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The Thanksgiving Holiday is here again but there is something wrong. What is it? This article explains what is missing.
Observing increasing drug used on equine athletes even in minor events
Many people might tell you that your fear is only a learned response. This article says something different. Fear cannot be learned. You can grow in the wisdom and knowledge of love though. Life moves forwards only. Never does it move backwards. This means that love is always wo...
A German word that accurately describes this wines top rated juices as Eisweins. The character of these wines is its all around sweetness and fruity flavors as they were infused in honey. As our Canadian neighbors wines excel in quality that so far has put them above its European coun...
On this one Mafalda tells us that the joy of swinging ends the minute one lands onto the ground.
New York Giants rookie Odell Beckham Jr.’s amazing catch was the greatest in NFL history.
while everyone is worried about the demise of the dollar and other world currencies and ISIS drafting rich, bored western girls, sitting around looking for the next socially evil thing to side with,
New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan will make his decision whether he will start Michael Vick and Geno Smith as the quarterback of his football team on Wednesday.
A trip to the Isle of Wight's south coast was well timed.
Another day in the life of Tootsie Harvey Novels (aka: Valerie L. Harvey).
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