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Beauty is light..Without ones eyes no one can enjoy the beauty that abounds all around
For the survival of human race, man has to depend and to be in love with the lower ladder of creations, animal and plant kingdoms. He has to co-exist with them in his own interest.
The internet, media and the expanding world of social networking has both advantages and disadvantages. There has been so much technological growth and expansion, since the days of the VHS (video machine), black and white television, manual typewriter etc.
Presidential order follows national process aimed at reaching consensus on the principles for enactment of a new constitution
Health benefits of walking are many. Walking is a low impact form of exercise. It does not need any equipment and it is cost free. Make walking a part of your everyday routine to lead a healthy life.
This poem tells how a group of jealous people run down the religions of others. Are you one of them? If you are, it shows you are not sure of your own religion.
The article speaks about the performances of celebrity couples in Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar on 15th April, 2014, the day of Poila Boishakh.
By using the correct social networking and social skills to build up your accounts you can see huge increase in the readers of your work. This article covers a few of these social media principals.
The stream of time glides smoothly on and is past before we know- Ovid Amores
E-commerce software development to other programs which have been developed by the same group of talented programmers . Hence , no doubt, but do not compromise on the quality of the software . Due to the increased risk of e - commerce sites as compared to a bank robbery , to start the...
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