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I’ve been here for nine minutes, and I’m already freaking out. Now, I knew that you were inviting other friends and that your definition of “birthday party” would be different from mine. But seriously. I’m ready to have a panic attack.
I dream only..Most of the time we all dream .....about what others are dreaming of
This is a short story about something very small that managed to radically change the life of a whole town.
On 7 May 2014(1), Linda Rottenberg gave a talk at Stanford University. The Harvard University and Yale Law School graduate turned CEO(2) was there “on the eve of the launch of her new book (…) called 'Crazy is a compliment' ”(3). The piece has been available since October 2014....
Stan has a strange dream. He sees a girl walk into the ocean.
Felipe visits the minister's stateroom but refuses an invitation to spend the night and returns to the room that he shares with three others. His thoughts return to his sexual preferences and he becomes angry until he has another visit from Andrew.
This poem actually came to me as a song. It is hard for me to read it without thinking the lines in the context of the melody. I always wonder how it comes off when one reads it without that context.
Being human with reasoning ability, we take it for granted that we can expect better times afterlife, whatever it means and in whichever form. The Creator, however, keeps his cards close to his chest – keep dreaming and hoping is his refrain with hints that it depends on us entirely...
This article is an analysis of a dream that I had recently. The dream is described, and then its interpretation is found by a method that might sound unusual to you at first, but which in fact is one that I think that probably most all of us can do.
Stan has a flashback. It is a mystery. Who is the woman?
I'll wait for you tonight, to exploit the joy of seeing you, wrapped in love and burning desire, longing to mix your scent with my essence.
Sometimes life turns out to be a disappointment when you realize you haven't achieved much and forgot about dreams a long time ago. Still, if you pay close attention, you might become reacquainted with that aspiration inside that tells you to dream again, to fulfill your potential.
This poem portrays starvation of a dog. It portrays how he imagines the food saw in his dream.Though it is just a bone but that thing delights the poor animal sleeping hungry!!!
The fall..As winter is about the fall becomes stout to lead the pathway so as to enable all to indoors stay for the next months till May Dreams are a manifestation of mind’s perception in silence
Felipe considers pretending that he has feelings for Mona in the hope that it might develop into the real thing.
While his logical mind tries to convince him otherwise, Felipe is certain that he has received a message from Andrew.
Ever had a bad dream?? Well I had one too (infact many!). I decided to jot it down and ended up writing a poem! Hope you all enjoy reading my poem!
A moment in time wherein you want to know what's really in the heart of your former love even if years has passed.
Felipe remains in a dilemma. He cannot understand his feelings for Rodney and is angry with God for making him this way.
Read why the Fantasy Genre intrigues me as an author more so than any other genre. Many don't know how riveting and inspirational this genre is. New worlds await...fantasy can take you anywhere if you just believe...
This is a short story about Lita, a young woman who on her teens began to be tormented everyday by some very vivid nightmares.
a piece written about somebody i loved and forever lost
No matter how nice you dreame, you steel must to awake at some point.
Have you ever wondered how few dreams can change your life.
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