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A few years back I was extremely lucky. As a result, I subscribed to a contest newsletter and spent time filling out the notecards and the envelopes required for the contests listed within the newsletter’s pages. Back then winning was not a problem. A change of circumstances and the...
Beginning today the minimum wage will be $10. The measured is part of a plan to rise the minimum salary in a period of two years to $12.53.
My life was forever changed when I found out that I had malignant breast cancer. Now I see things from a completely different perspective.
On Wednesday St Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher announced that second year quarterback Austin Davis will be his starting quarterback for the remainder of the current football season.
(1) Read a very interesting conversation between Ghost and Gentleman working in Dubai. Gentleman's wife was staying in Mumbai. (2) Read about newly married couple sitting in garden, busy in love talks...
A dream I had nearly four years ago about singing the National Anthem in front of a huge audience.
This is an article about losing a grandparent and losing somehthing that you never realized that you had until it was gone.
The second installment of the trilogy, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
A potted history of the anti-censorship pressure group NCROPA.
Review of ingredients of colloidal formula Anti Oxidant and when and how to use it.
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