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The world and USA is focussed on Iran, forgetting that the bigger menace is Saudi Arabia
Leukemia is a type of cancer which affects the lymph nodes, bone marrows, and the tissues responsible towards formation of blood in the body. So, a timely diagnosis holds the key for proper leukemia treatment. Usually, a patient diagnosed with leukemia displays an abnormal increase in...
The citrus family is believed to have originated in Asia. Before they were cultivated by humans, there were only a few identified species. Today, dozens of hybrids and cultivars can be found throughout the world.
Dairy products play a vital role of boosting the immune system. The consumption of fermented diary products is associated with lower risk of common respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. On the contrary, dairy can damage the immune system in case of allergic reaction. It is advi...
Universal Music is releasing a big boxed collection of baritone crooner Nat King Cole's music.
The most commonly found figurines are those of a female deity which may be identified with some female (another mother) energy or Shakti or Mother Goddess, the sources of all creation.
I have re-typed the test and am placing the answers here if you’d like to see how much you know. If you take it, drop me a line with how you did and any comments (I’d love to hear how you did).
This series will finish with the Queens of England. We will now focus on the reigning Queen of England, Elizabeth II. The article will commence with the wedding of Elizabeth.
The Children of Israel rejoice and praise the Lord their God wh has saved them from the Egyptians.
Oklahoma City Dodgers outfielder Scott Schebler on Wednesday has been promoted to play baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Schebler will likely be playing as a reserve outfielder for the Dodgers for the remainder of the current baseball season.
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