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The Lipizzaner is a beautiful horse from Austria. They are trained at the Spanish Riding School and perform all over the world. They are an old breed.
A Japanese man or not normal or not, we can all like a flower, although we think before we have our beautiful country, what can be more beautiful than flowers or greenery than oxygen surrounds us.
The article speaks about excellent Spice Jet journey from Chennai to Kolkata. It travels at around 10 am in the morning and it takes 2 hours 15 minutes to reach Kolkata.
Find out the mystery behind how Youths in Africa have finally embraced the world of spiritism to overcome poverty.
Being part of the whole creative process is itself a blessing. We are just one among the species allowed to be part of the ride and how we play our role determines our legacy. We presume we are more aware of the process and that behooves us to play our part to the hilt - time indeed f...
Sir Peter Hayman (1914-92) has been branded a paedophile and worse. But was he?
A desire for complete love is important.Deep love is all he is wanting.He wants to be loved and wants to love the very same way.
Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown, food preparation of cocoa seeds, roasted and ground, often flavored, as with vanilla. For the true chocoholic, just thinking about chocolate can evoke a pleasurable response.
There is something about the human spirit, or at least the young male human spirit, that delights in bravado and risking one’s life for the sheer hell of it. In Spain it is traditional for hundreds of young men (and even a few women) to run through the streets of Pamplona chased by ...
The ZooAve animal rescue center in Costa Rica and the toucan bird it has taken on after some teens nearly severed it's beak.
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