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Star pages

Sparkey was a delightful Pomeranian. He was the last dog I was to half before the break up of my marriage. He was the last dog we were to have for a long time. After that we had cats instead.
Introduction for a new column on Women's gender, culture and rights
Although we tend to look at working people as having busier and sometimes more interesting lives, there is a lot to be said for the unemployed. In 2005, I got fired over the telephone of all things, while I was still at home sick.
Many consumers are not aware that a person can over dose on over the counter medications. Most consumers do not measure the medication levels they are taking altogether. They do not include over the counter medication with prescription medication in their calculations.
This article is the second in the series of boring holes in the brain. This particular article is starting with the origins of trepanation.
Sometimes when we really want something, when we really need this something and we search so very hard for this something that this something becomes so much more, or less than what it really is. So much so that when we finally find it we cannot recognize it because we have distorted ...
A reflection on the life of Leonard Nimoy and his effect on culture as Mr. Spock
A biography of legendary actor Laurence Olivier, whose career highlights include multiple Oscars and successfully adapting Shakespeare's plays to the big screen.
This article will discuss RC helicopters and the different types there are. I will talk about the RC helicopter I had built and how fun the RC helicopter is.
once again i bring you overall forecast of the month ahead...for a more detailed reading go to Steve KInsman here on wikinut who is a marvel at readings...also i have put up a soundcloud recording of mine for you to listen to...if you so wish... have a great month...
When a loved one dies, we grieve. After a while, we realize that life goes on. We might start to forget about that loved one as we go about our daily lives. What if the loved one doesn't want to be forgotten? What can they do, send you 'pennies from heaven'?
It is not about whether we could have taken another path thus far, but more about sticking to the same unsustainable path that Einstein highlighted about insanity. Individually we know the direction to follow but collectively we lose it due to artificial divisions clouding the oneness...
This article is the continuation of the articles on pedophilia. This article is meant to help parents identify the signs and get help for their children.
This article deals with pedophilia, and is written from a psychological perspective.
This particular article was written when I was at the lowest point I had ever been in terms of income.
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