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Independent researcher based in South East London.
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Did the Western democracies win the fight with the Soviet Union only to surrender to the enemies within? Many enlightened people are beginning to wonder.
Who is going to save us from Big Brother? Would you believe a music teacher from Hull?
Last year was not a good year for contemporary music, at least not for some of its biggest names.
The BBC has just rubber stamped the innocence of Timothy Evans for the Nth time. People in the know disagree.
According to legal dominance feminism, gender-based violence is one of the biggest social problems of our age. The truth is, it is not even a real issue.
Four years ago, allegations against the then recently deceased Jimmy Savile led to a witch-hunt of celebrities. Here we go again.
Why is Rolf Harris in prison? The two women who set up this website would like to know, and by the time you have worked your way through it, so will you.
Of all the garbage spouted about Islam, none is more vacuous than that peddled by those who want to ban the burqa.
Mr Rock ’N’ Roll Chuck Berry is working on a new album; Kiwi wondergirl Bic Runga has one out already.
Feminists are forever whining about the so-called dearth of women in positions of political power. Unlike rational women, they miss the point.
Sir Oswald Mosley was a Fascist; Donald Trump has been called one. But that is where the resemblance ends.
If old rockers never die, they don’t fade away either, even if they have been awol for a long time.
The phrase Scotland Yard was once recognisable worldwide as a term of excellence in the detection of crime. Today, it is a laughing stock.
The pressure group Women Against Rape claims the UK police are assisting rapists. How much truth is there in this?
Are police officers worldwide colluding with sexual predators to conceal their violation of women, or have we all be taken for a ride?
Hillary Clinton may well be the next President of the United States, but she is currently embroiled in a bigger scandal than Watergate.
Alexia Thomas is a living legend. In her own mind. The police think otherwise.
Who is Linda Anita Carty, and what is her connection with Krishna Maharaj, a man she has never met?
False allegations of rape and lesser unacceptable sexual behaviour are endemic in Western societies, none more so than against celebrities.
Recent terror outrages across the Western world have led to the belief in a vast Islamist conspiracy, but is there another, more plausible explanation?
Chuck Berry will turn 90 on October 18; incredibly his name is largely unknown to many of today’s young music fans.
Last year, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling announced a new deal for short sentence and low risk offenders. His heart was in the right place, but...
All over the world, languages and entire cultures are dying. What is being done to halt this?
Louis Theroux once regarded Jimmy Savile as a friend. Now he realises that maintaining that friendship posthumously would come with too heavy a price.
Why was a man who raped five women at knifepoint released after serving a mere twenty years? Strangely, no one seems to have asked that question.
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