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The world we find ourselves in is created by us. Nature nurtures us all along and what we reap is from the seeds we have sown. Babies come with wonder in their eyes and an inner knowing – let us not poison them with our warped thinking.
In an episode on SyFy, the Ghost Hunters visit the dark ship docked in Alameda, California and investigate the thousands of reports coming from those who have witnessed ghostly encounters on the ship that is roughly the size of three football fields. From suicides to freak accidents, ...
Sports Illustrated Sports writer uncovers the life of NFL great Walter Payton
In Kabbalah, challenges and sadness keep coming to us again and again, is a situation called "Tikkun", which we need to fix some problem within us, so that the issues won't come again anymore. But how can we truly correct our Tikkun?
Your constant quest for perfection is taking a toll on you. Your stress level rises with all you must do. You've spent your time being the perfect person, or trying to. Something's got to give or change. We live in an imperfect world, so why expect perfection in ourselves? What foll...
Being west people and wild, my son and I drove to L.A. to see a band play, The Kills, they call themselves, just a boy and girl. It was good for us, we found our hearts again.
An article on the best way to keep yourself going those miles gladly… and attain accomplishment on the way.
"State of the World" is an original poem about the sorry state of the world we live in today, written by Darren Heart.
Jesus tells us to come as we are to Him. We don't have to have our act together to come to Him. Come just the way you are, regardless of your situation. Just come anyway.
My cousin Cathy Miller is The Singing Quilter. We discussed writing another song together. I was going to focus on the work I've been doing since 2006. Instead, I found this one in my manuscript, "Time Defined". It might be worth looking at.
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