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You think you can get away with hurting me, think again, I have a higher power standing in for me. Yes, I feel that I should take revenge on what you have done to me, but hey, I have a higher power to go to that will change my state of mind and yours too.
Grandchildren are always a source of immense joy. My grandchildren are no less. In fact, they are a notch better, in my opinion.
Very often it seems impossible to not be reactionary when disagreements, disrespect, or even mild insults come our way. However ~ there is a way to do it. The primary key is to concentrate ~ on the issue at hand ~ and not keep going back in history to bring up past hurts.
This personal essay explores how to respond to angry or argumentative people with love and compassion. Managing one's own anger by getting to the root of it (it usually stems from hurt) is a key element to developing love and patience for the anger of others.
So, you have reached a place where everything and anything is not working, and you want to get angry because there seems to be "no other choice". Well, this series of articles will tell you different.
Anger or Faith...Some have a volatile anger others remain cool submerged in their own faith Which heals do say!
There is a right way and a wrong way (or rather a short-term effective way and a long-term effective way) to quiet loud children. This article will explain why yelling is never going to yield the results you want.
What did you do when you're angry to someone? Sometimes, the anger makes someone lost control. Irrational, there's only furious feel that makes this life unenjoyable. Who is angry has the strength that unbelievable. Who is angry doesn't feel the pain even though bleeding.
A short story about a difficult neighbor, and an civilized way of handling the situation
Children often have difficulty controlling their anger. Teach your child how to express anger in a healthy way and to control their tempers.
Poetry on how to deal with disappointments in a different way
Readily APOLOGIZE when you know you have wronged someone ~ and quickly FORGIVE when you have been mistreated or insulted.
This page summarizes how to deal with resentments. It tells how I have dealt with them for years and stay stress free as a result.
Some one composed a beautiful poem on slip of words It inspired me too.I thank her ..
Conflict resolution may require changes to be made, but in certain situations, the only change is to acknowledge the unchangeable, and move on.
anger is often mislead us to do such stupid things. In this article, you might have some idea to manage your temper and make the situation right.
A continuation of Help and Hopelessness, Aster goes to her manditory Angermanagment class. Thank you so much for everyone following this story.
As usual, I am not going to write about any tips and tricks to get rid of anger. It is a sort of any other expression like how we worry we get angry. Like how we feel happy and laugh or smile, same way we get angry. This is a piece of work wherein I have bundled my personal experience...
This page is about reducing and avoiding anger. We have the ability to over come from our anger with our practice.
Some time times anger can arise in the strangest of places and in unexpected ways. We can't always see why something trivial may get us upset, it is because of hidden triggers or buttons that get pushed, understanding the roots of these triggers allows us to slowly clear the mine fiel...
Many people around, like me, suffer from acute and chronic migraine headaches which are annoying all the time and unbearable sometimes. Usually in this busy life, people choose to pop pills but there are certain things, if taken care of, migraine attacks can be avoided
Indian males are a much maligned lot. It's time someone stood to dispel these misconceptions.
Out for a walk with my two Spaniels the peace is shattered and its time for the White Haired One to receive a lesson as usual on how to conduct himself courtesy of his canine friends Honey and Skipper.
Apparently Ryan O'Neal isn't the only angry senior citizen.
Getting angry is a normal part of being human but uncontrolled anger can destroy ourselves and others. Anger can be used constructively but can also be a destructive human emotion – internally and externally. It may come unexpectedly and controls you in an instant without you knowin...
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