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As so often happens, anything that President Barack Obama proposes or is a part of gets bantered about and bad mouthed...usually without knowing any of the facts. After researching the documents involved...this is what the treaty says and what it is designed to do.
The Maharajahs got a new lease of life with the establishment of the Raj. This gave them all the privileges and perks and no accountability, which they enjoyed to the hilt with virgins and cars.
People turning plastic and heat is getting Drastic This is where our World would be headed, no trees no and no green ground cover " something green that lurks and that will indeed lack.
Are pea shoots and pea sprouts the same? Locally we call these tiny green leaves sprouting from green beans; Pea Sprouts. They have green leafy leaves and short thin stems. This tiny vegetable is healthy, nutritious and benefits our health. Learn how to cook pea sprouts here ...
Have you ever written an article for Wikinut and had it disappear without being published?
As I look at this world...I try to see...Where I fit in
There is something better for us to engage in than the control of humanity by humanity. The physician should educate the people to look from the human to the divine.
Most Montrealers complain they do not get enough sleep. Yet, sleep affects are physical and mental health. Not having enough sleep affects our mood, our stamina, our home-life and career, and our social relationships
The Oakland Athletics who are in contention to make the playoffs this year have traded their right handed relief pitcher Tyler Clippard to the New York Mets in exchange for their minor league right handed pitcher Casey Meisner who is currently pitching in the Mets minor league system.
Will Monsanto be the future of farming and feeding an increasing global population, or are there alternatives?
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