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New rules proposed by the Federal Communication Commission in the United States attempt to gut internet neutrality and freedom at the same time that a new law just passed in Brazil protects it.
How sad it is to be diagnosed with terminal cancer at any age. But Stephen Sutton has coped with it. Read on to find out more
Today is the 450th birthday of Shakespeare the most prolific and fabulous writer of all time ...at least for me. He wrote of many things to illustrate all facets of mankind meant for all as a way of learning about themselves...just as I do...
4K video downloader is free video downloading tool which allows to download videos from famous video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Facebook. This post contains features, system specs and free download of 4K downloader.
Jaywriting,an authorism coined by me is akin to jaywalking and should be avoided. Please read the guidelines.
Dream analysis is a fascinating subject, but some dreams defy interpretation
Delayed post about how we celebrated our Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt for the children less privileged and a snack after.
I'm flattered to be Author of the Day again so soon -- I was just honored in February, so I certainly didn't expect it again so soon. (I'm not dying, am I?) Maybe it's unloading so much baggage, but from the bleachers right now, things are looking up.
Everyone in the modern world wants to be fit and smart. Everyone wants and tries to appear fit in front of others. Beauty is the talk of the day. But most of the people fail in their efforts. Why?
In 30 days, I will attempt to gain 5,000 page views in a day, and increase my Wikinut belt to "purple belt" status. This is a summary of my progress for Day 8 of this challenge.
I was thinking about writing as I often do. Wondering why I write. This somewhat silly poem came out of that reflection. Maybe the same is true for some of you out there.
Free writing is a great technique for freeing the mind and kick-starting the writing process, but despite the presence of Bubblews it should not be used for publication, even for the skilled writer there is tremendous effort in taking something from a raw state to making it publishabl...
This article focuses on the fact that what are the basic tips of selling property in the beautiful and investment friendly region of Dubai. Different selling options and strategies were discussed in this article, which would be quite viable for investors in both the short and the long...
Investing in real estate is a very important decision and you should plan properly before making this decision. Several factors such as price, location and condition of the property or apartment have to be considered before the investment decision is actually made.
After going through all the details provided in the article, converting a property into a profitable timeshare would be a cinch.
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