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Well here we are already in July of this year...amazing! i have just returned from a month's journey in France, Italy and England. It was totally wonderful and inspired me to write even more on culture and history. But writing these horoscopes is always a joy and these I did in May...
The treatment of dementia is more costly than heart or cancer treatment
No one can fully understand what goes on in the minds of killers, and when they kill children in schools it is even worse.
We will take a look at women in political and the role of Congresswoman, Shirley Chisholm.
The public has a tremendous appetite for public scandals of any kind.
Munich is Germany's third largest city, following Berlin and Hamburg. It is Bavaria's capital and is home to an impressive two million residents. Munich's urban area includes not only the city itself, but also numerous surrounding suburbs, making it one of the most popular areas to li...
Carissa lost her father and her mother is an invalid who had a stroke, the little girl is being raised by her eldest sister Katie-Ann.
This article is a review of a book by an author who became well-known in spiritual circles for his writings, until his untimely death, at only 55 years of age. At the time of his death, Tony was running a very popular spiritual centre in India. His sudden and unexpected death is seen...
This article is about the recent update to the New Kansas Abortion Law.
Many people are going back to school these days with the shortage of jobs on the market. There are scholarships available to help with high tuition fees,
The IPCC, that U.N.-inspired Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, gains more public distrust with every unwarming day that goes by. There have been such days for 18.5 years now. Is there a pause in global warming or is the world questioning IPCC’s carefully constructed fals...
We will look at the first woman in the Stock Exchange, Muriel Siebert
This article is a continuance of the lack of bedside manner in our society today.
As a natural consequence of his/her birth, a person inherits genetic information from all his/her ancestors, but all these genes are not active all the time to inspire the person to be like them. Most often, a person is genetically linked to one or more of his/her six ancestors - pare...
Molly, Milly and the family are going back to the house after a busy morning on the beach. Dad was tired from playing in the volleyball tournament and mom and the kids had spent the morning swimming and building sandcastles. Molly had been a spectator at the Dad's game and Milly had ...
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