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In the struggle for women's rights which stems well over a century, some women made great strides in changing the social mores of the day. We have a lot to learn from the Victorian era and how the woman’s role was contained to the house and household activities, yet the men still co...
Ordinary when gone...Waiting at the cornerstone of time... sans all Still we can do nothing can we?
A new law in Indiana that permits businesses to discriminate against gay and transgender customers is generating a tremendous backlash throughout the nation.
I was inside the train on my way home thinking in his sad eyes. How can he affect me like this? I just met him - I thought to myself. I arrived home and tried to let go of my thoughts...
Since love is synonymous to a cat. Since a cat, always comes first. Know more what your cat wants to say.
These poem speaks about two lovers who wants to forget each other but can't able to do so.
Regaining the ability to think for yourself and use evidence you see and hear for yourself
This is a poem about the nature of man and how the light of day can change the world.
I've been away from Wikinut for a little while So I've come back home with a song and a smile They say absence makes the heart grow fonder Well I can vouch that's true It's good to be back at wikinut.. So a big hello to all again..just from me to you
To prevent cancer a person must prevent the absorption of mutangenic substances into their bodies. That is a chemical agent that can change DNA of a any organism and increases mutations above certain levels. They are also said to be carcinogens because so many cause cancer.
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