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An IT professional, into freelance online writing in both technical and non-technical avenues to satisfy my creative urges and also to earn a bit extra.
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We all have our wishes from time to time. Here are some of mine- a few of my humble and a few not so humble expectations from Wikinut.
A comparison of Bubblews and Wikinut- what works well on one site and what holds fort on the other one.
My personal review of a Movie based on a great historical event of the Battle of Britain during WWII.
It was just a random thought that lead me to start writing personal reviews of the Movies here on Wikinut and elsewhere. It has been an exciting journey so far and continues to date.
Getting frustrated about lack of development where you live and work. Do not, and instead check for ways to ask Government as to the details of its different schemes just by filing a simple Application Form.
Do you regularly update your online work. Well, I have started on a mission to update my different Online posts, and articles; a lot of them on Wikinut.
The first battle in WWI(and probably first ever) where Tanks were used in large number by Allied Forces against Germans.
Are you a big fan of Classic movies- especially Spy Thrillers or Action genre? Then, you ought to watch this movie- Ice Station Zebra.
On the dilemma as to whether to focus more on Quality or the Quantity and the choices we have
Let us talk about a tool in Oracle Database with which we can "peek" or "see" data upto a point in the past!
One of the most devastating wars the world has ever witnessed- World War I- WWI, was sparked by some incidents which were waiting to happen owing to an already polarized political scenario in Europe. Let us have a closer look.
During the battle of Stalingrad in WWII, an expert Russian sniper and an expert German marksmen have to outdo each other in a bloody battle. So what happens next?
Here is a brief on the default Indexing pattern that Oracle Database uses
Many people of different statures and belonging to different countries across the globe have been decrying cries of global warming citing unusual low temperatures or snowfalls, or excessive rains. However, they should be told that the biggest issue is of climate change, and that is re...
A personal book review of "The 3 Mistakes of My Life" written by Chetan Bhagat and published by Rupa & Co. Delhi. Based on my reading of the Novel: "The 3 Mistakes of My Life", on which a Bollywood Movie- "Kai Po Che" has also been made
Why was yesterday a great day for me on Wikinut? Read On ..
My personal review of a "Climate" Science fiction movie, which showcased dangers of sudden climate changes, albeit a bit too unrealistically.
Ottman empire along with Germany planned an offensive along Caucasian mountains, aiming to divert Russian forces and achieve some major breakthroughs. Yet it all backfired and Ottomans suffered big losses.
One of the first major battles of American forces in WWI
A fierce battle between the Central Power Germany and Allies - British forces in WWI off the coast of Scandinivia
An exciting fare awaits Bollywood in 2014. Let us check out:
A brief on the Second and Third Battles of Isonzo between Italy and Austro-Hungary in World War I.
A brief on the First Battle of Isonzo on a difficult mountain terrain between Italy and Austro-Hungary in World War I.
As per the latest news, one of the all time greats of South African cricket- Jacques Kallis is to retire from tests. Let us have a look at his test career.
The Battle of Verdun was one of the battles that had the French forces under severe stress by heavy German offensive and artillery attacks. Yet the French held on and this had a big impct on the overall result of World War I.
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