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This article takes up where trepanning left off. From the early days of burring holes in the skull to relieve mental illness came the pioneer study of neurosurgery
This is poetry about music and love, the time of seasons coming together and the dream that never dies.
Calella is a seaside town in Catalonia, Spain, approximately 35 miles northeast of Barcelona. It is situated on the coast between Pineda de Mar and Sant Pol de Mar.
Boutique hotels first became popular in the mid-1980s. They are small, independent facilities, and throughout the aforementioned decade they began opening in major cities throughout the world. Many travel experts were initially very skeptical about this type of establishment, but bout...
Some women are actually allergic to their husband's or boyfriend's sperm
Barcelona, a lovely and intriguing city in northeastern Spain offers all the delightful characteristics of its specific geographical location, while at the same time maintaining its prominent position as a contributor to Spanish life, culture, tourism, and commerce.
We could argue about the beneficial traits of stubbornness, stubbornly so. Would we be completely right though in our stubbornness, in our doing so? Stubbornness closes a door into love sometimes if we stubbornly refuse to open it, too scared to go through, to really know.
Mary "Mollie" Derry told the locals their fortunes, removed hexes and curses while casting her own curses. It is believed that in Mollie's early days, the young wife and mother lived an enchanting life filled with magic that quickly made her become known as a witch to all who encounte...
I am a feminist and I have would love to share my opinions and historical articles with you on the topic of women's issues. The following is the introduction of Canadian women who were not considered persons under the law before the 20th Century.
Negril, Jamaica, is renowned for its fabulous beaches, which make up seven miles of the island's coast. In addition to the relaxing golden sand, Negril's coastline also features nine miles of 40 foot cliffs from which experienced divers perform miraculous stunts. Its engaging scenery ...
This is one of my older stories written in 2006. Do you like filling out questionnaires and surveys? How about the census form? Have you ever forgotten to fill out the census form like I did?
There are myriad reasons travelers choose to Argentina for their yearly vacation. Friendly people, delicious food, great weather, impressive scenery and enjoyable entertainment are just a few of the reasons this area is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. Following ar...
All cat litter and litter boxes aren’t equally acceptable to all cats and you need to pay close attention to your kitty’s likes and dislikes if you want a happy, furry companion. Like most humans, cats also demand a clean bathroom with a degree of privacy when they go potty, so le...
In honor of the recent Presidents' Day, here is a very mixed profile on our third President, Thomas Jefferson.
Once known as British Honduras, Belize is a constitutional monarchy located in Central America. Belize features a diversified society comprised of various languages and cultures.
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