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Expectations, desires, and wants can unbalance you into going forwards only in their direction. The solution then is to return yourself to a more balanced position. How do you do this? This writer is saying here that only love can do this for you. You must first accept life as it is...
This is an article/story with some aspects of truth and some sprinklings of fantasy; it adheres to the long-held notion that the truth can be strange, and the eerie usually has some solidity behind it.
This piece started as a poem about facing mortality and ended up including bits about Halloween, the Mexican day of the Dead,Buddhist ancestral worship and Euthanasia.
Nobody knows how Rome was founded, but that does not mean that later Romans were unable to come up with a good story. The myth of Romulus and Remus was the result.
Sometimes I think that sense is made in the malady of thought, as the spinning top always stops after the last revolution, and if we are not too dizzy in our day dreams we will find sense enough to finally understand that life is never the way that Mother said it should be.
Pasta, in its various forms, has been a mainstay of the Italian diet since the Middle Ages. However, it is known that the Chinese had been eating noodles, a closely related foodstuff, for thousands of years prior to that. Could it be that the Italians learned about pasta from the Chin...
The Penlee lifeboat disaster of 19th December 1981 brought home to everyone who sets sail around the coasts of Great Britain just how much we owe to our lifeboat crews. They are all unpaid volunteers whose equipment is paid for entirely by public donations. They give their time, and s...
Public speaking is a skill that everyone needs to develop, not just TV presenters and politicians, if you are attending an interview or are presenting to people, such as a salesman or trainer then your ability to communicate well is vital to the success of the job that you do.
"Many of us are called, but few are chosen," said Jesus Christ. God's truths and wisdom are available to us all. When we try to choose and decide for ourselves what these truths are we often end up just living from them haphazardly from our minds then. Drop your mind, and live from...
The topics of history and art combined with an excellent cast of actors made watching "The Monuments Men" an enjoyable experience for this writer. This 2014 movie might not be totally accurate on some historical elements, but it brings to the viewer a glimpse of events occurring at t...
In 1968, Edwin C. Steinbrecher wrote a book that provided a method by which individuals could contact that true inner guide and eventually transform their lives. The first part will be direct instructions on how to conduct the meditation. Then I will share what I experienced going thr...
The story of a local hometown legend. The ghost story of the Dover Creature.
Do you find the medicine for cough and cold expensive or you just don't want to spend your money? There are home remedies for cough and cold which is sometimes more effective than other medicines.
Toshiba has recently succeeded in creating innovative robots that are able to communicate with people through the language of gestures. Name a human-shaped robot that is "Aiko Chihira".
This is the fourth and final part of the Ring Cycle, in which the twists and turns of the other three operas come to a stupendous, if slightly contrived, conclusion. The usual English translation of the title is "The Twilight of the Gods", although other variations on the theme are us...
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