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There are fissures in both major U.S. parties that would seem to warrant having more than two parties. However, in the U.S. the only new parties that can gain traction are started by billionaires like Ross Perot. The Democratic and Republican Parties do just enough to co-opt third-pa...
Each summer Artpark brings some of the best in music to its outdoor amphitheater for some fun in the sun...and under the stars.
I live in Ecuador where they grow coffee. You would be surprised though how little is consumed here. Coffee is such a personal thing. How we take our coffee says a lot about us. Where we are from, how fancy we are and even a bit about how we relate to the world. A “make mine blackâ€...
Mayhem and lawlessness vitiates the tranquil air of my picturesque and, otherwise, peace-loving town as the trigger-happy citizens resort to violence and demonstrate their fervid determination to get even with the sloppy, indifferent and cheating administrative machinery.
No matter how far we travel no matter how comfortable we feel There is no place like home because home is where it all began
Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly, 24, who would have been a free agent at the end of the 2015 football season had his fifth year option of his rookie contract picked up by the team on Saturday. Kuechly will be eligible for free agency in 2017.
Max and Danielle were torn apart by war. Destiny brought them back together again. Their love will last an eternity.
Summer for teens is still filled with events, learning opportunities and lots of fun. Welcome to my summer guide for teens and parents.
There is no doubt that losing someone to death is one of the most painful and stressful events that we will ever experience in our lifetime.
An article addressing the possible reasons for the lack of awareness in important world issues. We don’t know because we don’t care, and we don’t care because we don’t know, if you will.
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