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This article records a dream that I had recently. I have attempted to interpret it here, in order to show just how much such a simple dream might be willing to reveal to us, if we are willing to take on board the revelations. Some of us, like me included, are too full of ourselves, ...
I am fascinated by the history of the middle east. Here is my article on Hammurabi.
San Diego Chargers starting quarterback Philip Rivers who will be a free agent at the end of the 2015 football season is in negotiations with the football team to reach an agreement to sign a contract extension before the end of the 2015 football season.
The public school system is nothing more than the government's institution of indoctrination, designed to create a statist and ensure that each child graduates with a specific world view on social and political issues. Reading, writing and arithmetic have been left in the dust. For th...
A view through a keyhole of life, love, loss and what comes after. Take a treasured glimpse of one woman's journey encapsulated into one tiny golden nutshell.
The food industry is a prime source of all the ills that have befallen the US today.
"Heroic Deeds" is a card game that I have designed and I am describing step by step wikinut. This is a description of a card for the "Heroic Quest" deck of cards of "Heroic Deeds".
There are many false prophets and teachers we see them today that are going around the world, telling people that they cannot be saved unless they belong to their denomination or listen to their one sided way of preaching and are busy in false accusing catholic church or Pope as False...
An introduction to a personal side of myself. I grew up as an adopted and only child. Now in my forties, I am on a journey of healing.
Molly and Dad have been called in on a murder investigation. They are at the apartment complex viewing the crime scene. Dad's taking pictures and Molly's looking around the room for clues.
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