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Ptrikha is an IT professional, with a great appetite for writing on a variety of topics ranging from Business, Economics, Politics, Sports, Technology, and much more. He has written over 100 Articles
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Recent pages by Ptrikha

A Simple how to reckoner on using Vbscript to search for and replace text in a text file.
Often Technical guys have to replicate Production issues in Test environments with much less System capabilities as compared to the production environment. Let us analyze how we can do this using Statistics migration.
Life is always full of uncertainties. We make some plans and things turn out totally different. A take on what is happening around me, on local and national politics and the Cricket World Cup 2015
In the recently held Delhi State elections, which was under the lens of not only Indian media and public, but International media also, Aam Aadmi Party lead by Arvind Kejriwal won by a thumping majority, exceeding all expectations. Will they deliver, or will they fizzle out like other...
I had a curiousity to understand how before and after update triggers work and what is the difference between these. Here is a case study
A brave attempt by someone who is not so great at composing poems to share the last few weeks experiences where writing thoughts and time have been very low, some desperation(s) in life and about faith in god.
Review of Border Movie(1997): Views presented are personal and regarding the Movie only, not for the real life events surrounding the war shown in the Movie
Random thoughts on what will be some great ideas for writing on Wikinut in the year 2015- what would make for quality writing and what would be good for more page views. Do Please Read On...
There are happenings at times, which break our heart, and cause dismay, but are path breaker and make us more pragmatic and ready for challenges ahead. Discussing one such development which can determine the way ahead for Online writing for a number of us. Please Read On...
On Pedestrians's attitude and how this impacts the Road safety on Indian Roads
In case of Bollywood Movies, at times a single song holds sway over a whole movie, at times, even overwhelming it and making it the greatest connect to the audience. Aitbaar (1985) too had one such song which haunts me (not in a negative way:) ) even today. Do Read On...
Blog styled thoughts on this year end happenings, the tough cold weather that also gave me some bad health days, and coping with multiple stuff...
Captain Derek Foyid is against a formidable enemy. Yet he is high on spirits and his mind sings out something which might not be melodious but shows his willingness to give his best against all odds. The first in a series begins here with a poem(or is it a song) ...
An Animation movie from Disney- children like this movie very much.
A new system by MIT aims to bridge how humans and computers think, given a set of patterns and data. Let us see how this system works...
A straight from the heart, and unpolished rant about current situation in India..
The Indian central banker- Reserve Bank of India(RBI) keeps a close tab on macro and micro economic indicators like Inflation, growth, flow of money and then decides the course of action. A take on its current stance and likely future policies..
MapReduce is an important concept in the realm of Big Data. Here I try to explain it in simple terms.
Sometimes we have dreams, and sometimes we have dreams that startle us and we cannot figure out why we had such dreams. Exploring further..
Use of MetaData is an important tool in a database to capture and appropriately use Object definitions and defining data especially when migrating data. Read On..
Sharing my thoughts(coming from my heart) on certain changes that could make Wikinut more popular as well as increase the interactivity between the members on this site..
Tom Hanks plays a person who gets struck at an Airport Terminal due to no fault of his own. What all he has to go through? Read On ..
Third part in a series of movies with a story focus on anti-hero zooming on bikes and starring mega stars Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bacchan and Katrina Kaif, this movie is action heavy. Read On ..
Autonomous Transactions in Oracle can be very helpful in error logging mecahnism. Let us see how..
Human Trafficking is an issue that afflicts developing and under-developed countries the most. Yet developed world is also not unaffected. A lot more needs to be done to tackle this menace. Read on..
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