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This is less a poetry but more my feelings towards my pet to whom i have to leave because of some unavoidable circumstances..
It becomes a mandate for the businesses to handle the grievances and set up a proper consumer complaints management system. It is high time you master the trick of ORM, before someone sows a seed of dislike in the internet about your company.
In India there are different sets of laws for different communities or religion. It complicates the judicial process. A common civil code will help.
The treatment of dementia is more costly than heart or cancer treatment
While politicians tout Common Core, others promote learning with interactive exhibits and learning centers.
Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton has been activated from the disabled list on Tuesday. Hamilton was in the minor leagues since June 4 with a hamstring injury to his left leg. The Rangers have optioned rookie outfielder Joey Gallo to their AAA minor league team the Round Rock Exp...
Only a light touch was enough to give new life to a dark night.
Some parents don't want their children vaccination and get a personal belief exemption. But in California the Governor Jerry Grown signed a law only kids with medical problems can go to school without vaccinations. Now if a parent still refuses to vaccinate for personal reasons their ...
SCOTUS has ruled that gay marriage is constitutional therefore good and right for Americans. What is your thought on that? This article lays out what true Christians might do to show opposition.
this is about how beginnings define us, inspire us, make us or break us. It is all upto us to decide how we let them define us.
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