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The Roman had their peculiar mysteries. Of these `Lupercalia' and `Saturnalia' were very popular. Christianity played an important role in Roman Civilization.
once young and impressionable i became quite taken with another. needless to say, nothing about this person was healthy. it was a lifetime later when i finally came to terms with this.
September is National Suicide Prevention Month in the U.S. World Suicide Prevention Day is on September 10th. The author discusses the impact of suicide on herself and her daughters.
This short story is about Fred. For many years he had made a search for the truth. One day though, and perhaps when he was now ready to receive it, it just jumped right out at him, and he then saw what he needed to see to see, "the real truth through his own false ideas of what he h...
When the kids are grown, with lives of their own, and the workaholic spouse is gone, do you find yourself wondering if it's all right for you to go out alone for dinner and a movie? Times have changed, making it permissible for a spouse to enjoy a night out alone.
Everyone loves Labor Day, yet few know why and how it came into being, and who actually was responsible for this national holiday
Spawned from a sarcastic comment to a friend after an unexpected and unavoidable sequence of misfortune.
A short dark poem that I wrote about how I was being accused of being no longer human.
Friends will come and go. But only true and real friends will remain forever
This is one of the historic garden cemeteries I have visited.
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