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Having written the C.H.E. (Council Of Higher Education) exams Adam returns home to fish with his father during the summer. In August he learns that not only has he passed the exams but that he has won the District Government Scholarship.
Some educationalists argue that non-exam, arts-based subjects, such as music, drama, art and craft, should be compulsory in the secondary-school curriculum. They believe that activities such as these can improve overall academic performance.
English is the only compulsory subject at Year 12. So why do so many students performance does not meet the required level? What can be done to overcome this problem? Read on
My personal philosophy of education most closely relates to the philosophy of progressivism and pragmatism. The textbook definition of progressivism is “a student-centered philosophy of education that focuses on a curriculum that is of interest to students.” I believe that student...
[p align="justify"]Preparing for any licensure examination is a grueling task. It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest exam of your life. If you intend to pass it the first time you take it and make the most out of your time, effort and other resources, you have to heed the advic...
Felipe and Mona's thoughts turn to the fact that this may be their last year in Southern Arm.
Mona and Felipe are in Harbour Duffett for the grade ten exams. Mona and Ada are once again sharing a room while Felipe is given a room with two new boys.
It is the last night in Harbour Duffet, exams are over and everyone has one last evening walking around the community. Back in their bedroom, Felipe becomes emotional.
The CHE exams have started and although a little nervous at the beginning, Felipe soon settles into the routine. Andrew helps him study for the math exams but Felipe has problems concentrating.
Although I am certified physician I am once more studying for exams in an effort to further my career and improve my practice. Here are se thoughts on studying for exams.
Every student faces exam stress. what we need to learn is how to tackle this stress and live life king size!
In the 21st century, it is rather unfortunate that the society judges people by the level of education they have acquired. It is thus somewhat important to get good grades in your education while also learning as much as you can.
SSC Results are the most awaited results by the students in india. Students expect to score over 84% also expect to get admission in good colleges. But the less availability is a big worry for students.
An argumentative essay on the importance placed on exams in our education system.
Life is a continual learning curve,. We may think after studying at school for years, and then going on to University we know it all, but our whole life will be rich with experiences, and we can learn from them, and become so much wiser.
Suffering from exam fever? stressful? Don't worry! i will help you. Read on! In this article i am going to share with you best study tips available no where else. I have shared a secret technique, most students never know about it, although it is right under your nose! Follow the tips...
Every student suffers from so called "exam fear", because of this exam fear most students will never do well in exams or they will have to do much hard work , although good grades can be accomplished easily.This article is written for serious ambitious students.If you want to have go...
When I were a little boy who doesn't still know anything about studying this is how I felt on how the boy (me) turn out to be.
The way gcse's are examined negatively affects grades and suitability for jobs.
This is page is about how to create desired results for good marks in your exams through meditation.
While putting chores and jobs away to be completed later seem to be the easy thing to do, it ends up putting us in more difficult situation.
This article is about the Postponed Exams during our school/college days
This article is about working while studying and organizing our time
This page is about school day exams and our exam fears
Society has expected people to fulfill its own demands without considering ones potential and area of interest. Students suffer the most in such societies where parents, friends,peer , neighbors everyone is expecting the most unexpected part of you.
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