Shaila Touchton

Shaila Touchton
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She has self published three books using print-on-demand called Christian Living, Seek God’ s Truth and Living a Godly Life .
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Demonstrators who are supporting 'kiss of love' campaign are ethically and morally wrong.
Jesus has been good to me so much, he never forsake me and my family when trials and tribulations attacked us.
This poem was written to Lord Jesus Christ who stood and helped me all time.
Being a stay at Home Mother is not easy. There are few people in our society who look down at stay home mothers and consider to be the weaker elements of this society. God intended for women to marry, bear children and guide the house. 1st Timothy 5:14-15, “I will therefore that the...
The meaning of true Christmas is gone these years.............
Confess and pray this prayer and personalise this prayer to your needs and build a dream house of your own.
God uses our conscience which is an independent witness within us to say whether we are wrong or right, through our conscience he will help us to flee from sins.
Jesus who was manifested in the flesh, Justified in the spirit, he was Seen by angels
Many people think that just by going and belonging to some church ,by mere confession of Jesus Christ as their saviour is enough , being a good person, doing religious things, etc are saved and is enough to get to heaven.
Many people have destroyed their lives by having an affair outside marriage.
This is dedicated to my beloved baby boy who fought for life, had near death experiences in the NICU and came home victoriously.
This the Poem written express my Identification.............
(This is written and dedicated to all the police officers in the event of All-India Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the city police commissionerate, Bangalore)
Sometimes God puts people in our path for a purpose.
My husband inspired me to write this for him. This is dedicated for him.
It's God's will for all of us to have a good life. I still believe the name of Jesus Christ is greater than the name of any sickness such as Diabetes, Obesity, blood pressure any disease you want to name.
God created men to do work outside the house to be the leaders, the providers and protectors.. (Genesis 2:5)
I believe that prayer is the most important thing in a Christian life and the devil would like no more than to hinder our prayer life.
God is with us in all difficult times and circumstances. We can ease our worries and calm our fears by meditating the scripture during troubled times.
Satan was originally one of God’s holy angels became prideful because of the gifts God had created him with and wanted God’s position and authority to replace God at the pinnacle of everything .
China is the 1st country over populated , India is the 2nd country and third over populated country in the world is united states of America
There are many people hate others for their different skin is the poem written to them...
God created man to be the leader of the home, the provider and the protector. The children are to look to their father especially for spiritual counsel and guidance.
Being a Good Father is very difficult but one can achieve with the help of God and Bible instructs how can one become a Godly Father.
We must always trust God in all circumstances because He is our supply of needs
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