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When a person has eczema, skin feels hot and itchy at first and then after scratching, the skin becomes red, inflamed and blistered.
This story is about a gril that doesn't like her life she's living but as she grows older she becomes wiser and stand up for herself.
You need to earn a living. But if the job is too stressful, would you quit? What is the use of money if you don't have healthy?
A commentary on children listening to classical music and a few suggestions for a place to start.
More of a song than a poem, I wrote this after receiving some inspiration.
This article explains the factors to look for when buying a fry pan. It explains the different elements of a frying pan to consider before investing in these cooking pots.
The housemates travel to Australia for a weeklong vacation. The experience becomes life changing for them, and they realizes how enjoyable life can be.
Writing is indeed an exciting activity! Try to write now and you will eventually learn later.
There are times when we are very young that we place our trust into people who really don't deserve our reliance or trust. Parents attempt to teach their children the rights and wrongs of behavior, but what happens when another family member tricks a youngster into doing something the...
to find middle-ground, somewhere between Die Hard and Alice in Wonderland, but what this is... grip of a pen, narrator's voice... Happy Samhain
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