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This article is the opinion of the writer. He believes that democracy, together with most other modern forms of Government, are destroying the Earth, through their greed. It seems to me that the native persons, living long ago, had a better answer than does modern man today. This a...
Film director Mike Nichols died suddenly on November 19. Nichols left some impressive film credits in his wake.
American A List Celebrity Bill Cosby has been accused of unspeakable crimes, but who is telling the truth?
Amarillo is famous for several things already. But it's this piece's goal to promote te city for something more tan country music or steak.
Healing Places Part 2 - a reflection on frontier places - places of facing newness and change, of feeling vulnerable or uncertain.
Indian made whiskeys are popular and as per a survey out of 10 top selling brands 7 were made in India
Houston Texans running back Arian Foster who is currently recovering from a groin injury will be a game time decision on Sunday if he is able to play football for the Texans in Week 12 versus the Cincinnati Bengals or will he sit out.
Sis and Benny take Blazer to the shopping mall on a warm summer day.
This is a poem about rain, the purpose of the rain, and encouraging everyone to appreciate the rain.
You can tell the holiday season is coming when you start hearing the bellringers and start seeing the red kettles in front of stores.
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