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Big Ben
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I would just like to thank all the people who take the time to read my writing.

You are appreciated!
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Recent pages by Big Ben

A look back at the weirdest job interview I ever had.
A critique of one of my favourite shows: Crossing Over with John Edward
An observation of the way Hollywood writes characters to act in a different way to how people normally would
A couple of lessons I learnt whilst attending the University of Hard Knocks. I urge younger people who have lived sheltered lives to take note.
My obligatory "stay away from drugs" tale. I hope it helps people just how bad drug use can get. Big ups to the people who are continuing their abstinence from drugs, especially seeing how easy they can draw you in and bigger ups to the people who have walked away from drug addiction.
A look at the Book of Deuteronomy and the death of Moses
A look back at the journey I had to take in order to change from who I was to who I currently am.
A look at problems faced by many African countries.
The power of perseverance goes a long way. This is a personal experience I'd like to share that I think people can somewhat relate to.
An allegory of the previous relationship I shared with a beautiful but toxic "lady".I hope it can open some eyes to see just how cruel the life of an addict can get.
The Inquisitions were notorious for their ability to induce terror in non-Catholic communities and was highly efficient in its mission. It was also known to be incredibly cruel, using torture, murder, arson, and other forms of destruction and control to accomplish its mission.
An angry monk, a corrupt papacy, a revolt, some people being thrown out of a window, the Thirty Years War, reforms in society and the formation of different denominations.
God and Moses give a new take on the matter of customer service.
Basically, Onan refuses to follow the law of the Old Covenant by refusing to birth a child with his dead brother's wife and the Good Lord decides to kill him.
The handling of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill reveals a larger problem in society
A look back at a rough patch I went through during the year.
How an error cost a company $225 million by selling 610,000 shares instead of one.
A look back at the terrible 2014 that Malaysia Airlines went through.
Mr. Gerald Ratner, CEO of Ratner's Group (Now Signet Group) kills his company’s evaluation with a poorly told joke.
2004 Democrat Presidential Candidate Howard Dean gets a bit too excited during a campaign rally in Iowa
A confession I wrote for my girlfriend. Sorry babe, I love you, but I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for what I am about to say.
A time I believe I made a sacrifice for the greater good.
An opinion of an erotic fanfic that I stumbled upon that made me think about the future of the erotica genre
How one man’s refusal to trade with the Mongols inadvertently led to the end of the Islamic Golden Age.
A look at the peculiar and oddly specific laws that God had for men.
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