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Star pages

I was once in madly in love with a dear friend who was also a poet, a want-to-be-writer like myself who I spent hours with in the sunshine of our dreams...This is that story, the pale penned colors of those golden days.
It was a long time in coming but I finally moved. I just want to start by apologizing to everyone who has not gotten a comment from me in awhile. With the move and all, I got behind. I did read your wonderful articles though. Now let's talk about the move and why I call it the move fr...
Science fiction writers have always started exploration of the universe through a single step to our sister planet Mars. Yet how possible is this with existing technologies and humanity's willingness to explore?
My first GREAT grandchild was born on 27th February, and I would like to introduce her to you. Read on to find out more.
The pochard (Aythya ferina), also known as the common pochard, is a diving duck that is found throughout most of Europe except the far north.
I know a couple of writers who have completed novels, publishing them is of course another challenge. Having just broken fifty thousand words and my novel is currently no longer on hold and I have dedicated a little time each day to completing it and making it ready to market to publi...
Since William Shatner, aka Star Strek's Captain Kirk chose to pass on his famed co-star Leonard Nimoy's funeral, a little storm has ensued.
Let's take a look at the early 1960s singer/songwriter Johnny Tillotson, described as a smooth singer and pure "Poetry In Motion."
Climate sceptics are fond of challenging the oft-vaunted claim that 97% of climate scientists agree that current global warming is largely caused by mankind – the word commonly used is “anthropogenic”. So can that 97% figure be justified? Do the sceptics have a point?
A featured article showcasing the winners for a recent contest hosted by the author's own group.
I lived 18 years in the same house and 21 years in another. I hate moving and I had lived for years in slum houses after that.
Sparkey was a delightful Pomeranian. He was the last dog I was to half before the break up of my marriage. He was the last dog we were to have for a long time. After that we had cats instead.
Introduction for a new column on Women's gender, culture and rights
Although we tend to look at working people as having busier and sometimes more interesting lives, there is a lot to be said for the unemployed. In 2005, I got fired over the telephone of all things, while I was still at home sick.
Many consumers are not aware that a person can over dose on over the counter medications. Most consumers do not measure the medication levels they are taking altogether. They do not include over the counter medication with prescription medication in their calculations.
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