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A poem that plays. Mostly with time and space. And roses.
This is not how to steal a boat but comes from a thin electric image about stealing a boat in the grog house
I was reading about this great Church and the wonderful Rev, Who has helped so many, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania kids. Sometimes when we see today's kids we forget, there are adults who care deeply for them.
Recently,I had a discussion with one of my friends who was being so attached to the surroundings,nature,living and non-living things that I had to counsel about acceptance of true nature as such.
What if you're a new business owner and don't have experience to base your prices on?
Family, some people love family, some people hate family. Some people feel nothing for family and go totally introvert. Some extrovert themselves too much and act like it is the best thing in the world. Well, this article and series of sections humorously and generously talks about ge...
This is a review on the children's book Help for Rosie. The book is about two puppies trying to figure out how to get one out from getting shots from the vet.
Houston Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer who suffered a concussion injury during the second half of the Texans 10-6 win over the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 10 of the current football season has been cleared by officials of the National Football League to make his next start in Week 12 v...
People complain that taking vegetable and fruit juices do not satisfy the palate and appetite. A proper combination of juices will redress this kind of complaint. Generally if carrot-juice, apple-juice and lemon-juice each are mixed with any other juice, the result is a tasty juice. B...
In 1914, Germany declared war on Russia. In this war, Russia was joined by their Entente allies Britain and France, but despite this the Russian army had a number of defeats on the eastern front. Among these included battles such as the Battle of Tannenburg and the Battle of the Masur...
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