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Finally, a voice of sanity flows from a possible presidential candidate. Jeb Bush thwarted presidential hyperbole on climate change, putting the non-existent phenomenon in its rightful place on the bottom of critical national concerns.
The south coast of England has some intriguing history and is a wonderful place to visit and Southampton can be your launching point for a superb time as there are many places to see in and around this historic city. It is overall a clean city surrounded by lush English greenery.
Most societies allow free play of thoughts, words and actions. But are they leading us to a dead end, more like the tale of Emperor’s New Clothes with none willing to bell the cat? Democracy and freedom should not become a Tower of Babel with endless chatter devoid of actions to mee...
This article records a dream that I had recently. I have attempted to interpret it here, in order to show just how much such a simple dream might be willing to reveal to us, if we are willing to take on board the revelations. Some of us, like me included, are too full of ourselves, ...
I am fascinated by the history of the middle east. Here is my article on Hammurabi.
The public school system is nothing more than the government's institution of indoctrination, designed to create a statist and ensure that each child graduates with a specific world view on social and political issues. Reading, writing and arithmetic have been left in the dust. For th...
Many people are obsessed with vampires and there are cults such as the goth cult and television series such as Twilight that populate our teen culture these days. Porphria is a disease which may have started the vampire legends.
The article speaks about great contribution of Dimple Kapadia in bollywood films. She can still contribute a lot in bollywood films.
Some people talk about directly experiencing the truth. This article outlines the benefits of us doing just that. Why live your life by living from somebody else's unproven, and perhaps even unprovable truths? Live from your own truth, be the real you!
This piece is a bit different from the writings I have been offering lately. It is actually a room in my book, Angels Watching Over Me. The heroine Carissa is not mentioned by name but the scene reveals her personality, which is so important to the plot of the book and to its many the...
I started a book a few years ago but never finished it. I will publish what I had written so far.
David Letterman is departing late-night television after 33 years on the airwaves.
In the struggle for women's rights which stems well over a century, some women made great strides in changing the social mores of the day. The plight of the poor is an ongoing topic in women’s issues and women’s rights. This new series is about the women of ww2 who worked in fac...
Bob Pugin takes advantage of the situation and uses his oratory to ignite the anger of the crowd. Once the public outrage seems obvious, he tries to channel it into a violent rebellion. He urges the crowd to think with their brains and not their hearts. Clashes break out between the p...
Many people are obsessed with vampires and there are cults such as the goth cult and television series such as Twilight that populate our teen culture these days.
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