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How fit do you really need to be to complete Tough Mudder?
Are you new to Wikinut? If you are then have a look at this article then answer this challenge. I am confident the every single Wikinut on this site will support you in getting going, growing and becoming more confident as a writer. The truth is the Internet can be a terribly lonesome...
Number eight on my photo challenge list is «reflections». You can find them everywhere if you look.
The color red should give you enough to work with if you're looking for something inspiring for your next creative project whether you're a painter, writer or photographer. Join me on my tour through creative assignments!
We need to break down the sources of friction that hold us back from realizing our true potential. Not only are we provided with the needed capabilities, but also the Creator holds our hands in subtle ways. Time to open our eyes.
Let the word HEAT be your next challenge whether you are a photographer or a painter. Even if you are not into these arts let this be an inspiration to create something hot!
Are you a creative person who sometimes feels stuck and don’t know what to create? Take on this challenge! Challenge number 3 is “TIME”.
Explanation on the importance of providing and receiving feedback for personal growth.
Part 1 of a story of courage, rescue and the inherent drive to love and be loved.
One always feel that he has suffered a lot.. faced a lot.. nd wanted to share that with someone...but in true facts the experience is our own, no one else gives a damn..
If you're a writer, you probably are someone or know someone who has done or is doing NaNoWriMo. But if you don't know what it is, keep reading to find out and learn more...
description of the stages of the award, and how I completed it.
It is time for a perceptible change in our perception of life and what it should be for peace and inclusive society; then only the fruits of technological advancement will percolate to all strata of society.
Growing without a father poses serious risks and damages to the children in the follwing forms. ( 1 ) Behavioral risk ( 2 ) Mental health risk ( 3 ) Academics risk ( 4 ) Sexual risk ( 5 ) Poverty risk ( 6 ) Emotional risk
This guy challenged me is about composing poetry instantly
I propose a challenge. Pessimism is not my tone. It is merely a love fueled by fear. Fear, not of the unknown, but of the predicted.
The way you accept things helps or hinders how you deal with them every day. A positive attitude helps you overcome and survive, so buck up, little guy! Happiness is contagious, and will help in overcoming obstacles.
April PAD Challenge Day 16 from Robert Brewer blog of writing either a possible or impossible poem or both. This poem incorporates both.
Former United States President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt faces his mortality in the Brazilian Amazon.
Are we seeing improvements in writing by authors on Wikinut? Here are a few examples that prove that many of Wikinut's writing community is focused on self improvement and are taking steps to become better writers. These are all articles we should be proud of.
This challenge is open to any Wikinut writer who wishes to demonstrate improvements in their writing. It is sad to stagnate and find your articles only having a limited audience, it is better to grow, to learn, to improve your writing and let your ideas out in a constructive way.
These wonderful glowing LED mushroom lights by Yukio Takano help set up one's space into a mystical environment.
In the month of December, a lady was gangraped by men in moving bus. Protests and Bundh also performed all over India against the gangrape
A couple of writers in challenged me into writing my own Cinderella Story. Here's the outcome!
This is a challenge to all writers to share something positive. Write a positive article and send positive energy to the world.
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