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Do you know the difference between attachment and tiger parenting? The field of parenting is full of theories, here are the top 7.
But what came to pick us up was everything but her dad in a luxurious vehicle. It was their gardener in a dirty old pickup truck. The back being fully loaded with broken glass, tin cans and lintels. I did not want to sit there, so at the top of my lungs I yelled: "Shotgun!" And ...
I lost my amazing dad twelve years to the day and this is just a short poem to show my loss
It has been 12 years since my dad passed away and this article is about him and how I felt his loss
Felipe spends an enjoyable night at home with his parents and Delilah begins readying things for her son's departure.
This is a profound piece of how actions in one lifetime are played out in future times. I am a participant in this action just as many participate in actions with their families...i hope this affords understanding for it is written with love...
In Imagination I return to my youth - today I am ten years old again.
Poem about my life, my family, the goods, the bads, and the proud moments shared between loved ones.
A short poem about the life my so called father gave to me
A couple of haiku's I've written on various topics. This batch involves haiku about my parents, breastfeeding, resentment and gluttony. Hope you find time reading these short poetry.
Two poems for dad, one dedicated to dad's love, other a child's anguish to his busy dad.
What really happens to those broken and non-functioning household items your significant other has taken away to "repair?"
Back in 1966 the morals and values of society were not as they are now. This is Karen's story, read on to find out more.
A short story about a father and his daughter's trip to Las Vegas his last year of life.
Ever wish you could go back and say the things you needed to say when someone was alive? Here are my thought to my departed father, and my regrets at thing left unsaid.
Despite the hardships of the time, my father who was born in 1879 lived to the ripe old age of 95 years. This is a tribute to my greatest teacher and the most remarkably man I have ever met - My Dad.
My Dad taught me how to grow a flower, how to watch a horse race and how to treat others. As we celebrate Father's Day weekend, let's pause to remember how much our fathers taught us.
My father is my friend, philosopher and guide. He has always been there for me and helped me along in my journey through life. Even though he is not here today, he is there with me always in my heart.
I'm not June Cleaver and I'm not Bree Van De Camp. I am not a Stepford Wife. But I do believe my home is less stressful because there is small stuff I don't sweat. Clean towels are one of those things. Read on to learn more...
The day my day and I skipped work and school to go fishing was great just the to of us alone on the lake.
A tribute to a Father's father Hope he reads it too.
A heart felt poem about a father who remains humble through life.
What my father's love has meant to me and how much I miss him.
Sometimes it is wonderful to recall times gone by when we were young and older too. Fond these can be for you and me. So I have written some of mine here for you to enjoy...i hope!!
How and why your dad is truly special in life. Does you dad size up like this?.
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