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This article is about oneness. How can oneness have any attributes to itself? All oneness is free, and each individual aspect of love is free as well. The only real answer is that there is no real answer, except that which you find out for yourself. The light and sound of God wor...
Monday evening on January 26, 2015, New York City was shut down amid a massive blizzard.
Warmer ocean temperatures, particularly in the Mid and North Atlantic, are fueling "historic" snowfalls in the northeastern United states.
Typewriter may be a machine, or an device with a group of keys that, once ironed, causes the letters printed on the document, typically paper. From the beginning of his invention prior to 1870 until the 20th century, typewriters widely utilized by professional writers and workers with...
What happens to a holiday like Valentine’s Day when it is commercialized? This article offers a critical overview on how society’s views on love and Valentine’s Day have changed from emotions, to greed and materialism over the decades thanks to consumerism.
This article is about me assembling the Philadelphia 76ers' All-Time Starting Lineup.
This is the author's first speed painting done last year in a school event witnessed by some 500 discerning young crowds
This story is one of my childhood stories which was published in my book, Picking Up the Pieces: A Woman’s Journey. The book is no longer in print.
This story is one of my childhood stories which was published in my book, Picking Up the Pieces: A Woman’s Journey. The book is no longer in print.
This article asks us some very big questions about life, and about what it really is. It is an opinion piece, and in this author's opinion, it can only ever be love that makes our life worth living. Love is the priceless gift that our maker bestows upon us all. We should take this gi...
I was able to look out my window and see a heard of buffalo. Now they built a wall and behind the wall a forest of houses, now I live in a paradise lost. This is a little something I wrote on Sunday as I thought about moving to out in the sticks Wyoming.
We take for granted the liberties we have in Western Countries. No one would ever think that a single fig would cause so much trouble.
Desire is a lovely word and Lust is not bad. Maybe the scriptures need a rethink on these two words
This is the story of my life, the story of my fears and my nightmares, the story of a struggle of a life time and it happens everyday to good intentioned people, just like you, who have become lost in a world of mirrors.
It is a sad fact, but it is so easy to offend Google and some writers seem intent on being in the search engine's bad books every time they post something on-line. Here are some thoughts and suggestions to help you maintain a good ranking on search engines on the majority of occasions...
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