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This is a poem about sleep, but also about embracing the things you don’t and can’t understand (the ghost). In a way, it’s about being at peace with your inner world, your dreams, fantasies, and even nightmares; about letting go of fear and accepting that you can’t always be i...
This is part six and is about the same size as a large puddle of despair found on any cinema floor after the romance movie has ended.
John had a dream which he lost all recall of. Here he uses a meditation technique to recall the lost memory of the dream. All of our experiences, including those we have in our nightly dreams, are recorded for us in the Akashic records, by our own souls, and by the souls of other ent...
L.O.V.E. - The ultimate of desirable words. But is it Real?
Even while in prison, Joseph remains faithful to God and continues to prosper.
I had a rather interesting dream recently where the dream scene took place within a foreign country to the one that I live in right now. The people within my dream were talking in their own language around me. This particular dream caused me to ponder on where such dreams might come...
It is about how Jesus the son of God came unto the world to die for our sins.
it was nothing but a watery dream filled with pure hope.
At seventeen years of age Joseph is clearly his father's favorite son, which does not endear him to his brothers. Being a Tattletale and a dreamer causes the cauldron to boil over.
The dried life got the most beautiful chance to reborn again, giving everybody new and fresh hope.
I awake early on Christmas morning and I'm just too excited to go back to sleep.
Sometimes, time is the only one capable to answer the doubts that linger inside of our soul.
I write here of a science fiction that maybe a possibility derived from the invention in MIt of converting thoughts to words
Isaac and Rebekah, afraid that Esau will make good on his threat to kill his brother, send Jacob away to live with his mother's relatives.
Being a herdsman Abraham traveled the region with his flocks and at the time of this happening was living in Gerar. Once again in fear for his life he had told the people that Sarah was his sister, rather than his wife.
I am beginning to have realisations of my own weight issues. Mainly my gut. I must admit I love my food. My wife is an excellent cook and I very much enjoy eating out. I am partial to pan Asian buffets of which I find a delight as well as Lebanese. I also encounter slight respiratory ...
I think that an evil spirit has gotten inside my gums and is boring its way out but mommy says it's called teething - whatever you want to call it - it's definitely no fun!
The dream that you wanted to forget and live behind the mask of nightmare.
Live for yourself. Never let anyone change how you are or what you want to be. Never give up on your dreams. As long as, you are not hurting anyone, it is alright to hold onto your dreams. I wrote this poem after I started writing again.
Adam accepts George and Isabella's invitation to live with them for the remainder of his time at university. He also receives some sad news from home.
short poems .. with deep meaning and feeling and inspiration .. part 1 (more to come) 1) Feeling lost then finding your way ... Love 2) Feeling afraid .. overcome 3) Live you life, follow your dreams
we can never hide from our dreams no matter how long we stay out of it it sing from our inner space
A love poem. A poem about the way thoughts and emotions focus on the one person when we first fall in love.
The autopsy confirmed what everyone had suspected, death by drowning. Ralph’s widow Ruby, now under the watchful care of a psychiatrist, agreed to leave all final arrangements to his parents.
The boundary between waking life and dream consciousness
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