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This is a work of fiction, but I've heard way too many stories of the intense personal relationships between military units and their personnel; most coming about because of a close brush with death. What do YOU believe?
It seems to this observer that Jim Crow is very much alive and well in America. How far have we really come since Martin Luther King, Jr. led the battle for civil rights?
It has been said that the noise of a bee buzzing in Africa can start an avalanche of snow to fall from the top of mount Everest. These two events are both causally connected in some way. Everything is connected. All affects all. This is the subject of this article. If this is true, ...
Some surprises in life are divinely inspired, whether we call them synchronicity, God, or both. The author knows God watches over grandmas, and little boys with peanut allergies.
The trend of arresting reporters who cover demonstrations and protests is particularly troublesome in this 'land of the free.'
Freshwater pearls have entered the lexicon of jewelry lovers the world over. Much mystery remains about freshwater pearls, what they are, and how they’re different from pearls in general. Let me remove some of the mystery surrounding those lustrous beauties.
Consumers and readers face a challenge when looking for help on the internet. Individuals and businesses need to differentiate between fake information and genuine expert help.
Unidentified flying objects? UFOs? Whatever they were, if I hadn't seen them with my own eyes, and captured them on video, I wouldn't be writing this now
It amazes me just how often people who display the Union Flag of the United Kingdom do so by flying it upside down!
There are tons of things that might annoy you around the house and here is a list of five interesting solutions.
In all walks of life when you wonder if things can not get any better, there is always hope
When I look at recently published posts I am always filled with EXCITEMENT when I discover a writer that I don't know who has just published something. Yet this feeling could be related somewhat to the pot-luck at the carnival because you never know whether the prize is good, bad, or ...
Locke-Ober's famous Coquille of Lobster Savannah as made by my mother.
I designate to you who cannot see further than the end of your nose how truth, love and freedom will set you free and how hatred and bigotry will send you back to earn the fruits of such negativity...always your choice,,make it a wise one....
God is love. Everything else is a part of God energised into life by his love. What then is sin? This article tries to answer for us all this most difficult of questions from the viewpoint of love, in regards to sin's relationship with love.
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