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Last month Americans celebrated Columbus Day, the man history tells us discovered our country on his search for a new route to India...but did he really het here first?
Do you Celebrate Christmas? Are you excited by the festive season or does it cause anxiety when you think about it?
A short explanation on some of the beliefs of Donald Czerwinski yes me!
Before the 19th century the dress of the Pushtoons was a loose robe. From 1805 onwards the Pushtoons came into conflict with the Sikhs and repeated defeats at the hands of the Sikhs unnerved the Afghans who thought that the best way to escape was to don the Punjabi dress i.e. Shalwar...
In the last month I was join in a good one day seminar program held by the community student of education Innovative Care, Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia and its cooperation’s with the Minister of Education and culture Republic of Indonesia and the UNESCO Representative Team...
This article tells about the teacher that this article discusses about the welfare of teachers who are still very poor and the level of competence of teachers are far below the average, the moment the teacher is expected to be a warning to the government to be able to improve the well...
Are you hanging onto anything too strongly? This article looks at the way that we can become attached to our wants, and desires. When you detach yourself from your ego's wants, and desires, this is really what true detachment is all about. When such wants, and desires all drop away...
Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden has decided to start Colt McCoy as his starting quarterback. Starting quarterback Robert Griffin III will be McCoy's backup quarterback when the Indianapolis Colts host the Redskins next Sunday.
I don't have a Thanksgiving poem, so I thought I would share a love poem, or more so, a poem about passion.
Despite the distance and time, the young couple of lovers managed to stay as one and the same,
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