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Ptrikha is an IT professional, with a great appetite for writing on a variety of topics ranging from Business, Economics, Politics, Sports, Technology, and much more. He has written over 100 Articles
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Recent pages by Ptrikha

A rising young entrepreneur is kidnapped for ransom. He has a great reputation and detective David Smith has to rescue him very fast. Yet, is all this totally black and white or are there "greys" lurking in the background?
India based start ups are making the world sit up and watch them grow and getting great deals. Bookpad is an addition to the list. Read On..
You watch a movie. Then you come to know that this movie was based on some novel. An alternate scenario could be that you plan to watch a movie based on a novel, or a collection of stories. So, which scenario you find more exciting, or the one which grabs your attention in a bigger wa...
Town halls are quite common in corporate world. Can we have something similar for Wikinut?
There are cricket matches. Then, there are "Great" cricket matches. And then comes such a special match that we cannot forget it. My recall of one such "special" match.
Many Online users including myself have had experiences of working on Online Pay to Write sites, and missing payouts, and not even receiving truncated payments even after months or years. Sharing a few thoughts on the cause and remedy of this phenomenon. Disclaimer: All my views are ...
Recalling a classic action movie which I like very much, and is considered as a great all time action movie also.
Snapdeal got a good deal recently as the chairman emeritus of Tata Group, Ratan Tata decided to invest in this E-Commerce venture.
While .com, .in and .org have ruled the roost in website domains in India since long, the central Government has launched ".bharat" web domain names. Let us explore this move further.
United States' Third largest Hamburger Fast Food chain plans to enter India soon. What are its plans?
While English is not the designated mother tongue of the majority of Indians, the way it is being taught at schools since childhood and its widespread use makes one think if this does not make India a native English speaking country?
Yahoo Inc. is planning a rival to the Youtube Video service, which is under Google. Will they succeed in their plans?
Introduction to a writer of History and English culture who joined Wikinut recently and has started with a bang and some very great, well written articles. Let us welcome this guy.
The exploits of the brave and popular French Ruler Napoleon Bonaparte have excited me for quite long. Here, I am sharing his exploits, and his rise and fall.
Ajay Devgn sizzles in this action flick Qayamat(2003). Here is a movie review of this Action Thriller.
In one of the first in Gujarat(and in India?), Surat, a city in this state in western part of India will be the first to have a Plastic Waste to Crude Oil conversion facility. Let us see how this will be done.
Conference calls have become a norm across the corporate world over last 10 years or so, and Video Conferencing is quite widespread now. However, handling multiple documents and instantly accessing them for discussion over the latest Tablets and Smartphones is more cumbersome than the...
While being hesitant earlier, I finally decided to share this news with all of you guys. A clear message: Wikinut is honest and pays on time.
One of the most successful player and captain of South Africa- Graeme Smith retired earlier this year after being at the service of the South African team for 11 years. A short note on his achievements and his cricket life.
A Typical Delhi Middle class family's struggle to reach their aspirations in a fun way. Check out this brief Movie Review of Hindi (Bollywood) Movie: Do Dooni Chaar(2010)
What does the latest Human Development Report(HDR) from UNDP says about the World and India?
Writing on controversial topics can be a mind opening, enriching experience, yet it can also present certain difficulties. So, what are the points in favor of and against writing on controversial topics?
In January, we celebrate the festival of Makar Sankranti in many parts of India. Let us see more about its significance.
One of my favourite Roger Moore Bond Movies- its a thrill ride!
My analytical foray to check on my Article revamping exercise.
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