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Ptrikha is an IT professional, with a great appetite for writing on a variety of topics ranging from Business, Economics, Politics, Sports, Technology, and much more. He has written over 100 Articles
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Recent pages by Ptrikha

What does the latest Human Development Report(HDR) from UNDP says about the World and India?
Writing on controversial topics can be a mind opening, enriching experience, yet it can also present certain difficulties. So, what are the points in favor of and against writing on controversial topics?
In January, we celebrate the festival of Makar Sankranti in many parts of India. Let us see more about its significance.
One of my favourite Roger Moore Bond Movies- its a thrill ride!
My analytical foray to check on my Article revamping exercise.
Couchbase gets additional funds - $60 Million to compete in growing NoSql Database Arena.
The period of 1600 s saw England (and parts of Scotland) in a bloody civil war that changed many aspects of the British life, and government. Let us explore further.
My personal movie review of an action movie- Zameen (2013)
A brief on a well known Action and Thriller Novelist Alistair MacLean
Nicknamed "The Wall", Rahul Dravid stood a number of times between defeat and the Indian team. Apart from this, he was instrumental in many Indian Tests and even ODI wins. Recalling Rahul Dravid's achievements.
What the research says about origins of First Americans and Siberia
A recipe told by my wife, and I hope you will enjoy this recipe
The Metropolitan cities in India, the four big metroes of Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata as well as other bigger cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Lucknow etc offer a lot of opportunities to people from all over India in terms of Business and Jobs. However, they are also bes...
MajescoMastek, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mastek, plans to increase its its focus on the North American insurance sector, and get greater contribution from this sector to its revenues- more than 80%.
World Cup Football 2014 started with Brazil overcoming one goal deficit, with Neymar lightning up the proceedings with two goals, and going 3-1 up in the end.
One of the greatest sporting events of the world, which takes place every four years and has perhaps the biggest audience of all kicks off today in the football crazy nation Brazil. Are you ready to be soaked in the excitement
The Group D at the World Cup 2014 comprises of Italy, Uruguay, England, and Costa Rica, qualifiers from the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association (CONCACAF). This is one of the toughest groups and let us have a look as to which team stands where.
BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) plan a joint multilateral bank, perhaps something similar to Asia Development Bank(ADB). Let us see what is in store for us.
Timothy Dalton in his first Bond Movie "The Living Daylights" may not have been as charismatic as Sean Connery, but he did held his ground and looked like down to the business. Let us check out!
The Treaty of Versailles signed at the end of the First World War should have been a powerful instrument to prevent future wars, especially of a scale as big as the World War I. Did this Treaty achieved its purpose? Frankly not!
I completed 100 articles on Wikinut. It has been a journey which has awakened my mind, helped me brush up on my writing skills, and helped me gain readers, whose articles I read in turn and gain a wonderful experience.
With Lionel Messi and a few more outstanding players, Argentina has a great chance of winning this year's FIFA World Cup. Let us look closer.
The Biggest Football event: The World Cup Football 2014 is just around the corner. Let us see how are the host team- Brazil's preparations going on.
Do you follow a Strategy at Wikinut, or write whatever comes to your mind freely here on Wikinut? Here are a few thoughts of mine.
Sharing my experience with handling EXP-3 Error message, which required tweaking extent allocation.
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