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I am a girl who loves to write.
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In case you want to live in Germany, travel there or just want to read some basic facts, this article will bring you some general knowledge about the country.
Do you think that you know what's good for your immune system and what to do to avoid getting ill? The following two misapprehensions are widely spread among many people:
Being pregnant and getting a baby is one of the best things in a woman's life. Unfortunately, conception is not always as easy as 1, 2, 3. The following tips will help you to increase your fertility the natural way without taking medicine.
The right diet for your hamster is the most important thing to care about. Hamsters can easily get sick due to a wrong diet, they are very likely to suffer from diarrhea when not fed correctly.
Many people are desperately searching for legit and honest ptc and bux sites. But there are also people who know about this and who only want to scam and rip off those users. In this article you will find helpful information and advice on how to detect scam sites and especially on how...
Glühwein (mulled wine) is a traditional hot German beverage in the winter, especially around Christmas. The literal translation is "glow wine". In this article you will find an easy recipe to make your own "glow wine" this winter!
Do your email or PTC accounts get hacked often? Maybe you should create a stronger and more secure password to protect your accounts.
As the world is still trapped in the economic crisis, it gets more and more important for us – the “little people” – to save money. Being frugal is not a bad thing, it is THE most important thing if you want to save money on your daily expenses. In this article, I will give yo...
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