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Sceptics scoff at the old man's stories of paranormal activity in an abandoned village and its ruined manor house. But when a group of young professionals decide to spend a night within the walls of the old house, the ghost hunters become the hunted. If anybody needs a reminder that i...
The article speaks about the success of Ash. On her birthday her admirers expect her to make a comeback in bollywood films.
Some say it is a had world to live in, while others seem to find their way without problems.
Some 700 years before the main stones were erected at Stonehenge, and even longer before the Pyramids were built in Egypt, a massive tomb was being built in Ireland that can still be seen today. This is at Newgrange, in a loop of the River Boyne between Drogheda and Slane, about 25 mi...
Online writing sites leave their door open for almost all to showcase their talent. The more the merrier seems a cliche but some have less than good intentions, sadly. On the other hand, contributors too should play their part to enhance the sites through quality inputs that stand the...
An increasing number of job possibilities involve working alone. If you have a virtual office or operate as a work at home parent, do not overlook the potential negatives — most of them can be eliminated or avoided with prudent planning.
Another found footage hocus-pocus story without scary or intense moments, totally not original or groundbreaking, with a bizarre collection of characters
The story of how I finally confronted the evil which had been haunting my bedroom closet.
The Wikipedia the free Internet Encyclopedia is widely used by people throughout the world mostly for references purposes and there are only few who have known it that Wikipedia can be used also by online writers, book publishers, merchants, advertisers and other online users to harve...
Why is Voter ID such a big deal? It should be kept intact to keep voting process fair just like any other process that requires identification to make sure you are you!
Like he stood..This is just an incidental poem Like Robert Frost stood But no patch on his
John was an inquisitive person. He thought deeply about life, what happens in life, his dreams, and about a lot of other things too. He tried hard to find connections for things, to work out the reasons for things happening. He wanted to have an explanation, an understanding into wh...
Some self-help books talk about balance points, and disruption of such balance points in our lives. Buddha told us to live from the middle path. The middle path though is not about reaching a balance point though. Every path is balanced for us, as long as we live from love. The mi...
Disposing unwanted animals such as dogs and cats is a controversial matter. Some in government believe that it is okay to kill them by gas poisoning, but animal lovers object that the method is harsh and inhuman. What's your say?
This Sunday, November 2, is the worldwide day of prayer for the persecuted Church. What is the history behind this and how can you participate?
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