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Your constant quest for perfection is taking a toll on you. Your stress level rises with all you must do. You've spent your time being the perfect person, or trying to. Something's got to give or change. We live in an imperfect world, so why expect perfection in ourselves? What foll...
The LORD a Refuge and Defense--For the choir director, A Psalm of David.
This is a Prayer for the Overthrow of the Wicked as He gives rest to the afflicted.
This about the LORD's Glory and Man's Dignity; for the choir director; on the Gittith; A Psalm of David.
Short story fusing memory and fiction around life and family...
Are you finding enough time to spend with your family every day?
There are many observances in the United States. One of the least celebrated, but one that typifies the foundation upon which this nation is built is Family Week.
this article show that families have to love their brothers and also their friends who have to become their new blood brothers
A poem about two female cousins and how close their relationship is. It's a story of masking memories that last a lifetime.
A story born from real life experiences from voices withing the HD community.
It is said that happiness cannot be measured by success. You can be successful and be famous but still feel empty and alone. But we can have both success and happiness at the same time if we just live to the fullest. Because you may exist but still do not really live.
Not all hospital stays are bad some can be funny as you will see here in this lite hearted story of a boy his dad and a coffee maker.
Do you know someone that is or was the favorite grandchild of their grandma and can do no wrong in her eyes?
Things that have helped me come to terms with the big 50
This editorial is based on my experience and what I have observed over 50 years about the negative effects of the “Women’s Liberation Movement.” I was actually around when it all got started!!
I studied the Human Mind over three generations...and a generation is thirty years now I speak with some authority..believe it or not 'tis up to you all individually
Many psychologists believe that too much time spent in front of video games can cause a young person to lose touch with reality! Are Americans faced with having to pay the piper (so to speak) for using video games as glorified “Baby Sitters?”
Christmas seems to be a season where there is so much pressure in the boiling pot, yet there are many that suggest a need to move to a more basic holiday season and lose many of the excesses we see at this time of year. Is it time we seek a simpler and more family oriented holiday sea...
Family as we say is very important to our lives. Generations nowadays forget to have family bonding due to work, school, activities and any other reasons. But don't forget to have quality time with your family because this is also a way to show importance to each other. Continue this ...
This article gives the importance of the habits which we inherited from our family members
all about how parents deal with their child and how emotional support is important
This page is about the family relationship and importance of the family bond
This review is about the last lecture given by a man who had only a few more months to live as he was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer. The last lecture given by him did not focus on dying ; rather it focused on how to live and how to achieve your childhood dreams. Such is the uniquenes...
Kids love to help in the kitchen but it can be dangerous for them to help with the entire meal at times. Here are a couple of recipes they can help with and it can be an adventure discovering new and different snack treats.
Having your own business can be very rewarding for many reasons. However, there are a lot of things you need to consider and learn how to do if your going to be successful and especially if you have smaller children at home.
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