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A poetic synopsis and critical view in the civilized man and its ethical decline.
How does Huxley's dystopic novel mirror the society we live in today?
This is a narrative in which I ask many questions about the issue of morality and provide no answers. There may not be any answers at the ready, and each of us can only answer for oneself anyway.
It's all about measuring the employee performance by marking grades and promoting the right person to the right place to the Organization for a mutual growth.
I live life in my way and my Ethics, you may go for some other of your own...
Animals are beings that deserve the same level of ethical treatment as humans.
Business Ethics in real world scenarios as conducted by Ayn Rand's business principles. Are these ethical practices?
People might disagree or have reservation about my observations, but you can't deny the fishy tricks that the bankers do; inadvertently?- No way!
There are a lot of idiomatic expressions used in business and this one trully proves to be of use.
Today, doing the right thing if we are Set Apart in our thinking can sometimes go against the grain of job duties; which in turn become difficult when dealing with employers. Workplace Ethics is the consideration for some, where employees are faced with harsh criticism and judgement f...
With the workforce going more and more global, it is important to have the skills to communicate effectively, including non-verbally.
Ethics is regarded as a set of principles of human conduct which is governed by the different behavior of individuals. Ethical psychology is a situation that grants option which involves choice between equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive
I explain when it is proper to be ethical and the fundamentals of morality.
Even coming from mostly a scientific perspective we can gain insights from the realm of religion.
Social networking and virtual communities are changing the way businesses communicate, especially if it is from a distance.
These days it seems the world is becoming more and more global and it is becoming more and more important to be able to communicate with people from other cultures.
Moral values are acceptable norms in any community and the world at large, but this days there exist certain setback in the way and manner we uphold it in the society. There is a downward decline and notable changes in morals that has mandated this writing.
The most important thing you can do in life is to be kind, use common courtesy and try always to tell the truth. In all walks of life, whether its business or in your personal life, always be true to these principles. Being merciful, loving and kind to all things (except blood suckers...
working a blue collar job with corporate jags at the top? this page is for you and i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it. If this doesn't make you piss yourself nothing will trust me.
The success of a web project is often considered to be the future parameter of judgment for your clients. However, it takes enough experience for one to pin-point factors that can be considered as determinants of a successful project. I use my industry experience to list down certain ...
Dealing with other people in the office is part of the challenges of being an employee. Here are some ways to achieve a favorable attitude in the office and have a good working relationship with others.
People are caught in the middle of politics and government stupidity.
Production should never be an end by itself, but rather a means toward and end, where the end is consumption with ethics. Production, where an end by itself, creates destruction, calls for excessive waste, is unethical, and serves only the profiteers.
Today is "The Great Online Shopping Festival." There is much hype about online shopping, but Iin India, the customer is not the king but a victim.
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