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Putz was the last dog that I have had so here ends the dogs in my life stories
Here is the last article left in the obesity series. Obesity is a major health issue in North America but it is also an issue of discrimination.
This idea of boring holes into the skull as a function of the treatment for mental health issues is a major series with many more articles to come. From that crude tradition came the beginning of neurosurgery, another crude procedure of the day..
I am a feminist and I have would love to share my opinions and historical articles with you on the topic of women's issues. The following is the introduction of Canadian women who were not considered persons under the law before the 20th Century.
Men and women can suffer from some rare but debilitating sexual disorders such as priapism and Persistent genital arousal
This slightly controversial article will posit that in the end we have no real choice at all. We think that we are changing things by making informed choices, but to this author's mind, these choices always remain just cosmetic changes. Nothing real has been changed. Life goes on ...
To a great extent the future of our society depends on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. However small business is challenged, and often left without any support other than their friends and family, yet it should be this community where new ideas are born and start to germinate.
Baltimore's inner harbor is one of the city's most visited locations. There are numerous cafes and restaurants nestled on the harbor's edge. Those who find dinner or day excursions of this type appealing will be pleased to know that many Baltimore Harbor cruises are available from whi...
Like most young men in America, I love my sneakers to be fresh, unique, and flashy. A pair of sneakers helps define a person’s style and swag. Here are my personal favorite sneakers ever.
Family photographs are treasured memories, but over the years can become strangers to future generations if we do not keep a record of who these people are!
I am an old Marine and that runs deep. I will always stand up and protect my country, my home, the land I love, the nation that has given so much in blood and life for others and only asked for that small piece of ground on which holds the bodies of our fallen heroes. And these are th...
If you’ve had cats (cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one) for a while you know what hairballs are and have had to deal with them, but even you may learn something new from this article. Cat Care 101 is going to be a series of articles written for new kitty parents, ...
Biwa pearls, stick pearls, and needle pearls are the same freshwater pearls called by different names. Whatever one calls them, they are the long, lean variety of freshwater pearls that make for innovation in designer jewelry.
The chalk hills of southern England are renowned for a number of figures cut into the turf, mostly in the shape of horses. However, some of the figures are very different in nature, and Dorset’s Cerne Giant must surely count as the most remarkable.
A latest update on Blackberry's blue print to make relevance in their expanded industry as seen by a consumer-end user.
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