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On the last Monday January 12, 2015. Scientists are incorporated in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) announced "Doomsday Clock" is in the 23:57 position or three minutes to midnight. This position is shifted over a minute faster than in 2012.
When it comes to teenagers being out of control and getting into trouble with the law, the bulk of the research done on why children get out of control in this fashion was centered on parenting styles.
Over a century ago Canada was responsible for the discovery of insulin; something that was to revolutionize the treatment of type 1 diabetes. It looks like we may well be on our way to revolutionize the treatment of type 1 diabetes yet again.
Sometimes, and with the best of intentions, I try to do what I think is right only to fall way shot of my aimed ambitions...It's not that I meant to be mean. It's just the way I am.
Importance of sleep is not recognised by all. You need sleep to keep your body healthy and your body mechanism working. Let us see why sleep is so important. Find out more about Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).
Flowers remain attached to many things, including your heart. But they need to remain firmly attached to their stalk arising from the plant or bush to grow and thrive. The kind of attachment changes according to the breed of blossom chosen. Knowing more about these structures will hel...
When the weather, hot summer weather, interferes with a writing schedule.
"ENIAC" Acronym for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer. The first operational electronic digital computer in the U.S., developed by Army Ordnance to computer World War II ballistic firing tables.
This short story is about John. John is sixty-two now. For all of his life, John has been shy, and with-drawn, and he has suffered from an inferiority complex. He never allowed anyone, but anyone, to ever come close to him, except for those who picked on him, and forced their closen...
My dark novel EVIL WOMAN was published in 2013 and in June this year the sequel EVIL WOMAN...takes Revenge will follow. Read on to find out more about it.
A brief history of the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis. The new Holocaust looming on the horizon.
November, 27th, was my Father’s birthday. My Father always looked at the good things.We lost him in 1979. He would have been one 116 years old. “Just think of all the good things this country has given the world”. “All the progress we have made working together” he used to ...
A timeless piece and an attempt to make a classic prose for valentines and beyond about wedding ring tale.
This story was published in my book Picking Up The Pieces: A Woman's Journey and it is a slice out of my youth
I have talked to women throughout the years who felt that having a jealous boyfriend was cute. They defended this behavior by saying that it showed their boyfriend really loved them. If the boyfriend was not jealous then according to them that would mean that he did not care.
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