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I am a feature writer for The Tampa Bay Examiner and The American chronicle. Earned Ph.D in Economics
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The life and times of Sarah Jenkins who has to raise two children in today's society.
With this past election it has all the earmarks of bringing in more corruption.
Out of the last ice age one tribe of humanity managed to secure the future for all civilization
The world today is facing very dire conditions. Global famine and acute fresh water shortages will trigger more violence and bloodshed if these conditions remain.
The joy of the season is overshadowed by an election corrupted.
Memories of the past often return especially when the winter winds start to blow
Reflections of my generation that is in sharp contrast to the generations of today.
This Christmas season is marred when Donald Trump won the Presidency.
The future of the United States rests with the dollar being the worlds reserve currency and the implementation of National Economic Reform.
Yet, another chapter in the book titled "The Last Faberge`
The history of the world is always the constant struggle between good and evil
The Electoral College has undermined our democratic process
Today's reality of when this November darkness came crashing on down.
The past Presidential Election, to which Trump defeated Clinton is marred by the monumental amount of disruptions that are against Trump.
Global peace is threatened by the acute fresh water shortages in so many places around the world.
Remembering a great love. The one that truly got away.
The first chapter of the Shadow Rider of the Old West during the 1880's.
The Democratic party has been orchestrating a Clinton Presidency all along.
Everyday people discus the news of the day at the neighborhood laundromat.
The untold truth of what the United States has been doing ever since the beginning of the 20th century
The ever increasing plight of homelessness in America today.
Today too many elected officials continue to operate above the law
The world today is actually controlled by the shadow masters who hid behind every politician and world leader.
The sad but true tale of what has happened to Bernie Sanders and our whole Democratic process.
How to build an interior wall frame making sure it is level and square.
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