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My dark novel EVIL WOMAN was published in 2013 and in June this year the sequel EVIL WOMAN...takes Revenge will follow. Read on to find out more about it.
A brief history of the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis. The new Holocaust looming on the horizon.
November, 27th, was my Father’s birthday. My Father always looked at the good things.We lost him in 1979. He would have been one 116 years old. “Just think of all the good things this country has given the world”. “All the progress we have made working together” he used to ...
This story was published in my book Picking Up The Pieces: A Woman's Journey and it is a slice out of my youth
I have talked to women throughout the years who felt that having a jealous boyfriend was cute. They defended this behavior by saying that it showed their boyfriend really loved them. If the boyfriend was not jealous then according to them that would mean that he did not care.
What is your knee pain on a scale of one to ten? One to ten, I answered the doctor. I admonished the smart surgeon for asking a stupid question.
Time as a measurement is a man made concept but there are still cultures that do not rely on a clock for telling time.
"The Physician" is a beautiful, old-fashioned adventure film, situated in the dark ages with its poverty and unsanitary conditions.
I almost always rise before my wife and this morning as I was looking out our bedroom window, my wife, in a very sleepy voice, said happy birthday and I just knew I was about to get a present. At the time I was watching as the last stars of night were fading away, and of course I thou...
No matter how old you are you never forget your first love, that is what our society tell us, and yet some people hardly remember their first loves
We all do it, female and males alike yet still in our society, flatulence, passing gas, or plain old farting as it is commonly called, is a normal function of life but one that carries a stigma.
The Universe, if broken down into its elements, consists of duality, diametrically opposed yet one cannot be understood without the other. In friction, they both create a spark and balance of life energy: Black and white, good vs evil, the feminine and the masculine, etc. YIn and Yang...
What motivates people to hurt each other? First, let me start by saying there are many reasons, and I am not sure any one person can fully answer that question. So what I am going to do is provide some answers of my own. At the end of the article I invite my readers to provide some an...
This article is about oneness. How can oneness have any attributes to itself? All oneness is free, and each individual aspect of love is free as well. The only real answer is that there is no real answer, except that which you find out for yourself. The light and sound of God wor...
Monday evening on January 26, 2015, New York City was shut down amid a massive blizzard.
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