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In this section of the book, 'The New Order of Shama'an', we examine the 'self' and its components. This is not my philosophy but that which I was taught by the Monastics of Shama'an.
The newspaper is dead, long live e-journalism! Taking a look at the future of news writing is something that is essential for both existing journalists, but something that should be of great interest to on-line writers. How do you consider the industry will develop?
This article looks at the effect of history on us in relationship to our individual karma, as well as to our racial, or collective karma. I have used a particular nasty example here, the extinguishing of a whole race of people within Australia, by the early settlers there.
What started me off on this idea was the period in my life that I become a self employed housewife. By self employed I mean, I started my own leather-work business in a garage of a rented property in Durban- South Africa I had so many photos of my leather-work, and the trade shows I ...
"Cold in July" is a mixture of different genres. A fantastic experience and a must see for all fans of a rich suspenseful thriller.
Pretense of what you do leads to nothing so this piece is about your nothingness...creation and death combined for what is started must be completed and so it will be be no matter how you cry for help...
Six Flags Great Adventure has always been one of my favorite amusement parks, a place I could go and spend the day but a recent event at the Jackson Six Flags Great Adventure Park has caused me to reevaluate the parks. Shockingly, Six Flags does not support the First and Second Amendm...
This is a work of fiction, but I've heard way too many stories of the intense personal relationships between military units and their personnel; most coming about because of a close brush with death. What do YOU believe?
It seems to this observer that Jim Crow is very much alive and well in America. How far have we really come since Martin Luther King, Jr. led the battle for civil rights?
It has been said that the noise of a bee buzzing in Africa can start an avalanche of snow to fall from the top of mount Everest. These two events are both causally connected in some way. Everything is connected. All affects all. This is the subject of this article. If this is true, ...
Some surprises in life are divinely inspired, whether we call them synchronicity, God, or both. The author knows God watches over grandmas, and little boys with peanut allergies.
The trend of arresting reporters who cover demonstrations and protests is particularly troublesome in this 'land of the free.'
Freshwater pearls have entered the lexicon of jewelry lovers the world over. Much mystery remains about freshwater pearls, what they are, and how they’re different from pearls in general. Let me remove some of the mystery surrounding those lustrous beauties.
Consumers and readers face a challenge when looking for help on the internet. Individuals and businesses need to differentiate between fake information and genuine expert help.
Unidentified flying objects? UFOs? Whatever they were, if I hadn't seen them with my own eyes, and captured them on video, I wouldn't be writing this now
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