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This poem shares joys to everyone who loves to watch the beauty of the moon during moonlit night.The feeling is different when sit in a bench while watching the lovely moon also looking at you.
This poem seeks answers from someone who seems hard to find and encounter,and only the descriptions of his could prove the search true and real.
Remembering Mom's Apple Pie - No one but No one makes Apple Pie like Mom!
An unforgettable cricket match of the century played between two local forces which are from the battlefield of Punjab.
These short stories show a child’s faith in his/her father and the belief that ‘dad’ can do anything.
Google glasses are a project made by google. it is decided to be launched in early 2015. The new technology is about to come alive..
In part 1 we saw that the seemingly intuitive desire or impulse to "make the world a better place" appears to be rather common across various walks of life. This may be a meaningful clue as to our basic general purpose of life. We discussed approaching the question of purpose from rel...
So, Assassin's Creed fans! You've already played AC:III right? Assassin's Creed is a type of game that will make you want to play another after one! As you already know there is going to be another one of this franchise, Assassin's Creed IV: Blag Flag. Well, I've collected some aweso...
Many hates spiders however I believe they are artist. Because they can create amazing webs impossible for human! Just check out this pictures!
This is a poem I wrote and mixed together from one of my favorite self written songs and another poem about being amazed by nature and the world around us. Hope you enjoy!
A walk on the beach on a Sunday morning kindled nostalgia within me, as I went abroad alone for the first time.
He started carving tree bark a child, experimenting with things as diverse as soap and chalk before deciding that graphite provided the perfect medium for his art.. IA quarterof a century later, all he requires for nine tenths of his work are sewing needles, razor blades, sculpting ...
This article includes 10 Amazing and Cool Facts...
To live is to feel, at the moment I feel like to disappear again!
This is the first of many noodle recipes to come on this page. Experience my personal ramen meal (version 1.0).
Are you concerned that the world is going to end in 2012? You are among many who wonder this very same question. Read the following poem, and find out what a subject matter expert says on the end of the world in 2012.
The Battle of Thermopylae = epicness. If you've always wanted to know what really happened in 300, click here to find out
I've played some multiplayer strategy games online and after some time, I get bored in most. Some of them demand extra money to unlock special features. But there's a gem that I found, Its 1000 AD.
This is a personal letter to my English 105 instructor at the end of the semester.
Think big and achieve big. Stop calling yourself unlucky. Put in sincere work and luck will come running to your door. Don't be ordinary, stand out in a crowd. Be one more awesome person.
This is an amazingly bright flashlight that looks super cool.
Random facts of all kinds. Most of them fun, you will probably not need to know these under common circumstances.
A list of many fun and odd laws. Laws from everywhere from Tennessee to Afghanistan.
I think we can be optimistic for various reasons. A genuinely sustainable global economy is driven for ward and given fresh impetus by goverments and individuals changing in the right direction consistently.
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