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Star pages

Iā€™m a poet and I must stop writing for stars as to get a star I cannot post any of my shorter poems. This is a poem about the promise of new day rising, that soon enough flew away, as promises often do.
Mary Seacole is now being given proper recognition for her contribution to nursing and the welfare of soldiers during the Crimean War. Everyone has heard of Florence Nightingale, the "lady with the lamp", but nothing like as much fame has fallen on the shoulders of Mary Seacole, altho...
Tacloban City and the rest of the areas pinpointed to be within the path of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) were forewarned days before of its coming and arrival for the residents to seek refuge in higher grounds, but why the loss of lives which tally in thousands? Were there hesitation of t...
Merrill Cellars is considered one little giant of a winery in the Beaver State. By starting a trend in fine wine-making and out of this world wines, this 2012 Reserve Syrah excels in its quality and elegance.
The positive and negative states are a part of the dual world. Whenever we try to live from either one of these states by pushing ourselves towards one state or the other, we are unbalancing ourselves by so doing. This article will show you how to simply live from love, and then al...
The Black Prince is one of the most famous novels written by Dame Murdoch. its a deeply philosophical novel that brings out the power of sex
At stake are the health and safety of the general public. In the design and construction of bars, malls, moviehouses, etc. authorities and operators thereof must see to it that standards are strictly met in the best interest of the public. Graft and corrupt practices should never be p...
After failing to qualify on pole, and appearing to succumb to huge pressure on Saturday, could Lewis Hamilton respond on Sunday in the race when it mattered? Read on to find out what happened.
Reasons to build up your brand through creative digital marketing techniques
Domitian was a Roman emperor who succeeded his brother Titus in 81AD. There is some debate over what sort of emperor he was ā€“ good or bad.
The right wing is apoplectic over Barack Obama's executive action decreeing amnesty for certain aliens that entered this country illegally. They forget that several Republican presidents did exactly the same thing.
My parents went fishing every weekend during the summer months, and they always dragged me along for the ride even on the days I didn't want to go.
This is a short story about nothing and everything. We listen in as a great Rabbi talks to his students about love, truth, and consciousness. He talks about how our everything, or what we think matters to us most, must be dropped. We must return ourselves to God's nothing to be ever...
On the old family homestead there is a tree out back by the old ditch and no one remembers a time when it wasn't there.
The true story of the oldest high school football rivalry in America. Needham vs. Wellesley.
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