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Gum disease is a common problem experienced by many people. Types of gum disease include gingivitis and periodontitis. Untreated, it can cause severe pain and tooth loss. Here is an overview of the most common causes of gum disease.
A word of encouragement to comfort and strengthen you as you walk with the Lord
Summer brings heat and signals the start of the sports season. It is the time for a family vacation, it is time for summer games and thrills. It is the time when one does not have any care in the world. Of course, for the shopaholics, it signals a renewed spurt in shopping.
People deal with feedback differently. Some may take it too personal that it causes them to be hurt a lot while others take them positively and the use those criticisms at their advantage.
Here is my experience of Vang Vieng in Laos and some of the things you can do and see there
The article speaks about the performances of Dwijen Banerjee, Dulal Lahiri and their wives in Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar Program.
Tech Talk: India's largest Information Tech firm TCS merges its Japanese unit with Mitsubishi Corp's IT division
Normally a timid bird, the cassowary can inflict a dangerous wound by stabbing forward wit the dagger-like claw on its inner toe. It feeds on fruits, nuts, herbs and small animals.
This article is to air a view which I think many jobless south africans are facing and some how come up with a solution through voicing my opinions through this website.
Social Media Platforms can help brands build online communities of loyal customers who will go out on their own and spread the word about the business.
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