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The Nomadic Shelter is a provisional particular safe house as of late assembled amid the Salt Siida Workshop, a building workshop that is a piece of a voyaging expressions celebration as of now found on the shoreline of the Norwegian island of Sandhornøy, in the Arctic Circle. In spi...
Even though life is hard it doesnt mean we cant live it right and enjoy it the joy of our life is from our maker the decision to be happy is from you..... find out more in the awesome poem
Fireworks a device containing gunpowder and other combustible chemicals that causes a spectacular explosion when ignited, used typically for display or in celebrations.
No, not everything was suddenly perfect. But that magical night, everybody felt a little happier and a bit more hopeful than before.
People have been drinking since time immemorial and will continue in future. It's essential to understand this fabulous pastime.
Christmas as I believe it to be is the day (December 25) when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This very festive, colorful and happy occasion is one of the most awaited by billions of us to come in a year.
The Thanksgiving Holiday is here again but there is something wrong. What is it? This article explains what is missing.
On the image I have of East Berlin when I visited it.
Birth,death,and marriage are three phases in life. Celebration of marriage i,e. wedding ceremony is the most eventful in life. The status of man and woman become changed after marriage. Now they are known as legally married husband and wife.
This page is about celebrities scandals . you can found here your favorite celebrities scandals and much more . stay in touch and read about them .
Seasonal festivals depend on changes in weather or on cultural practices of people. Thus sowing of crops and onset of summer or winter gives reasons for celebrations. Here we see some such festivals from around the world.
Society is made or interwoven threads of culture built on religion and traditions. One such tradition is festival where people in the society come together to celebrate and make merry.
Dussera is an Indian celebration, a festival marking the beginning of studies and of planting of crops. It also goes by the name of Vijayadashmi and it an integral unit of the ten-day Navrathri festival of India. Here you can see the various stories associated with these celebrations ...
Are you suffering from empty nest syndrome? Here are a few suggestions to help you get through it successfully while having some fun.
My father has been blessed with longevity. Recently a new great-grandson was born and he was honored when he met and held him for the first time.
This article suggests ways how to make your love happy during your special day.
No party is complete without a few refreshing cocktails and quick party recipes that are packed full of flavor and spice.
This page is all about death. It gives a new meaning to the term 'death.' It changes the reader's view point about death and tells that death is type of celebration
This poem is a dedication to a dear friend on the occasion of her birhday
Today is the 450th birthday of Shakespeare the most prolific and fabulous writer of all time least for me. He wrote of many things to illustrate all facets of mankind meant for all as a way of learning about themselves...just as I do...
Holi is the most fun-filled and energetic Indian festival. It's a social gathering that brings in real joy and entertainment, excitement and play, songs and dancing, and, of course, plenty of dazzling colors!
March 08th is International Women's Day, and acknowledged throughout the world as a celebration and appreciation of all women, and what they have achieved through economic and social change. It is also a day to pause and celebrate and venerate the woman within...
Don’t let kids have all the fun this Easter. Luckily, you do have some fun making basket ideas for adults. Don’t settle for an ordinary basket when it is considered to be the quintessential part of holiday celebration.
Pierre Balmain was born on 18th May, 1914, in the village of Saint Jean in the French province of Savoye. He was an only child and his father who was a shopkeeper, had high hopes for him. In 1932 he went to art school in Paris to study architecture but his heart was not in his studies...
As the year 2013 draws to a close, Captain Jeremiah Murdock has this to say about the festivities or celebration with which people greet the new year and the woeful realities of life which they, apparently, are impervious to. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
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