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A short obituary on child actress Skye McCole Bartusiak.
My mother was most happy when she was outdoors planting something. It gave her a great sense of satisfaction.
She's my little secret always gotta be discreet, Never say her name cause we be shaking in the sheets.
My cousin Steph and I lunched at a posh L.A. restaurant. She turned the plate over, “Ooo, this is bone china.” Upon returning back East, I read her email. “Hey, was there bone in those bone-china lunch plates?” My reply tried to quell the horror in her note with facts. “...
A Rugby chap turned winemaker, is what Gerard Bertrand has hit us with a nice Rose from Southern France and with a celebration of the delights from the French Mediterranean.
For all poets of the world..Post on your own page Don't forget ethics Post short comments may be and say READ THE REST ON MY WALL.Thanks all.
Hambirao Mohite Born at village Talbid (Karad) dist. Satara, was Sardar Senapati (Commander-in-Chief, Duke) of the Maratha Empire and the brother of Soyarabai, Shivaji's Queen. He was the father of Tarabai, the first regent of Kolhapur. Following Emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji's death i...
The blaring loud speakers of functions, the harsh horn, the screeching noise of some factories, the grating sound of the construction work, all add to the noise pollution, gradually deafening the people who are constantly bombarded with such unwanted noise.
Gafney, a team member, wonders why the disaster clean-up crew is never seen arriving on the disaster site.
Everything is already known. "There is nothing new under the sun," said an old poet once. We are only ever making the unknown known, and the known then shows us even more of what's unknown, but it's not now unknown, it's known.
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