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My twins today aren't human nor alien but go and see who or what are they
Weird lies Believed about the Source of Manufactured Medicines/curative drugs in Relation to Autopsy
If you have ever been dumped, you know that the days following the initial break up can be rough. How you normally would act can be altered just by being dumped.
It is a harsh reality that more than 180000 households in India are engaged in manual scavenging for their livelihood. It was a heart wrenching news in July this year. While India has residential buildings worth US$ 1 Bn the presence of manual scavengers, despite a law banning them c...
We all know that content is the foremost thing to attract and engage target audiences and it plays a crucial role in gaining high search engine rankings.
This is a short story about a couple having a romantic dinner. An evening that ends in a way noone suspected.
Having nothing good to share, I am just trying to make sense out of the nothingness inside this head of mine. May be in the process, there will be something good that will come out.
This is the graveyard gang at their best and introduces Abaah who has walked into the plot while waiting for a bus.
It was not always the plastic photo ID with which we are all familiar. The driver’s license has been through quite a few changes since its inception, but where and how did it begin?
Ranjit Singh is a great name in Indian history. He founded the Sikh empire and also was a great lover. Bless his soul.
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