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What is needed to decrease the chances of another Ferguson or school shooting while at the same time bring about the balance that is needed in American society.
Love JIhad is starting to take center stage in India both socially and politically. But what is it? Is it even for real? And what can be done about it?
Find your amazing playing golf, unforgettable surfing experience, sunbathing while reading your favorite book and other attractions in Dreamland Beach.
Pre-Revolutionary Russia was ruled by a long series of Tsars who were often intriguing characters who did remarkable things. During the 18th century a surprisingly high proportion of them were women. One of these was Tsarina Elizabeth, who seized the throne on 25th November 1741 and r...
Have you ever had a feeling of flying, while asleep in your bed? As a child, this would happen frequently. Now, however, it would take an act of will to achieve astral projection.
Having travelled across many parts of this globe and have seen some interesting homes and each home normally has a person that belongs with it, and that may explain why during the course of our lives we move several times. Generally we move out of our parent's home and into our own pl...
Some thoughts on witches and witchcraft both traditional and modern.
If you are looking for great places to kick back in Australia, this text is what you were looking for.
My travel experience in China. I love travel. I love China.
This is a story of how a simple relationship break-up meant as much as life.
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