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This article reviews a very special book that talks about the different languages of love. It also discusses how love and anger can co-exist at times. Can we feel anger and love at the same time, or is this really just a cop-out in some way, because there is no anger in real love? T...
CO2 is good: The much ignored benefits of carbon dioxide Not a day goes by in the media that doesn’t promulgate the catastrophic effects of carbon dioxide, that colorless, odorless gas that exists at nearly trace levels in the atmosphere. Lest we believe the bad while ignoring the...
The United States, by meddling in Ukraine, is backing Russia into a corner and creating the distinct possibility of "war as a self-fulfilling prophesy," according to Dennis Kucinich.
Here I have two little poems about sound and feeling, about the color of wind and the feel of night, about the way the seasons change and the ways we change. These are poems about life and love and all the things in between.
Profiles of Illinois' Illegal and Legal Lottery Games
The task of building a just, humane, orderly and peaceful society can best be achieved by all sectors helping together. Instead of cuddling lawless elements, civilians must report them to government authorities. For a job well done, I congratulate the "actors" mentioned in this report...
The Channel Tunnel that connects England to France is one of the engineering marvels of the age. However, it has had a long and troubled history.
An examination of the ,"Curse of the Bambino." What was it and how was it broken.
Virgin wines is an online site marketing wines at your doorstep.It is a top site and was launched by Sir Richard Branson
Poveglia Island, referred by those familiar with it's petrifying history as the island of madness or death. Visits to the island of death prove to be a terrifying experience, starting with the ghostly mist that hovers around the bell tower where legend has it that one of the asylum's ...
It should come as no surprise when people seek to justify immoral actions by appealing to a Biblical precedent. That was the case with the enslavement of black people by whites, which they claimed was sanctioned in the Book of Genesis.
The world seems to be sharply divided between those people who are convinced that global warming is a serious issue that is largely the result of human activity, and those who prefer to downplay its seriousness and deny that mankind is responsible for any global warming that may have ...
From my upstairs window I watched as the lonely ones came and went, the street people, the beggars, the drunks, the homeless. I had made friends with the Pencil Lady who sold yellow #2 pencils three for dime on the streets for her eats, as the world around me seemed to come a little m...
After an amazing year of formula one racing, Lewis Hamilton found himself shortlisted for SPOTY. He was up against the favourite, golfer Mc Ilroy. Who would the public vote for? Read on to find out more.
Many people might think that the death of the physical body is the death of that person too. The person though is far more than their being just this outer covering which we call the physical body. What happens to a person after death, and what happens to their now lifeless body? Why...
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