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It grabs attention among crowds. A veritable showstopper, it bursts like a batmobile on the road. For all of the purported propriety of an English manufacture, McLaren MP-4 12C is anything but a teacup. I had the pleasure of driving McLaren 12C, as it is called for short, not once bu...
Criticizing is NOT racism. However in America and around, dissenting opinion has become synonymous with bigotry, racism, and other such stuff
My father has been blessed with longevity. Recently a new great-grandson was born and he was honored when he met and held him for the first time.
Read about two experiences this writer experienced as a passenger in her family car as a youngster.
Besides the unique Sundanese culture and scattered remnants of Dutch colonialism, back-to-nature tourism has made Indonesia's West Java Province an increasingly popular destination. Among the many scenic attractions of this mountainous province are its vast tea plantations. A relaxing...
We always imagine mathematics to be complex and almost a mythical subject, having little to do with real life, yet in fact it is able to explain many of the fundamentals of life. Through computers our lives are founded on mathematics, whether this is in calculations performed in a spr...
A Javanese nobleman, Prince Diponegoro (1785-1855) fought against Dutch colonial rule in Indonesia and played a leading role in the Java War (1825-1830). Created by Italian sculptor Cobertaldo, a statue of Prince Diponegoro stands close to Indonesia's National Monument in Jakarta.
As parents, do you have strong unwavering faith in your son that he's equipped with enough skills to protect himself from harm like going out to the sea with classmates, going out with friends in the woods, being run after by a fierce dog? If not, then don't ever permit him to get awa...
The assassination of Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri is nothing new. Such acts happen with a fair degree of regularity.
As we gaze through pages of history there are many who have made their mark and then fallen, kings, emperors and such like. We still have those who place their mark destroying thousands of lives...over and over again.
I was always my own person. Sometimes this got me into a lot of trouble, especially with my dad. This poem is about how I dressed at my favourite Uncle's funeral. I wore no tie. I wore old jeans. I wore a very colourful bright yellow shirt. I wore my old thongs. Of course, I was sti...
It was my third time to Pebble Beach Concours. The cars were magnificent as always but the crowds less so. Having been there before simply to see the rare, exotic, and very special automobiles, I’ll provide my plebeian perspective on the less elegant aspects of the renowned event....
I learned a great lesson today about the workings of my body. How love changes all things and how strong emotions can betray and stop the body healing as quickly as it could. How judgements come from ourselves and what we see in others is a reflection of what is in us and therefore ...
ISIS threat has moved closer to America; they beheaded an American journalist supposedly in retaliation for American bombing, as if ISIS needed any excuse to do that; they've been killing, raping, beheading all non-Sunnis, non-Muslims across Syria, Iraq and still going.
If people buy wisely when shopping for tuna they can help to save other ocean species from extinction
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