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Blogging, the best thing since sliced-bread - so they say. The on-line journals, diaries, that can tailored to your preferences; blogs have indeed become popular on the Internet. But do they really justify the hype?
We need you more than ever, precious waterfall of life.
When we dwell our mind on Him and His ways, we can take delight in all His plays.
According to Edison: People use every sense except common sense. Here I am telling you to get maximum PageViews with a simple trick that you already know but doesn't know.
Black Friday used to be the day when by default the stores went "into the black", but now it is just a way to exploit low wage earners and take them away from their families on Thanksgiving.
This is an account of a fatal railway accident that happened in the English Midlands in January 1955.
A satirical article of a writing site Bubblews(ip address witheld upon possible request) who had a bank run and now beng given a prolong post mortem and after thoughts .
Dogs are best friends to humans, and it's so true!
A surreal poem partially inspired by a fairy tale.
This is part two of the left-handed midget and takes place in New York city.
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