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I travel back in time to the days of ancient Egypt determined to find the answer to a burning question - what happens when a ghost dies?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy has signed a seven year, $98 million contract extension to remain with the football team. McCoy has played five years in the National Football League with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
The Indian legion was formed from captured Indian POWs in the North African campaign. These POWs were motivated by Subhas Chandra Bose who was in Germany at that timeto fight along with the German army . The Indian government has never acknowledged that some of its troops sided with ...
Jimbaran Beach is the best choice for those who want to get romantic dinner. Candle light dinner on the beach is the main attraction in Jimbaran Beach, Bali.
Today people need to know that dental plaque is not only bad for the mouth but, it can link to serious health problems in other parts of the body such as; heart disease, diabetes, blood infections, cancer and obesity.
The Emerald Coast is a great place to go on vacation in Florida. I was there recently on business and loved it.
Amber has the distinction of being an organic gemstone, originating as tree resin anywhere from 2 to 320 million years ago. Oozing from trees back then, the resin fossilized while buried under layers of sediment under heat and pressure for millions of years. The result is the soft, ...
Post about Windows 7/8 themes free download of FIFA world cup 2014 Brazil themes for desktops.
Only 12 people have won the EGOT, the grand slam of U.S. entertainment awards. Will there soon be so many winning the four biggest awards that the slam becomes watered down?
Claudius was arguably one of the least suitable men to become Roman Emperor, but on most counts he was far from being one of the worst. It was during his reign that the Roman Empire extended to Britain, and there are several aspects of Rome’s 400-year rule that have had an important...
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