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When it comes to entertainment places, there is a place called Las Vegas in the United States of America where senior citizens will have maximum entertainment and also the satisfaction of good security around.
“The best judge of whether or not a country is going to develop is how it treats its women. If it’s educating girls, if women have equal rights, that country is going to move forward. But if women are oppressed and abused and illiterate, then they’re going to fall behind.” ...
A country can progress well only if their politicians are good and work for the development of the country. But today, politicians are not working hard and seem like spineless politicians which is very bad for the country and in fact such politicians are spread all overt he world toda...
This page will have blogs about society and issues related to it.
Birth,death,and marriage are three phases in life. Celebration of marriage i,e. wedding ceremony is the most eventful in life. The status of man and woman become changed after marriage. Now they are known as legally married husband and wife.
In modern days it is very comfortable to live in rural areas. The facilities made available in rural areas are many and varied.Communication facilities,construction of village roads under pradhanmantri gram sadak yogona(pmgsy),facilities of drinking water, facilities of medical tre...
Decide for yourself which browser will you prefer, here some advantages and disadvantages of common web browsers.
The present moment is this very moment, when you are reading this sentence. Even while reading the sentence, you will not be entirely focused in this moment, and your mind will be thinking 1001 thoughts. You might be in a hurry to finish your reading, and move to some other work. The ...
Life is not, what has been offered to you, but it’s what you make out of it. Life is all about your beliefs. You make your beliefs. Belief is to believe in something. It can be true or false. But we believe, out of trust, faith and sometimes because the world believes in it. Belie...
people study in a nation, get higher studies and get top ranks and go to other nations for Job. Are we just sitting there to educate you? we want you to be a literate ,young force who can inspire others but Alas, every developing country faces this...Brain Drain.
There are 5 Ways To Start A Web Development Blog. If you are an expert web developer and have an experience of several years in web industry, then why not pen down your experience and offer solutions to the problems that people face regarding web development.
The doctrine of Vastu Shastra is concerned primarily with architecture – houses,temples and other buildings.It about the law of nature and how it can effect us in a positive way.I would like to share some of my opinion on this subject.
We are all proud of our nation and its development.But is our country really developing?
A short story about a writer who started getting recognition.
Finding your own identity is an important part of the teen years and a lot of factors contribute to this phase. This stage of development can also cause identity issues as teens struggle to discover who they are.
Weaning is an important part of your baby’s development. Here are ten top tips to help you through this important stage and make it a more enjoyable experience.
Africa Needs to needs to grow at a faster rate. Among the ways to do it is via the Modernization Theory.
Team development should be based on the purpose, vision and values. This is not to say that the quality can be conservative or control.
Cypress trees can be used for a variety of landscaping purposes. Louisiana is naturally blessed with these amazingly beautiful cypress trees that can be found growing near water areas like the marsh..
Is "economic growth" alone Development? Are people just tools to achieve GDP growth and consumers of the goods? The real development focuses on people and their well-being which has several dimensions; economic well-being is just part of it, never whole. Nobel laureate Amartya Sen def...
The Habit of Reading is the best gift a child can get. Books bring joy to lives and enlighten the minds. “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” ― Jorge Luis Borges
Purify your perception, liberate your mind from thoughts and judgments about your self and your "reality"...the results will awaken your soul, enlighten you and expand your consciousness
US found tremendous potential in services as a vital component of economic growth.
Democratic curriculum should provide leisure to the students and facilitate them to use that time profitably.
One of my notes which I would like to share with wikinut
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