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Mankind has long had the ambition to fly, and throughout the centuries various adventurers have tried to get off the ground and stay there for a reasonable period of time before returning safely to terra firma. Some have had much loftier ambitions; one such was the Chinese daredevil W...
April Fool's Day is renowned the world over as an occasion for news media to try catching out the public with stories that are just a little bit too good to be true. Here is a short selection.
Mind and consciousness, by definition, are neither mutually exclusive concepts, it turns out, and nor do they overlap but are actually one and the same. The Mancharians also cast a spotlight on the ego situated in the darkest recesses of man's mind. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Skits are a way of getting a point across to an audience within a limited amount of time. It can be humorous or serious in content. Here are some things to keep in mind.
As sure as heartburn follows a spicy meal, one day, while I was on shift, an order came in for the mysterious Veggie Burger…
I have only been to the United States once in my life, back in June 2006. The original purpose of the trip was not fulfilled, but the few days I spent in Baltimore were memorable for several reasons.
After watching Twilight, I felt that the entire concept of vampirism was being sold out, and I had to bring our perspective back to the reality of it ... yeah, the reality of vampires.
When we live through a period of great sadness, we must remember still that love is still all around us. Love is all. We walk on love. We live in love. We are love. God is love. Never forget any of that. Sadness is really in love with love. We all are.
Here's a little "how to" regarding the recording of an album with little money and resources, and how to turn that into a big adventure in your musical career.
This author looks back on a sweet memory when she was a youngster in a youth choir. To this day it makes her laugh.
"Every four seconds, an area the size of a football field is lost," said Greenpeace International spokesman Christopher Theis. This is an insanity that must stop, for if it continues much longer our entire civilization will meet certain doom.
Fear can stop you dead in your tracks! stop you from moving beyond your patch of life...be brave take your life in your hands and fly...who knows where you will end up...ha! The awesome video is by Stiive Mage, my nephew...a chip off the old block for sure....
Grandmother was convinced that Hambone was a large rat, intent on breaking out of his cage.
Is it a given that as you get older that you become wiser? In some instances I think that might be true.
Read how my father’s words impacted someone for the good. He wasn’t aware of it until 75 years later. Words do matter.
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