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In this writing you’ll be guided through Uddeśa Meditation, the authentic meditation technique, in discovering your purpose in life, the reason for your existence. This fourth step is the essential part of discovering your dream.
A short treatise on snipers, their history and the modern sniper.
To sustain hardship in work motivation and happiness are important. Here are some ideas to get going with your career.
How to plan ahead for all the changes in our lives by keeping the home in well running order. How to plan ahead by starting with the home environment of cleanliness..
Cinematographic sometimes a joy to look at, but the content missed a little panache and passion.
A short poem inspired by all the beautiful sights we have in life.
Sparkey was a delightful Pomeranian. He was the last dog I was to half before the break up of my marriage. He was the last dog we were to have for a long time. After that we had cats instead.
These are things that we might have forgotten about the life of the deceased Leonard Nimoy better known as Mr Spock .These are facts from Variety magazine.
This is the third episode of the sixth chapter of a story written by me about 13 years ago, but only recently rediscovered. Murie's task is to make sure that the moles go exactly where Snoot where wants them to go. However, she appears to have told them too much and they are startin...
History of one of the country's most well known disc jockeys. His life and and history.
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