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The USA is leaving Afghanistan, but one hopes better sense will prevail and some force of USA will remain in Afghanistan
The young girl thought she was alone while napping on the forest, but was she really alone? Someone was watching over her.
Since a few years, there are some great social media users, especially in Indonesia. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Path, Instagram, and Linkedin become favorite social networking sites our society. Means friendship, sharing information, and the game becomes a feature that...
We take a trip through the zodiac to see what's in store during the coming year for the natives of each sign.
One of the most basic human assumptions is that we all share the same kind of consciousness. Even when we accept that different cultures produce very different kinds of people, we prefer to believe that there is a fundamental something called human consciousness.
New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is expecting to receive the bad news come Monday that he is likely to be relieved of his duties as head coach of the football team by owner Robert "Woody" Johnson.
The most powerful idea in the world is one with great backing, it does not matter how "bad" the idea is as long as someone genuinely needs and wants it.
The young man knows love in a thousand differ dreams, while the old man only has memories to hold on to.
A couple of effective ways in which one can get rid of writer's block.
flights of fancy you may say but i know more than just fancies...experience is my reality and so i write such things as these...please be aware that all of my work is copyrighted Carolan Nathan...happy New Year to you all
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