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Join the Movement an URGENT International Plea for Help!
"Many of us are called, but few are chosen," said Jesus Christ. God's truths and wisdom are available to us all. When we try to choose and decide for ourselves what these truths are we often end up just living from them haphazardly from our minds then. Drop your mind, and live from...
New research on Diabetes. Cure is around the corner
The topics of history and art combined with an excellent cast of actors made watching "The Monuments Men" an enjoyable experience for this writer. This 2014 movie might not be totally accurate on some historical elements, but it brings to the viewer a glimpse of events occurring at t...
Murphy and Sonny beat two dudes in a game of 21 at the West Fourth basketball courts. Then during a trip to Atlantic City, Murphy and Lotus get into an intense argument.
On a weekly basis many men and women run to their TV sets to turn on their favorite past time: watching football. Not all of us share that passion, and this is the reason why.
Treatment for knee pain depends entirely on the cause of the problem. Therefore, it is utmost importance that you understand the cause of your symptoms before embarking on a treatment program
The Buffalo Bills will not be having the services of their running back C J Spiller for at least six weeks. Spiller broke his collarbone during the Bills 17-16 win over the Minnesota Vikings at their home stadium in Orchard Park New York.
Two Hearts in One is a published poetry book by my husband, Garry A. Snyder and me (Noreen Ann Snyder).
This is a poem about cross stitching and how it is like to a person who love to cross stitch.
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