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Revisits and Reflects Upon Lifestyle Changes of the Traditionalist Generation
A guide to all those innocent souls in this world on how to treat the traitors who are in disguise of a friend.
Some people will tell us that the World itself is largely devoid of any intrinsic meaning of itself. For after all, the World is just the World. This writer begs to differ from that idea though. Everything has meaning, even the World. Everything gives everything else meaning too. No...
Even those who think nothing of giving everything they have as the right thing to do become aware their efforts are being taken advantage by few who are out to exploit their kindness causing a pall of gloom. The giving and taking highlights our attitude to life and it may well be give...
For most of the ‘being positive’ subscribers, there is nothing bad, all must be treated equally and loved by all others, etc. Such words appear good but are far from reality even in the conduct of the most ardent subscribers of ‘being positive’ phrase.
Taking advice from whom it comes, and knowing from whom it comes
Mother - the word itself has got great importance. Its a combination of sacrifice,love,patience,perseverance and ultimately life.Then why a single day for a mother? Why this Mothers' day after all ?
The inter-relationship between vector, sacred geometry, flow of energy and our own attitudes, affecting our ability to heal all water-based life
These poem speakes about the behaviour of an old man, who likes to dominate others.
This is the first part of the series: “The Advantages of Discouraging Setbacks.” Success, as discussed here, depends on the right attitude towards other people and maintaining a high degree of personal efficiency. And most important, doing more than is expected of you.
We are born with an awareness of the right attitude to survive and even to play meaningfully our part as co-creators. Change is the only constant but we all can influence the change to goad humanity towards the right path with the right attitude - time for deep reflection as we seem t...
I can do this! Yes I can! If you believe you can do it, you will absolutely know that you will be successful.
It is rare that I feed driven by the words of another person, but it is clear that today the issue of RAPE in India is one that needs to be highlighted to the world. It is time you watch this video and provide whatever support you can in whatever way you can.
We are given our allotted time, be it individually or collectively, as species. Our time can as well depend on us as we are masters of all we survey – when taken at the flood the sky is the limit and when the chances are spurned we perish due to our own follies and in self-created m...
Despite most countries enjoying democratic political system with the power to elect their leaders, the hopes and aspirations of the majority poor are stymied by their inability to agree to disagree especially after elected leaders are in power. Endless bickering and infighting give a ...
We are all actors though most are not born to act! We play our roles and the majority takes care not to upset the apple cart of life based on give and take. Despite their noble intentions, some manage to spoil the lot through activities that leave us in misery. It is time to stick to ...
People who are not willing to work properly can survive in some society because they have friends at high places.
Embracing uncertainties is the better way than trying to avoid them. We should cultivate the right attitude to face the eventualities and even use the harsh times to reinvent ourselves to become better human beings to benefit society and empathize with those in greater need.
Inferiority compex can be described as innate or subconcious feelings of lack of self worth, self belief, lack of confidence and doubt in ones abilities. These feelings and thoughts of one feeling not being enough is caused by different factors, both real and imagined.
There are folks who are nice and others who aren’t. We put such a premium on being nice at every social encounter that put-on politeness has become a nationwide trend. Being nice can come at the expense of other virtues and cost more than we care to give. I'm a nice person, so le...
Loving without borders and waiting for immediate returns or favors is the key to a better world. Why not we take the logical step than waiting endlessly for others to do so? It is time to be less judgmental and do what comes naturally to us to make a better world.
Good vibrations or pretending that we´re rich may help us to attract money to us.
Positive attitude is priceless, especially during times of stress. During festivals one does the usual round of smiles and gets through the finish line without upsetting too many apple carts. Positive attitude means much more than keeping the smile pasted on the face, but that is the ...
I describe how a group of employees behave during their working hours. Perhaps you have seen them too. Now you know why you need good employees?
It takes a lifetime to build a relationship but it only takes a little carelessness to kill it. relationships are important take care of them.
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