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Surprisingly, if you eat a little dark chocolates everyday, you could prevent blood clots from developing in your body. So, head to the store now and chomp down a bar of dark chocolates!
Recap of "So You Think You Can Dance". Who shined? Who went home?
I was blessed to discover Reiki twenty years ago. This poem is about Reiki and the Universal energy flow. I hope, you all enjoy reading it.
The hip-hop world is always ready for a lyrical battle between two respected rappers. Drake versus Meek Mill did not live up to the hype, but these five songs are the greatest diss records ever.
The time has come to change my ways so that I can stop aging pre-maturely and embrace excellent health.
Former Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Danny Valencia who was designated for assignment on Saturday has found employment with the Oakland Athletics on Monday. Valencia will be the outfielder and third baseman for the Athletics for the remainder of the current baseball season.
Becoming aware of where ley lines cross your bed can save your life. The challenge is knowing precisely where they are. Von Pohl researched this in 1928-9, published his results and the book appears to be unavailable for unexplained reasons. He was never refuted.
Vic Sotto, others mourn for the passing of comedian-actor Redford White, 54, who died July 25, 2010 and survived by his wife Elena, daughters Jerui and Jinky.
Privately, fossil fuel companies were acknowledging the truth of man-made climate change as far back as 1981, but now for the first time, a major energy company has publicly admitted that global warming is real.
We where created to be useful the benefit of our existence stands to be questioned when our usefulness becomes invalid
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