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I got this idea from a friend of mine on Facebook who makes her own wine too.
An expression of the emotions of an Overseas Foreign Worker. This shows the difficult plight they undergo just to provide a good life for their families amid loneliness and solitude. With so much longing for the company of the people they love while being away from them. Enduring hard...
The retreat by the ocean that offers panoramic views, tranquility, charm, and paranormal activity.
The Mohs scale is a measure of a mineral’s hardness. Knowing where gemstones measure on Mohs says much about their nature, their identity, their uses, down to how to store, handle, and clean them safely.
Remodeling your kitchen can be quite costly. Here's an easy, DIY way to refresh old laminate countertops.
A heartfelt Poem, the feeling of loving someone, who loves someone else and not noticing you.
This is a short story about people who feud over gold in the West in the 1800's.
Aftermath of a stroke - limited vision - lessons in life
Become more self-conscious and self- aware and your life will most likely change for the better. Work on yourself, visit nature so you do not forget where you came from and that will help you regain the balance you once lost.
New York Yankee great meets fans at Acura car dealership
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