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The Eden Project offers a fascinating day out in Cornwall, England, as well as being an important scientific research facility
The federal government of Canada supports the building of a pipeline 4,500 km long which would carry bitumen from the Tar Sands in Alberta through 5 provinces to new Brunswick to be exported overseas. The contribution to green house gases and the potential for spills will be enormous.
Willie Nelson has joined forces with the Natural Resources Defense Council to produce a public-service television spot which is a powerful indictment of mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia.
Wolves are necessary to the health of the ecosystem of North America, but clueless authorities still allow the slaughter of these magnificent animals.
The atmosphere, planet, earth, soil, ecology, land, biodiversity, flora and fauna were there since the very beginning of time, but then came human, who claimed the dominance over all the creations of nature. This act of dominance has had everlasting alterations on the entire surroundi...
Introduction: The event of global warming has posed alarming challenges that prompt us to address our day to day household inefficiencies. But there are easy steps that every individual can take to offset the severity of global warming.
The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is the largest solar thermal plant that built to provides power to parts of Northern California, US. If fully functioning, this renewable energy project will produce around 377 megawatts of energy.
When there are no more bees to pollinate our crops, then we will have no crops, We cannot live without bees.
The Western Himalayas region is the largest snow field of the world. The tiger, elephant, leopard and man y species of deer are found in this region.
Scientists aren't sure what the carrying capacity for the earth but the have three factors why it is rapidly increasing.
This article will talk about the goals of ecology and environmental science.
Comforting ourselves with material things has mortally injured Mother Earth and will ultimately lead to our suicide if we do not learn to find the source of love within.
Western Patriarchal Societies have Suppressed the Divine Feminine for so long they Cannot Relate to the Earth as a living Being in need of Care. Converts believe they can live in a technological universe,but the tide is turning and the Goddess is returning.
The importance of natural resources and natural services are a necessary part if life on earth to support humans, animals, and plants.
A Poem about the Ancient Hopi Prophecy of the, "Rainbow Warriors" and how they will Band Together to Save the Earth
Ecology is an important field of science. Today, studying ecology is the need of the hour.
This article is based on research from the Smithsonian Institute on how cats are preying on the songbird population.
Poetical rant about the state of things on the planet.
A pantoum poem in didactic flavor urging us to heed our responsibility as stewards of planet Earth.
Some Nat Geo channel inspired thoughts on why even the littlest actions matter.
The American media feeds us every last detail about the lives of celebrities like the Kardashians, but it fails to tell us anything about what really matters.
It is perhaps for that reason that we ought to really think about the earth we inhabit, and the damage out thoughtless actions as a species have been inflicting upon it for several centuries now
This aquatic system is a sum of nature and biotechnologies designed to navigate European rivers between the Danube and Volga, between Rhine and Guadalquivir, or also between Euphrates and Tiger
Carboniferous is a period referred to at times as the age of the cockroach because the most common insect fossils are those of these insects, found world-wide.
Believe it or not, the world’s great woodlands supply 1.6 billion people with a means of earning a living, storing within themselves more than 25 gigatons of carbon.
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