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I saw on billboards there is soon to be a new Dracula film so as I walked to my friends for dinner I started composing this. Then sipping vodka and lime juice the rest got written...so enjoy this tongue in cheek piece...a bit bloody toø...
The background to Magna Carta, signed by King John in 1215, lay in England having been poorly governed for many years, going back to the reign of John’s father, King Henry II.
Check your web page. Are you getting enough visitors? Now you can by doing one or two things like SEO and site submission. Check out where you can submit your websites.
There are cricket matches. Then, there are great cricket matches. And then comes such a special message that we cannot forget it.
As we all get older our long ago friends get fewer and fewer until they're all gone. Many think the older generation are nostalgic and live in the past. I think that these people live in the past as they feel they have no value in today's society. Spending time alone for days with nob...
A referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country will take place on Thursday, 18 September 2014. The referendum question, as recommended by the Electoral Commission, will be.. 'Should Scotland be an independent country'. Voters can answer only Yes or NO. Residents in...
The article speaks about the great contribution of Hasrat Jaipuri in bollywood films. He had remained immortal in his works.
The gang's favorite day of the year. Bat Day at Fenway Park.
This short story describes a time-travel technique that was invented for himself by Alan, after he had watched a television movie about time-travel. Alan because of his interest in the life of Jesus Christ went back to that period of time. This is what he saw, and heard during his o...
Play is a big factor in the growth and development of a child as a social being. A child passes this stage but once, so parents must not forget to allocate a certain time table for their children to play if they expect them to grow up with a well-rounded personality.
This will take you on a journey through space, the moon and on the River Dee...a playful piece yet one to titillate your senses...come fly with me...
A college student named David, renting a room for the term, gets a bit more than he bargained for at the Pennykettle house with its dragon-sculpting housemum and her daughter Lucy.
A selection of gemstones to tone up the lower three chakras and connect you to the nurturing energy of Mother Earth as well as the magic of the singing crystal bowls.
Mankind has long had the ambition to fly, and throughout the centuries various adventurers have tried to get off the ground and stay there for a reasonable period of time before returning safely to terra firma. Some have had much loftier ambitions; one such was the Chinese daredevil W...
April Fool's Day is renowned the world over as an occasion for news media to try catching out the public with stories that are just a little bit too good to be true. Here is a short selection.
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