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Star pages

Sometimes we feel that life and love are like plays acted out and lit by sunshine and stars.
Everything is to like about the 458. A magnificent machine is the least that could be said about this magnificent machine. The 458 Italia stands as Ferrari's most perfect car, if you ask me. Nobody did, but I'll let you know what I think anyway. Be warned, I carry a decidedly female ...
Our ego serves a purpose for us. It does this in both a spiritual and a psychological way. We should not try to completely rid ourselves of this tool of our soul then. We should just learn to put it back into its proper slot so that it then aids us rather than works against us.
I wish I could say that this was a great honour, like winning an Oscar but as far as I can tell this award is randomly selected by the Wikinut software, but I don't believe I have ever been selected for this award before so in some ways it is nice to know that the random picks actuall...
When a family member of friend becomes ill with an incurable illness it can be difficult to know what to do or how best to care for them. Hospices have been running for many years and provide high quality care, ensuring each patient lives their final days in comfort. Find out more abo...
When my parents moved to Florida, my father found his "green thumb". Hibiscus, begonia, celosia, and roses, overflowed in flower boxes and flower beds. Mom couldn't get a rose to grow if her life depended on it! I'm so glad I inherited my dad's "green thumb".
A fun piece taking you journeying up above and down below...sky and sea...got you there maybe! also the perfection of what is going on even if some judge it as terrible...enjoy
Association is a connection between thoughts and feelings about someone that are projected onto another individual. We are not always aware of doing this, we simply meet someone and either like or dislike them; yet if you think about that, it really makes no sense – we do not know t...
It happens once every 100 years. A person is born who can become invisible. A Wall. But in Laura Ruby's book, The Wall and the Wing, the sometimes-invisible orphan girl (name Gurl) thinks she is anything but special. But she finds a cat and turns truly invisible for the first time, an...
For safety and survival, it's well for people in affected areas to heed weather forecasts. Stubborn, unreasonable and disobedient? I hope you aren't. If you are, then have faith in statistics that state stubborn individuals are the first to fall victims of natural calamities. like typ...
John had some unusual ideas about God, the devil or Satan, and their roles in his life. John cared about what others told him to think about these things of course, but just the same he preferred to find out what his own thinking on these matters really was. What really fit into the...
Christians are once again threatened. Terror network ISIS has overtaken Iraq and will destroy Christians and other religious minorities if they do not convert to Islam.
I am truly blessed to have these five precious angels and have the opportunity to take care of them when they were still a baby.
From the "you can't make this stuff up" department, the Texas Republican Party platform emerges as a document to behold with....with....incredulity? laughter?
We always have a choice where we place ourselves..our thoughts, our feelings colour or discolour our lives inside and out. Heavenly bliss is available all the time in many degrees but we have to Do It..enjoy!
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