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Now our military is about to widen the war in Iraq as the U.S. prepares to bomb ISIS targets in Syria. When, if ever, will this insanity cease?
I have just moderated an article written by one of Wikinut's right wingers which is a mean-spirited hit piece on Michelle Obama, accusing her of having engaged in "thug politics" in Chicago and bringing her "thug politics" to Washington. The article trashed her for her alleged extrava...
British made products used to be found all over the world, renowned for excellent quality and design. Globalization played a big part in outsourcing much manufacturing away from the UK, leading to a serious drop in British made goods. Now, years later British made products are seeing ...
The author admits to a lifelong obsession with office supplies.
The world watched and Scotland decided. There will be many who will be surprised by the result of the Scottish Independence referendum, yet the truth is Scotland has spoken and they have done so with the world watching on.
Our lifestyles are sure to change faster with robots and automation playing an increasing part in our daily lives. We will be faced with excess of idle time in our hands with the adage ever relevant – an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Let us hope as we progress we take care to h...
Despite doing precautionary measures to prevent illness, a disease may attack a child any time like a thief in the night. The situation worsens if parents are ignorant of their roles in meeting such problems, whereas, if they're armed with ample health knowledge, meeting such conditio...
A descriptive tale honouring my nighttime nature wanderings on the beautiful Grand Cayman Island some years back.
Peeking into hard lives of Politicians, Presidents, their Wives, Entourage etc. Political Satire.
Does spiritual power sit within certain objects just waiting to be released, or is it more just moving through such an object whenever this is needed to be done? Where does true power lie? This article answers these questions. True power only ever resides in God. His love is the sour...
Oh dear me...a piece for men and women too...some will rue and others just love the photos...choices always I give to you...for prunes best not to view!!!....
Besides all the other worthless things that I do, I also carve wood sculptures, make canes and walking sticks, furniture too. The other day we were at local art show, okay fine...We were at the swap Meet trying to hoc some of this crap when this came...I hope you like it.
Grandchildren are always a source of immense joy. My grandchildren are no less. In fact, they are a notch better, in my opinion.
When you go to work, especially where you are involved in projects or purchasing then it is true that you spend other peoples money all the time, yet the entrepreneur almost automatically assumes they must spend their own money, yet the heart of financial freedom centres around the ab...
So, how much difference is there really, how different is 100 year old wine from a few months old wine, how different are oak barrel wines, are woody tasting wines better? How different is $3 wine from $1000 wine? Is there a difference or is it just the cost which makes the difference...
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