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Promising research in the field of Epigenetics and polyphenols show that Cocoa Bean Husks (CBH) are effective functional materials to be used in either preventing or inhibiting cancer.
The cost of a Fire Safety Risk Assessment varies from a £99 check list to £100’s depending on the size and complexity of the Premise – but how do you know if it is a suitable and sufficient Fire Safety Risk Assessment? If you use an Internet search engine 1,000’s of Risk Asses...
Learn what you need to be aware of before you choose a plastic surgeon.
Choosing an entertainment agency for your event is a huge step that needs to be taken seriously.
Coded messages found on rock formations on the Moon.
A Wonderful Little Beat is one of the very first short poems I wrote, it has been modified from the original.
With threats to intellectual property soaring high, piracy and data breaches soaring high, developers must implement robust security solutions to protect their software.
A new supergroup called Hollywood Monsters has an album out, but does it live up to the hype?
Wireless range is vary depending on the WIFI standards and router physical location so if you are planning to add the second router then the configuration is really easy when compared to the bridges.
All about my life as a new mommy and how she is growing up! Proud to be a mum to my baby girl!
Shipping car is a concerned issue to look into. There is a lot of difference between shipping a car and other cargo. Moreover, shipping a car is more sophisticated than domestic shipping and does require a lot of care to be taken. To begin with, make sure that you have to keep all the...
Priyanka is a top Bollywood actress but now she is striking it out in Hollywood
Today too many elected officials continue to operate above the law
A hope < a wish < a dream < a commencement < a plan < a process are 6 stages of human reality. This second article in The World Of Ideas aims to help you interpret your own dreams. Identify your dream-self and understand the butterfly effect with Lorenz Attractor for your own perspec...
This is a poem is about a boy i wish i never met...
A little tour of Londons art and architecture that I went on to discover the not so well known attractions on the streets of the city.
Whether it is about individual or a company, mobile devices have made a great impact. There are many applications in app stores today to fulfill the need of daily life. Nothing in our daily lives has remained uninfluenced from mobile application whether it is sleeping, eating, work or...
The time I went for my first ever STD check at the local hospital.
God really does pay attention to the lives of those who love Him. I learned this through different moments in life. Both good and bad. Never think anything escapes the sight of God.
There is a certain way we all must sail with the winds of life if we want to get anywhere, that is where autosuggestion, self-hypnosis, and mental discipline come in. Without those disciplines, we are like corks on the water going nowhere hoping we make a good port, but with self-dire...
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