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C.D. Moore
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I write about spirituality, health, psychology, and ecology. Usually in poetic form (my 1st love) but now I'm venturing into the world of
articles. Exciting!
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The federal government of Canada supports the building of a pipeline 4,500 km long which would carry bitumen from the Tar Sands in Alberta through 5 provinces to new Brunswick to be exported overseas. The contribution to green house gases and the potential for spills will be enormous.
This is my experiment with the Glosa form of poetry in which the poet reflects on particular lines in a poem, in this case a Psalm, and writes addition lines which come out of that reflection, but always returning to the original. Kind of like a jazz musician playing with a melody.
Recently I read this new translation of the ,"Tao Te Ching" and since then I have been reading and re-reading it. Never have I seen the truth presented so simply and so profoundly.
This is a poem about how we defend our opinions and judgments and how this defensiveness causes others to be defensive in return. The potential for deeper relationship is thereby lost.
This is a poem about how, as a child the effort to see what others saw led my sister Donna on a journey to become a the artist she is today.
A poem of despair over the exploitation of Canada's land and water for the profit of international corporations to the detriment of the health of life both animal, vegetable and human.
I was listening to guitar music of the 16th Century and it seemed to me expressive of a gentler age. Give it a listen yourself and tell me was I dreaming......?
A poem about how all nature praises the one life if only we could hear creations' song and do the same.
In this poem I try to get inside the head of those in power who are destroying the environment for profit---- survival instinct morphed into insatiable greed.
This is an article about recent events concerning a First Nations, Idle No More protest against fracking in New Brunswick Canada.
This is a poem about the power of the present moment and how it contains all possibilities. When we remain at the peaceful center while life whorls around us we can bring that peace to all circumstances.
My experience of an Idle No More Global Action event in my home town Victoria BC Canada.
This is a mostly prose poem about childhood questions that ended up being a life long quest. Although much has been answered there still remains a mystery.
This is a poem about the cross as a symbol of the human body in service to the spirit and our function of bringing the high spiritual vibration of love into the density of matter.
A poem about what is real , what is illusion and what is our true identity.
This is a poem about the way of letting go and acceptance bringing peace as exemplified by the journey of the river to the sea.
An Overview of a few controversial books that have been written about Mary Magdalene.
Divine energy flows through each of us in unique ways according to our deep inner qualities which are for us to discover.
We keep looking for love on the outside, but until we access the lover within our relationships will be fraught with difficulty.
Comforting ourselves with material things has mortally injured Mother Earth and will ultimately lead to our suicide if we do not learn to find the source of love within.
Western Patriarchal Societies have Suppressed the Divine Feminine for so long they Cannot Relate to the Earth as a living Being in need of Care. Converts believe they can live in a technological universe,but the tide is turning and the Goddess is returning.
In this Poem I am Wondering if Human life on this Planet is Spinning Out of control. Will love pull us back in from the brink of destruction? Maybe we, unlike these Sufi dancers, are unbalanced and in danger of falling off the stage. But maybe this is part of learning the discipline ...
The Idle No More Movement Opposes the Oil Sands and the development of the Northern Gateway Pipeline which would endanger the ecology of both land and sea.
A reflection on life and death and what is real, this world or the next , the dreamer or the dream.
A Poem of Gratitude to the Wikinut Community and an invitation to visiters to join our community.
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