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Danielle and Max spent the evening together. It's the beginning of a new day. They are looking forward to spending it together. Another storm front is developing and Danielle will have to leave soon. She has responsibilities at the farm and animals to take care of.
It is a new morning. Max slept later than what he wanted to but he's still gaining his strength. The temperatures are still very cold and he has no plans to go outside until he feels stronger. A few more days should do it. Miss Renee always makes a delicious country breakfast and he ...
This is a breakfast that can be premade and frozen and the microwaved for an all-in-one breakfast on the go or that the children can reheat a nutritious breakfast for themselves.
When naive corn cobs have passed through a big process of induatrilization, one will be having anything, except for real corn cobs.
Since Valentine's Day exists and is around the corner, we'll see what the lonely can do to have a pleasant day.
It is a common belief today that by skipping morning breakfast people can reduce weight and can keep their weight in control. But in reality it will increase weight. You may be surprised to read on.
Though, being born and brought up in Kolkata, I did not hear the name of Territi Bazaar until a year ago. Everyone told me that it is a must visit place in Kolkata and I must visit it to understand it better. And lo behold when I did reach there and consumed everything that it is famo...
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to nutritionists. Read on to find out what you should give to a diabetic child for this meal.
Felipe visits the minister's stateroom but refuses an invitation to spend the night and returns to the room that he shares with three others. His thoughts return to his sexual preferences and he becomes angry until he has another visit from Andrew.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it helps your body to get ready to go through the entire day feeling fresh and energetic.
Felipe and Anthony discuss their experiences, thoughts and feelings on the night on the night they recused David from drowning. A bond is forged between the three boys.
Felipe makes the discovery that there may be others in the world like him.
Strange phenomena has always been a part of the Cottage Cafe's past, which just happens to be one of the town's oldest structures that is still standing today. The history of the building offers a few clues as to the possible reasons for the establishments strange occurrences. True pa...
St. Stephen's day falls on a Sunday and all but Felipe attend at least one of the church services. Monday sees the first 'time' of the Christmas season.
It's Christmas morning and Santa Claus has come and gone. Felipe and his family celebrate by sharing their bounty.
My beautiful corn beef and fry dumpling breakfast recipe. Remember to have the most important meal of the day.
Felipe's early childhood and his interest in writing, Delilah is concerned about her child's shyness.
School has begun in many parts of the world. Start the new school year out without unnecessary stress when trying to get you and your children ready for a new day.
October is a month that just naturally bursts with whimsical and bewitching activities, not to mention things that go bump in the night, and for those who love these fanciful, scary events, look no further then the Cashtown Inn in Cashtown Pennsylvania where Halloween is a featured at...
Established in 1973, Patrick's Roadhouse, named after Bill Fischler's youngest son Patrick, has been many things to many people over the years, but the bright green St. Patrick's Day themed exterior, the quirky antiqued-knickknack style interior, celebrity sightings, paranormal activi...
The Costello Street Coffee House in Florissant, Colorado is not only haunted it is located in an area that is abundantly supplied with deep history that starts with the Tabeguache Ute Indians, the first people to set foot on this rocky mountain valley.
The haunted Stone Lion Inn was once a family home that was built in 1907. The completion of the mansion came at a cost of $11,900. The 8,000 square foot, 4-level home was the most expensive house built in Guthrie, Oklahoma, but it comfortably fit the twelve Houghton children and their...
Enjoy Breakfast or Lunch with the Friendly Spirits in Rockingham County
A say's happiness is at hand's reach and many of its ingredients are free.
More than three-quarters of people who lose weight and keep it off eat breakfast every day. Sitting down for your morning meal may also make you up to 50 percent less likely to develop insulin resistance, the problem that causes type 2 diabetes.
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