can retreat to as often as you like, with superb mountain top views and blissful afternoons taking leisurely strolls.
How do we know that God is real? this may be by revelation, or a personal relationship, or you you may learn about God in a college, but in reality, he is found in our heart, and in our experience, God becomes real through personal expressive relationship, in which your confidence gro...
Motivation is a warrior with a quietest voice roaring loudest from inside the heart, Motivation is the spark that infuse excitement, with an intense desire to be rewarded in the value of our expectation. These factors are reasons why a person behaves in a particular way.
A place in the sun to meet your budget, could be a holiday home high up on a hill in Jamaica, swapping Brighton for Cyprus, or the delights of Turkey, the newness of Costa Rica, St Lucia, Australia.
Soon people from earth will be reaching out into space through time travel Even with the possibility of danger in reaching out into space for a few moments, many wealthy people are willing to take the risk.
During our pilgrimage here on earth, some of these battles we face will be confrontational, other encounters will involve casting out spirits and church fellowship. Ephesians gives us an insight on intercessory prayer, encouragement and fulfilling our ministry, the book of Ephesians t...
There is no other knowledge to learn that can compare with the benefit to heart and mind of knowing Christ.To you it has been given to know the secrets and mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given.
At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Matthew 25:1 The wise virgins had extra oil in their vessels, separate from what was burning in their lamps, this was enlightening interest of wise wisdom.
The principle of tithing is the basic New Testament standard of stewardship. God has called you into his service and there is work to be done.
As you move from one idea to another, the article will develop into character schedule rather than accidentally falling into place, and eventually there will be less need to break down multiple points.
Grace cannot tolerate the activities of sin in our lives. Grace will push us to become sober, to live righteous, and it becomes a permanent disposition of our character.
The good news is that if a patience recovers from cancer they will live longer, and there will be jubilant celebration of joy, but the bad news is, if the illness is not consider severe enough, it is unlikely a payout will be made.
Godly prosperity is the result of putting God first, not just in our financial matters, but God takes first place in our life. And when it comes to obeying Gods commandment, his instructions are pertinent.
Hence we see that prayer holds a high place among the exercises of a spiritual life. All God's people have been praying people. Look, for instance, many who have prayed, they have stained their the walls in their study with praying breath; they will pray until the light shines through...
Poetry is a creative expression in laughter and fun, it keeps the mind on the run, with charming inspiration taking you on the trip, with pen and paper and brush to canvas, the mind paints the art of imagery,
Drug addiction is considered to be a destructive condition. In a recent survey, even after successful treatment, in a drug rehabilitation center, addicts may still experience periods of relapse,
When I have stop breathing I will be no longer around, my spirit and soul will have found the resting place, which was prepared for me a long time ago
the heart and boost confidence, it calls people from a life of seclusion to a habitat of participation. The gathering to gather in a circle, with mixed emotions, and mixed characters eventually finds harmony when we are holding each other’s hands and praying for each other shows str...
Now illusions and fantasy becomes a reality and in the forethought of creativity, this marvelous pageantry of exploits is woven into our imagery, and delights the soul with the enrollment of people.
Moses teaches that leaders do not always appear to be the ones that are most popular, because god choose people who he knows are quiet capable to complete the assign task. Ensure that there is a prayerful atmosphere and dismiss all negative attitude by seeking God’s guidance for tha...
little creatures move about in the night going too and fro from their mystical lair, but we mortals are unable to enter there to share their habitat, we can only observe their movements in flight.
The woman who pleaded with Jesus for help had Faith to support her request, pleading for the very crumbs of the Bread, as if she was begging for her life, she shut her ears to discouragement and pleaded for mercy.
The fantasies within are the images on display in my thoughts, they are like silent wishes between reality and dreams and Revelation promises thrills with each breath.
Holiness unto he Lord is our watchword, because without holiness no man shall see the Lord, so as long as we are in this mortal decline, we are anticipating a new body that will not be subject to death,
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