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Those living in unbelief have a certain picture of God imprinted in their minds and they won’t let go of it, but there is a second picture they need to see.
Some of today’s cars cause sheer embarrassment. Many motorists not only shun such awful autos, they don’t want to be seen in anybody else’s either. So, I conducted a survey that identified four autos those motorists would not want to be caught dead in, never mind alive. I reve...
Legends about King Arthur and his knights are extremely popular, and many people are convinced that the stories are based on historical fact. But is such belief little more than wishful thinking?
On the path to civilization, it has somehow become ingrained in us that progress, domesticity, and resolution can only be achieved through destruction, infringement, and killing. This article mostly discusses our callous attitude about killing.
This is my unique insights and personal reflections on the day America suffered the worst terrorist attack in its history.
Our cruise to Alaska we took last summer. It was a very fun trip and I hope we U could go back soon.
I had always wanted to attend a hot air balloon festival. With this one supposedly being the last one in Colorado Springs, I had to make sure to attend this one.
Life insurance may be defined as a contract whereby one party undertakes to pay to another a certain sum of money on the latters of death or on his attaining a certain in a limp-sum or periodically.
This post about Canon 70D Review, which is one of the best EOS DSLR camera for shooting photographs and videos with great quality, nice focus with more accuracy and less noise as compared to point shoot cameras.
Yea, I lit a candle for you. I pray the heat will keep you warm when you are cold. I pray the light will give some guidance to your soul.
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