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New York City institution 'Saturday Night Live' hit 40 seasons last Saturday night.
Can you imagine how difficult communication would be without words and sentences created by an alphabet? Writing is one of the most important forms of communication that we have. It is one of the simplest ways to communicate messages and information to people without having to go and ...
Travelling to Ghana can be very irritating because you are going to meet people who might not think they way you do. That might be very irritating if you are not really accomodating. Hence, their actions might make your trip not worth it. Thankfully, these ideas can help you remain co...
If God is for us, who can be against us. The lord is my helper, I shall not fear. We are more than Conquerors through Him that loves us. Daily devotions enhance our relationship with God.
We all know that winning the lottery is not easy, against all odds if you feel lucky enough to win, have a gut feeling, or just want to try, here is something you can do without loosing anything.
There is nothing new about financial schemes that trap the unwary and unwise into investing money that they are destined to lose. One such notorious affair that led to the ruin of many and had huge political consequences occurred in early 18th century Britain and has been known ever s...
For several people, gun ownership is primarily to supply protection. Gun ownership, of course, entails big commitment for gun owners
Now the city moves salient. Day things alter into moon shadows and within each echoed movement comes the spinning dance of city lights beckoning all to the hallowed halls.
It has been a rough day, it's been a long day. working with computers, struggling with data traveling on the network.
A word of encouragement to strengthen and comfort you as you walk with the Lord
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