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This is all about animals and pets and where and how they act and feel.
This is exciting new technology that is taking the medical field by storm. People with Eye cancer can now have facial prostheses made by a printer.
This article talks about love and truth, about knowledge and truth, and about wisdom and truth. Does it take wisdom, or knowledge to recognise the truth, or maybe it takes neither, maybe it is the love in our hearts that reveals this truth to us. We then build our wisdom on top of thi...
‘Stop! You’ll all jump and fall to your deaths. Please stop. Stop!!’
Tuscon, Arizona, is situated against the backdrop of some of Arizona's most beautiful and natural scenery. The city also offers visitors a wide variety of activities and attractions in which to indulge while on vacation.
The Buffalo Bills are closer to finding a quarterback to replace Kyle Orton who retired after the end of the 2014 football season. Free agent quarterback Josh McCown is in negotiations with the Buffalo Bills to serve as the mentor to EJ Manuel and Jeff Tuel.
There is a lot of notes, articles and even books about jazz, but I decided to write one small piece as well. Maybe it will be interesting for someone, maybe it will help someone to write an essay or do a school project, but anyway, you never know!
Our society is aging, there are more and more people who need the services of palliative care.
The key to health and happiness lies in the thoughts that you cultivate in your mind.
This is a poem about women going out into the night and what they do.
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