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The article speaks about the successful career of Rakesh Roshan. On his birthday his admirers expect him to continue the great acting and production direction of bollywood films.
Many of us, like Alan in this story, spend a lot of our timing searching for something that we really already possess. We are already all God-realised. We were created to be that way. We are just acquiring the wisdom to live from who we are by understanding how to better do this fr...
This will take you on a journey of no return...if you will...yet it also correlates being here and being there..reality and illusion take your pick...and do enjoy
My successful weight loss started with a dreaded fear of diabetes. Dieting motivation comes from something to achieve, like losing weight, or something to avoid, like getting sick. For me, it would be nice to lose a few pounds, but I was hell bent on avoiding the diabetes that run...
With the openness of the web today there are many ways in which we can publish our viewpoint, yet perhaps the only way we know how well it is received is through the comments other people make. In truth writers appreciate comments which can become fertile ground for future articles or...
This is a collection of some of my shortest poems, the central theme being faith; but I do stray a bit as there is reference to the intuitive consciousness, the imagination, and even astral journeying.
Just another romantic comedy but with nothing to laugh about ...
A list of some of the more recent lies fed to the American people. Quotes by the prevaricators.
The article speaks about the brilliant career of actress Sadhna. On her birthday on 2nd September, 2014, her admirers wish that her films and songs should be preserved.
The Keeper of the Gate on behalf of Miss Clara Sara Jenkins and her brother Master Nathan Paul Caryle has given us their permission to share their story with you which concluded their transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to m...
How many times have you allowed your emotions to take you where you really do not want to go...into a hell of your own making...I speak from experience...knowing that being able to recognize this pattern is a way to release it...enjoy and be honest with yourself!!!
Christian music has changed through the years. And while that is true there is nothing quite like the hymnals from years gone by.
The Shaking Quakers, better known as Shakers, were a remarkable group of Christians that flourished in the United States during the late 18th and early to mid 19th centuries. Although their numbers were never all that large their name lives on mainly because of the artefacts they left...
John always enjoyed his little chats with his friend Herbert. Sure, some of Herbert's ideas were way out there, but just the same, they certainly gave John plenty to think about. This article is taken from a chat that they had recently.
Getting a job isn't as simple as one would think, and a career is even harder to pursue in 2014... It takes more than motivation to be successful in todays world. You also need CONFIDENCE and SMARTS. This article has some rant in it, but, it's all positive (read further than the words...
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