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It's not beeing a lot of time since the last time i came to france. But driving here, is insane!
After many years of driving passing my test at 17, the age you can drive in the UK I decided to give it up because of the cost of driving in the UK.
Britain's older drivers are under attack, but is this fair or is it ageism by any other name?
This page is about our Driving Experiences and learning process of driving
A short fiction story about a driving test. Hope you enjoy it folks!
A rather unconventional yet realistic guide on how to pass your driving test!
GOD'S GIFT!! A must read for any road users!!! TOP SAFETY TIPS AND WAYS TO AVOID TROUBLE!! *** (Contains flippancy and may not actually help)
Having operational lights and blinkers is a must for safe driving
This is what happens when the Universe really doesn't want you to do something.
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