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The Ferris Mansion in Rawlins, Wyoming has a few deceased occupants that have chosen to hang around. The paranormal activity covers occurrences from unexplained electrical malfunctions, strange sounds, and ghostly sightings that even put the paranormal experts on edge. Footsteps, knoc...
Recently Sonia Gandhi stated. “Income tax notice is political witch hunting” about the National Herald controversy. The allegation is about misappropriation of funds. The complaint has been filed by Subramanian Swamy.
Don't make the mistake that a lot of writers like me have done, and sign up with a publisher because they tell you what you want to hear, or, they can get your book published fast. Do some research about the company first.
We finally reached 100 articles... and Sam Campos threw a fit at me, screamed and ran away the last time I gutted him with the hurry up stick (too hard?) So the main review cycle (not counting random reviews off the free pile) as of August 2014 and their related podcasts.
You've been poured a glass of wine with dinner. Lifting the wine glass to your lips, you are admonished to let the wine breathe while you wonder why wine needs to inhale or exhale like a living thing.
Here is a a poem about what happens every day. This one is dedicated to Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Isn't it nice to walk alone at night with only the moonlight to guide you, and feel the nature's solemn expression around us.
. The poorest man around s not the fellow without a bank coin to his name, but the soul without the right information to orchestrate for himself the right future. Information transforms and command the keys to uncommon destiny in life. Right information, whether social spiritual or ph...
This post is about the most in demand gadget - The Smart Phone. On personal level, I had judged it and shared its benefits over regular cell phone as well as its demerits.
400 kilometers away from Mumbai is Aurangabad, an arrival point for Ellora ( 25 kms. Away) and Ajanta (100kms. Away). Ellora has e 4 rock cut temples of three faiths- Buddhist, Jain and Brahmanic Hindu. One of the most interesting historical sites in India, these manmade caves werelit...
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