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Star pages

Easter Time is when we remember what Jesus did just Once for the whole world...but , Just Once He will return again .....Are we ready for that day ? because it will happen .... Just Once ...
So much going on not always of a higher nature as was and as is....we all have to handle the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...so loving it all no matter what really is the only solution ...whether you can do it or not always your choice...
Ideas for advancement of business or society are essential and need to be generated regularly. These concepts, however, also need to be tested by debate so we should value rhetoric, arguments and polemics because they can be used to strengthen ideas and thoughts we need them in order ...
There have been many improvements to the standard chainsaw design over the years and there are plenty of different options available on the market.
Coquitlam BC police make an arrest in a case of a cyber bully which lead to a teenager committing suicide.
Is the US Constitution outdated and irrelevant as some would suggest or is it just a matter of following what it says? Here is but one poignant example Obamacare.
We have to take responsibility and own up for our actions. Our leaders should recognize the consequences of their actions or inaction as they affect the lives of millions, nay billions. Let our decisions not be blinkered by our short lifespan here.
Each of the zodiac's twelve signs possess particular gifts they bestow upon us. We are all born to meet a need the world has for us. Read below to discover what that is.
House cleaning becomes more difficult than you might expect when cats decide to 'help'. In their own special way.
On one of my recent pages a very lovely lady wrote..." thank you for the reminders, the remembering, and the rejoicing" so this is about that and more...do enjoy...
Roger Howarth has been an iconic fixture on ABCs One Life to Live since he was cast as Todd Manning in 1992. He is currently on ABCs General Hospital, portraying Franco, a role that was previously played by James Franco.
A humorous fictional tale of fallen TV Star, Jimmy McSavey, who now makes a living from touring and appearing in public houses. Once at the height of fame, he tells the sob story of his demise from stardum to a somewhat reluctant public house audience..read on to find out more.
Last week I spent some time in East Anglia in a country village named Westhorpe. Today I am inviting you to accompany me on a country walk, and I will point out the local landmarks. Read on to find out more.
This poem shows us that holding onto empty ideas of truth empties us out of love. Holding onto love in our hearts though opens us up to seeing the real truth.
Many here now have also been at different times of history...if we could look back and some of us can, we can discover what we did right or wrong and thusly make amends. Given we are chance after chance to forgive ourselves and move on...enjoy...
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