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Poetry lives within the memory of lost loves peeking around the corners of your mind, leaving you always hungry for the want of warmth and touch. Always hungry for kind words.
A look at the campaign rally for Senate candidate Bruce Braley, which featured Hillary Clinton at the River Center in Davenport, Iowa, on October 29, 2014.
State sanctioned and legal, Pastor Zhang has been falsely accused and convicted for crimes he didn't commit. Why? Because he refused to sell his legally owned land to the local government.
My good and bad experience with Bubblews. They broke my heart when I was at my lowest point in life!
This is a Halloween story; it is a true story that took place on Halloween night. None of us were ever able to explain what happened that night. I can only assume that it was karma.
A fictional account as it may have appeared on the streets of Rome on March 16th, 44 BC if the Romans had newspapers.
Paranormal spirits or beings are mere products of imagination, but some maybe seen in their entirety by humans. This account which is about to unfold as experienced by my wife may prove my point.
For most of his long life, Alf had had the idea that he would have liked to have been a spiritual healer. Alf never had had this ability though. Perhaps he didn't really believe in this type of healing enough for it to become real for him. Alf had a Reiki session, and it then becam...
Cites Benefits of Consuming Seasonal and Homegrown Produce
I most write on the darker side of things, but even I have my moments of love.
Aragonite is a beautiful rusty orange crystalline stone. It’s an absolute knockout in handcrafted jewelry designs, although aragonite might be better known among rock hounds than jewelry lovers. Its metaphysical effects – if you believe such things -- may have you wearing aragonit...
Six of the best herbal teas to aid digestion. The first post of a series on healing teas. Each is introduced with it's own descriptive Haiku.
The quarantining of health workers coming back from Africa as ordered jointly by the governors of New York and New Jersey is a shameful political stunt that preys upon people's fears for personal and political gain.
this is about the many facets of a diamond...a metaphor for all the different faces we show to the world and how many disturb others and so it goes...enjoy
Every old house has its ghost and Dukenhalgh Hall in Clayton Le Moors, Lancashire, about two miles from where I live, is no exception. There are many reports of The Grey Lady being seen near the house or on the nearby bridge on winter nights and there is an element of truth to the s...
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