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On the old family homestead there is a tree out back by the old ditch and no one remembers a time when it wasn't there.
This is the story of the gloomy, war ridden land in the Horn of Africa on the coast of the Indian Ocean.
“42: The Jackie Robinson Story” isn’t the first film about Robinson. How does it compare to the original “The Jackie Robinson Story” done in 1950?
Priority Mix Up; Nudity Vs. Banking Records/Social Security Information....
We cannot stop aging process. Span of life i s not in our hand. Our life and body is gift of God. We should be care it, With some small thing we can slow down aging process and looks younger and active.
This poem shares about the different moods of love.It also gives you joy and inspiration.
Christmas Figurine Gifts Searching for some figurines for the Christmas season? Look at these and pick the particular one that you like best. Christmas season is a delightful time to blessing presents to our relatives, companions, relatives, neighbors, associates and all our close...
its as good as sex is done with the same sincerity that same feel its benefits
Celebrating ways to find the miraculous in the mundane. Text of a talk I gave at the Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham, 2007
The true story of the oldest high school football rivalry in America. Needham vs. Wellesley.
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