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Colours of diamonds vary, this article explores all shades. Diamonds come in any colour. Diamonds which are structurally sound and pure are very rare. None are perfect. All diamonds have chemical impurities and crystal patterns which affect colour and value. Detectable yellow reduce...
There are many different cuts available, and they vary with fashion and practicality. In part one of this series of articles I have looked at the importance of clarity when choosing a diamond. The second part of this series looks at cut.
It has been said that ‘Diamonds are Forever’ and ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’. So whether you are accompanying your fiancée to the jeweller, baffled by all the jargon or just want to know more about these valuable gems, I hope this article will assist you.
A look at the origins of Wedding anniversary names along with some of the meanings.
A new study showed that diamonds are indeed, not forever.
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