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The Christmas season has its own traditional symbols. The decorations with stars and light, Santa Claus and carols are some of the Christian symbols. Christmas tree has become an inevitable part of the celebrations. When did the tradition of Christmas tree start in the Christian histo...
This poem is for anyone who loves walking and always find relief and feel stronger after a walk this is for you if you are on a journey to understand, not that I do but this is a poem of feeling the ground and Gods Love thank you Peace and Love
Twenty-five years ago, the worldwide pop culture phenomenon The Simpsons first aired on TV.
The San Francisco Giants have reached a two year, $24 million agreement with right handed starting pitcher Jake Peavy on Friday. Peavy has pitched in the Major Leagues with San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants.
Are there benefits to having a month-to-month cell phone plan, or is a contract the better way to go? This short piece explores some of the aspects of this dilemma.
A very simple poem, childlike maybe, but there is a deeper message embedded into the post. It seems that both the people in this post can’t openly except or show affection, but they do care. This could be because of many things, childhood trauma, past failures, personality proclivit...
Money, it seems to disappear when you are fearful and greedy, in that order. To creatively go the extra mile and do what is valuably needed and wanted is the way to go, as shall be shown by this article.
Today I have posted five little poems that together add up to a little less than nothing, not even a star, but when I put them together I found love, and love is always the emotion we look for, the dance we shake our feet to.
Just sharing a little bit of Christmas here in Sandpoint, Idaho.
Stay at home if you have to and enjoy it as much as you can, because others aren't fortunate to have a place to call it home.
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