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I wrote this song about when we get older and it seems like we are always saying goodbye to loved ones, friends and even pets! There is one person who we will never leave us and we never have to say goodbye to Him. Listen to find out.
Long before I ever heard of Maslow in university, I had a theory of my own.
Memory is the key to remembering information needed to passing an exam, remembering a phone number, somebody’s name, remembering how to talk or even how to walk. Memory is the underlying factor behind everything we do.
Life is only one. In order to make the best out of it, we should live it to the fullest and make an adventure of it, for what is life without the challenges and the accomplishments?
The austerity imposed by Europe's money men on both Greece and Spain have brought disastrous consequences, and the people of those two nations have now risen up to say " enough" and "no more."
Being part of the whole creative process is itself a blessing. We are just one among the species allowed to be part of the ride and how we play our role determines our legacy. We presume we are more aware of the process and that behooves us to play our part to the hilt - time indeed f...
This is one of teenage stories found in my book: Picking up the Pieces: A Woman's Journey
The keyboard is an input device that is used to type information into the computer and run a variety of instructions or commands into a computer. Therefore "QWERTY" keyboard is a collection of word processing is widely used in today's computer keyboard.
Tennis is a sport and should remain so. The finals of the first Grand Slam for the year 2015 has begun…almost ended. We take a look at the players who made it to the final of the Australian Open. The fight will be tough and traditional.
A mediocre film which merely concentrates on sadistic and bloody tortures. The only worthwhile scene was in the beginning.
Genesis 19 tells the story of Lot offering his daughters to the men of Sodom to protect his angelic guests. Some people think this act was acceptable in the eyes of God, but a closer analysis shows otherwise.
On the last Monday January 12, 2015. Scientists are incorporated in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) announced "Doomsday Clock" is in the 23:57 position or three minutes to midnight. This position is shifted over a minute faster than in 2012.
When it comes to teenagers being out of control and getting into trouble with the law, the bulk of the research done on why children get out of control in this fashion was centered on parenting styles.
Over a century ago Canada was responsible for the discovery of insulin; something that was to revolutionize the treatment of type 1 diabetes. It looks like we may well be on our way to revolutionize the treatment of type 1 diabetes yet again.
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