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This article was inspired by another writer who wrote about Ghosts in Nova Scotia.
Endometriosis is a disease that can lead to breast and ovarian cancers.
People have been thinking about good and evil for perhaps thousands of years. If God is totally good, whence comes evil? If evil exists, why doesn't the good do more to eradicate it? This article is an opinion piece, where I offer the reader a few ideas of my own about the problem...
It’s officially October, and that means pumpkin spice is back.
As Bernie Sanders crisscrosses the country campaigning, he draws record crowds everywhere he goes, but he gets virtually no attention from the corporate mainstream media.
Dad and the team cut through the park to an old cemetery. When they got to the cemetery Milly and Sally refused to go any farther. Dad and the rest of the team cut through the cemetery and found the old tunnel they were looking for. The tunnel was empty but behind the tunnel Rusty ...
Mental Illness is something that affects most Montreal families in some way. Mental illness is not the face of raving lunatic portrayed in movies from the 1940s. Mental illness afflicts both the average Montrealer and the rich and famous as well.
One of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time is the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. I will present the theories of her whereabouts and final resting place in the next series of articles.
The act of transmigration was an illuminating prospect for the planetary races of the HUman pioneers, our long-forgotten by many, parents, who first brought the diverse races from other planets to this earth on a project whose enormity equaled no other at the time nor since. – Uthra...
Did you ever think about what it means to live a mindful life? You don't have to be a Buddhist to attempt it. It sounds like a good way to live.
Louisa May Alcott was a writer who died young, but enriched English literature with novels of everyday life.
The wonders of creation will keep us enthralled forever but we should stick with the basics to unravel the mysteries. The foundation has to be strong but no species, including the mighty us, can really hope for outside help unless we prove worthy of it; looks like we are still stuck o...
Absolutely ridiculous ... Perhaps I'm too serious :)
Most Americans are familiar with the legend of how Mrs. O"Leary's cow knocked down a lantern and caused the Great Chicago Fire on October 9, 1871. People are obsessed with blaming someone or something with causing a whole city to burn down.
A well-known ghost story. Nothing new or creepy at all.
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