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Adversities make or break you. Whatever be the circumstances..always fight it out...never give up!
Some folks swear that 'The end' is just that; 'The end'. Others contend that one's family line is just that; a line that extends from the past into the future. Who can really say with any certainty?
A father is confronted by the fact that everything he taught his young daughter does not reflect the type of life he has led or the person he is.
There ia kitten crisis at RSPCA Canterbury right now, so if you can offer a home to one, they would very much appreciate it. Read on to find out more about it.
An angry young girl ...frets at her constant nagging lover ... she has the privilege to do what he does
The poem is dedicated to my husband who has been away from me for almost a year now.
It is costly affair to run a space shuttle projects, USA successfully operated space shuttle project. But Russia was failed in space shuttle project and the project was abandoned and it a tourist attraction to the people now.
Have you ever felt so alone and abandoned by a guy you thought you loved, the father of your child, a guy that promised you the world and ledt you feeling alone and hurt with a child to raise on your own well this is the poem for you!
Sometimes life becomes 'hum drum' and we feel the need to escape even if the grass is indeed not greener on the other side. A reality check sometimes makes us face up to a loveless marriage.
I watched Iyanla Vanzant’s new show the other day on OWN, “Iyanla Fix My Life”. On this particular show Iyanla said something that had me tearing up and having an aha moment like I have never had before.
Many times I have heard writers say that they abandoned a project because they had no idea what to write. Here’s some advice.
A short poem, which is simply called "Christmas Pup"
A short poem, and true story about a horse called Lena.
Started writing this in my head on the way home from a Communion service this afternoon (Sunday 15th July 2012), I felt I needed to write something about 'getting back on track', so this is it!
Two mercenaries are sent to retrieve something from a long abandoned- and vaguely horrific- research facility, inside of which nothing should have survived. They soon suspect this might not be the case.
Let’s take an inside look into my personal experience with the adoption of two forever buddies and their enrichment to our family.
Shelter animals are like diamonds in the rough- all they need is a caring family willing to provide consistent training and love, to make them sparkle again. What are the benefits?
The myth about Lilith is well known. Legends say she was Adam’s first wife, but she became an outcast because she didn’t accept to obey. She was one half of Adam and she didn’t like to be treated like less important. That’s why she rebelled. And that’s why she was expelled...
People suffering from AIDS are not accepted as just another persons suffering from a lethal disease. They are looked down upon. A Cancer patient might get all the sympathies and prayers, then why not AIDS patients. They need us! They need our love & care not our anguish or ignorance. ...
Part 2 of Mental Nature - The soldiers begin to suspect that they aren't the only ones in the compound, which is beginning to erode their sanity.
Man builds and creates, but then discards and abandons when time and tide takes its toll...What can be a sadder sight than broken, damaged vessels that once knew days of glory, but now lie as mere wrecks upon our shores...
Do u believe in ghosts and evil spirits?you believe it or not but they are present in the nature and perhaps balances energy of the system.Who knows what is hidden in the dark night and so called haunted places....
We leave friends and family members, and go the place prepared for the weary heart, taking nothing with us, naked we came into this world, and naked we shall go out, but the memories of us will be left on record for others to read.
Purdy is an unwanted Christmas present.Will she get a second chance in life?
I hope that one day, people who hurt or neglect animals, will go to prison for their sins. Here is an example of people who are cruel and neglectful, and I hope they are punished for it.
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