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~out there in the driveway~behind the house~we were taught to be men of a separate stripe~stroking & stripping~killing & skinning~learning the heartbeat~when to direct it to stop~to deliver sweet meat to the table~but it don’t stop damn it~damn it~it just don’t stop~
When the confusion is between whether to install vinyl or wood fence there are certain important differences that the buyers must know. So let’s do a little comparison analysis and come to our own conclusions.
Why is Good Friday called "Good" - How did I remember the day as a child? What does it mean for the world?
A small story showing the real concern of a baby sitter who refuses to take the role of mom.
Nature’s impact on human health has been proven. Neighbourhoods with more trees have fewer incidences of violence. Have you ever been to a forest as exotic as those tropical ones we have, where you see flying squirrels, monkeys, and weasels? Animals and plants can seep into a perso...
This poem shows us that holding onto empty ideas of truth empties us out of love. Holding onto love in our hearts though opens us up to seeing the real truth.
Seeing so many accidents most of them major happening all over the world...Wondering why the owners of the bus lines, airlines and ships do not improve their company.
This is from my diary and is about the early morning when I was waiting for the bus and the journey through Penang as I left and some observations of when I was there.
Music, memories, life sitting on the grass, smiling young.
In May of 2013, a tumor in my right breast was misdiagnosed as a benign fiberadenoma. It was actually a Malignant Phyllodes Tumor. This is a rare form of cancer. Only 1 in 2 million (mostly women) receive this diagnosis. So many people have commented that my story is inspirational...
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