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It's said that the 60's are the new 50's, but employers know well that they aren't on accounts of the number of women that have lost their job, but have been unable to find another.
Activity in the town can get hectic if you don’t keep tabs on things. Cats have their ways, just as rats do! So, what is this about all the shouting and wearing clothes? Let us see!
When it comes to buy Christmas presents for our loved ones, it pays to write a list and to think of what they're like and what might want or need. Do never choose a present at random.
Students all over know the advantages and disadvantages of uniform. After examining each side of the argument, i will be able to explain how each side has valid points and come to a conclusion.
I am an adult now and can afford to roll my eyes and take a temporary position as the fashion police sometimes. The truth is that I had my fair share of fashion faux pas growing up.
In times gone by, getting brand new clothes was a special event. It is therefore no surprise that several superstitions have grown up around clothing, particularly where new clothes are concerned.
Low Credit Score does not mean you cannot rent, buy a car, or even a television. You still need to survive and these are some ways you can still function with no available credit. Always be careful in your purchases and make sure you have a budget and a plan.
When your wardrobe is looking tired and outdated, there are several steps you can take to update your wardrobe and keep on trend.
A man will go to great lengths for a woman he truly loves. This is a rap song from a heart who is strung out over a certain woman.
Knowing how to dress and knowing how to shop can save time and money and help each person look their best for work, school and casual outings.
Do you dress your cat up on a daily basis or for special occasions? Here are few retailers who peddle this type of entire.
It is the review of one of Factory Outlets in my town
Why January is an uphill month and it´s a month to enjoy even though the so called festive season has ended.
Second-hand gifts. Would you appreciate it?.........
They want us as stupid as we can be so they´ll provide with every item that we may need, but charging a price or a fee.
I found a way through the help of a stranger to find out who I really am. It has been fun as well as confusing but I will take you on my journey of finding myself and hopefully you can find yourself too.
Cristiano Ronaldo. He was only wearing underwear. Cristiano Ronaldo for what appeared like it?
Dona Paula Beach - charming beach in Goa, Romantic and historical background.
Many tourists are often at a loss on how to pack for a tropical holiday. Those from cold and temperate climates often realise a little, too late, that they have brought many unnecessary items and left out many important ones. Here is a simple guide to a stress free tropical holiday.
A trend that may be a revolutionary one, but I'm afraid they won't let it prosper.
Shopping is one of the common and relieving activity for men and women especially in buying clothes.
Trying to share what I know on how to extend a small budget to the limit and still to have a good time.
Like bicycles, white colour is a summery colour. One can't go wrong when using it to mix with other colours.
A summary of the home and lifestyle brands which represent heritage, nostalgia and quintessential Britishness.
Check out my best clothes sell online! Fabulous clothes that will never fade the fashion.
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