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It takes a lifetime to build a relationship but it only takes a little carelessness to kill it. relationships are important take care of them.
To climb a wall or a tree takes physical strength, to climb up the success take mental strength.
History teaches us valid lessons of life and consequences of our actions. Is it not time not to repeat costly mistakes? We reap what we sow - fair and square.
All bullies can change, but they have to want to change and that is what happened with me. My attitude had to change and I had to be willing to ask for help and accept the help.
As the corporate world gets more competitive and demanding, one's attitude is also demanded towards a proactive approach to work.
We’ve all had those sorts of days, where from the moment your foot hits the floor, nothing seems to go right. And we’ve all heard it said, “Just go back to bed and start over." Well, easier said than done. Sometimes, you just have to keep moving, even if the moving gets tough. ...
A mistake doesn't mean that we haven't tried our best. Our best is not something that is fixed in its place. We are always improving, and increasing in wisdom. The fact is that we are always the best self that we have ever been up until now. Everything before has led up to this.
We all go through life with an attitude. Where does this attitude come from? Is it something that is always changing, or is there some aspect of permanency in it, that could be said to be a part of our personality?
This is the second personality if my Officemate personality series. This one pertains to a person who feels that he is quite very busy in the office when in fact he will just assign all the tasks to others and do not even bother to review, check and verify the reports submitted.
Throughout our everyday job, we experience numerous personalities which lingers into our thoughts. These series of office personalities will showcase the different attitudes of my officemates as I have observed.
Positive attitude is priceless, especially during times of stress. During festivals one does the usual round of smiles and gets through the finish line without upsetting too many apple carts. Positive attitude means much more than keeping the smile pasted on the face, but that is the ...
One of my notes which I would like to share with wikinut
We need to protect the bee, without the bee we are no longer here. We are gone. Everything will be gone.
This is what happens to my energy level when entering what I call; an Attitude of Gratitude. See if it works for you.
This is about loving one self and improving self confidence. Love yourself for who you are not for what others want you to be.
People don't need to change to be in, to be fit in the society. This is about loving and accepting yourself and your difference to others.
It's not too late to lower your pride, in fact it will help you grow.
It is time to shift our focus from selfish pursuits to selflessness as our guiding light for inclusive society. When we share our mother earth, the air we breathe, come and leave empty handed, it is clear our pursuits should be above selfishness.
We develop attachment in life. But we should move towards detachment from worldly possessions to truly embrace creation in all its facets. That will lead to Peace of Mind, the most rewarding goal in life.
Sharing a 'formula' that has been working for me for many years.
A short psychology test to learn how you see the world and your expectations
It cannot be avoided that there are a lot of changes that will happen in a relationship so the best way to protect and save it is on how both of you will work together and fix all the kind of changes to keep the relationship alive.
God give friends for us to make our short life more beautiful. All of us have friends. But some are not satisfied with friends. What are the good qualities of a friend?
Many are unhappy at workplaces due to negative attitude of few who spread doom and gloom around them. The majority should assert so that they do not have to put up with such obnoxious elements that impact the general workplace.
While others can give us only a little of the world, God can place the entire world at our feet. All we have to do is ask...
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