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Making your own bread allows you the chance to control what goes into your food (look at the label on a loaf at the store & realize most are unfamiliar ingredients and chemicals). These 2 common bread types freeze well and although have a number of steps are fairly simple.
These are 3 easy miscellaneous recipes to make Minted Peas, a peasant-style bread, and a dessert. I usually double batch the bread dough so I can use it for both bread and the desserts one night (and it pairs nicely with my beef stew recipe too if you're not a vegetarian and if you ar...
French Onion Soup is one of the most requested types of soups at restaurants (long with tomato and vegetable) which is strange because it is so easy to make. In researching the best recipe I found what 4 recipes were the easiest and taste the best. My personal favorite is #4. This sou...
This recipe is so easy even children can prepare. My children enjoy this sandwich and they even named it.
Yes, this is an elaborate dish but it is well worth the trouble (I only make it at Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a New Year's Eve sit down dinner). The crispy skin of the duck along with the tastes of orange, raspberry, and strawberry make a dish that delights the palate and is fit for ...
This recipe can make a cold day better or eaten as a quick meal on a hot day--very versatile! You can add more spice if you'd like but I tend to make it mild to appeal to the most and add a dish of extra chili peppers for those that want it hotter. Best of all--Few dishes to do!
Everyone has a sweet tooth but not everyone has much time to spend making a dessert so here's 2 easy to make recipes using some of the simplest ingredients. They are baked in a water bath (like the image in the first section which is easy to make.
Years ago I had the pleasure of working on taking microfilmed copies of medieval cookbooks and working with the recipes to figure out the "modern equivalent". One of the soups that I did is this delicious cream soup that uses .three forms of protein (eggs, chicken, and pork) and while...
The changes in diet required after bariatric surgery,
Many people don’t even know that butter and margarine are not the same. I have spoken to people that just believed they are just different names for a single food item.
A simple and quick breakfast or brunch to prepare. Sardine buns is a combination of mashed canned tomato sardines with chopped onions and red chilies. Toasted ready made buns smells great with sardine fillings.
Joseph is a slave in Egypt but God is with him and makes everything that he does to prosper.
This is a Recipe for Bread Pudding that I make at home, every one loves it :)
Danielle wants Max to come out to the farm within the week. Bobby's mother is at the Army Hospital. Max needs to find a way to get Bobby to the Hospital to see his mom. Max has decided to visit his friend Randal and tell him everything that's going on. Randal may be able to help.
Some of the best tips and tricks that you may use in baking breads and buns. How to save more time in doubling the the size of the dough. Which yeast to use when in a rush. What the best type of flour to use. This is also a great guide for the starters or the ones with less experience...
Over-ripe bananas' doesn't need to be thrown away anymore, mash it up and make your own banana bread! This recipe is easy to follow and is heavenly tastes so good too. Great to serve during breakfast, snack or a to-go food when in a hurry.
The woman who pleaded with Jesus for help had Faith to support her request, pleading for the very crumbs of the Bread, as if she was begging for her life, she shut her ears to discouragement and pleaded for mercy.
The breadfruit is a staple food in itself by just boiling or roasting as in sweet potato. It can however be developed as a major source of flour to reduce dependency on wheat flour importation.
A bread that calls for a few ingredient yet tastes delicious with a hint of citrus flavor. Great for tea time or snack time, also for breakfast or any time of the day. No need to any jams or spread because the flavor of Lemon stands out as it is.
These cold soups are a good bet when it starts to be warm.
This is s simple yet yummy bread that is good to eat during snack time.
I write about the little people who occupy the woodlands of Newfoundland.
Potatoes and bread, like rice, are staple food that mankind have been eating since they exist. How can we say they're fatening?
Grease a pie dish. Line it with buttered slice. Mix beaten egg, milk and sugar. Add essence.
Experiences of a baker who did not follow the bidding of a ghost
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