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Read about how the US postal service evolved from simply delivering letter to armies to become the national organisation it is today.
My prayer to Jesus during this restless time to grant me blessings.
Former Atlanta Braves right handed pitcher Kris Medlen, 29, has signed a two year, $8.5 million contract with the Kansas City Royals. Medlen will not be ready to pitch on Opening Day 2015 since he is recovering from Tommy John surgery on his right elbow that caused him to miss pitchin...
At a sleepover, Sis and Benny dare Blazer to do something embarrassing!
While lobbyists are pushing for controlling the decisive positions in the public sphere(1), they can count on the technocracy at the helm.
Intellectual property is the most expensive entity. People cannot buy your thinking and research skills in a penny or two and tag it as their own.
This is just one poem, a poem about some of the things that make me scratch my head and ask why. I know we are all different, but it just seems to me that there must be a way we can all get along without hate.
DO IT YOURSELF IS A buzz word now to reduce the actual cost of something you want in your home. with littile improvisation and some good thinking one can reduce the actual cost of owning a screen for the projector.
It has long been conventional wisdom in the scientific community that increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere spurs plant growth, but researchers in the Netherlands have discovered that the opposite is true.
give me a reason.... give me one reason... explain to me...
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