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Star pages

The rather surprising revelations which emerge when you watch television serials online in a kind of 'marathon'
A second look on NBA Golden State Warriors on their long trip to NBA final on 2014-15
There is an idea from the Gnostic tradition that equates Resurrection with rebirth. The image is sexual in nature, thereby earning the censure of the Church of Rome. But other cultures are not so squeamish about sex. Have we in the West got the wrong idea completely?
Election fever hits the Philippines like a regular super typhoon hit its land. The last two Presidential Election as usual have colorful personalities befits "life imitating art" subscribing to Aristotelian mimesis and modern satire.
What an unlucky start to the season for Lewis Hamilton, the defending world champion, with such reliability problems . Could he remedy the situation in Spain. ? Read on to find out more.
Does a man with a date with destiny duck out of the chance to fulfill it? Of course not. Jesus knew what he had to do, and even though it cost him his life, he did it anyway, gladly.
An introduction to small business marketing and getting your brand out there, including some top tips for building your own brand awareness campaign
I have been away from Wikinut for a while as I was preoccupied with writing my children's book and getting it published. Now my friends at Wikinut can see the fruit of my labor. I am the first Indian to publish a children's book for American children.
If Jesus’ destiny was to be “a man born to be king” then his death must surely show that Jesus was a physical symbol, a re-enactment of the Osiris legend, where the king is killed, in order to be reborn, thereby redeeming his people.
Without the light of this mythic knowledge, we cannot see the truth, because we cannot know the end until we remember the beginning.
The Creation Myth has managed over the centuries to be changed many times into many different disguises but the one constant throughout time is that we originated somewhere else.
Hidden within the soul of every person is the Truth, veiled as a mystery. Only the mystic, with the fire of love, can approach this Truth. Neptune, the god/dess of the deep, can help reach the ‘fountainhead’.
Many of you will know me by my writer's name johnny dod, but for fifty years I have worked under my stage name Johnny Day
If Jupiter and Saturn (combined) symbolize the union of Church and State, Jesus message is clear: the roles of King and Priest are complete in him. The universal conflict is resolved.
This a small piece of familial and archeological comparison and evidence manifested in my relationship with my spouse be it on politics, poetry and other mundane things.
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