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This post has been written about the country way of life before the land enclosure laws enforced in the late eighteenth century. This part of our history is not well documented. This era is a passion of mine as the lands were free and opened there were many more plants and flowers, ma...
These days it seems that more people want to go to work somewhere other than the family farm and all aspects of rural life seem to be changing.
An introduction to me, Maggles. I hope you will Begin to get to know me through this summary.
This is a poem about animals on a farm that get abused in the most horrible way.
As my babies provide me such love, laughter and fun every day - and also comfort when I need it - I thought I’d share a page all about them - who they are, photos of the lovely gals and guys - and well, just a page of my chickens, turkeys, guineas, pigs, and the kid of course!
It just seems that Nature always finds a way to keep things in balance.
What is a hair sheep? Why would somebody want a sheep that does not have wool? What are the uses of a hair sheep? What are the benefits of keeping hair sheep?
Llamas and Alpacas use to be rare and expensive outside their native South America, but now their price has dropped and pretty much anyone with some land can keep them as pets. Llamas and Alpacas are often used to guard sheep and goats. Knowing how to look after them is important.
'Bugging out' means to flee danger. And when you need to bug out, you need a means to do so, and a place to go.
German farmer has been flooded with offers after he hung a sign outside his farm indicating that he was looking for a wife.
Spiritual poetry. Mother Nature Speaks is poem that speaks the truth, so if you don't like the truth, then you must have the wrong page.
Damsel gets his first sight of the Buffalo River, and Grayville Ridge.
The longest trip our family ever took was from Illinois to New Mexico, in our old green four-door car, filled to the brim with food, drinks and suitcases. Getting ready to go was a crazy time and the trip was not an ordinary one.
How interdependent are farmers and consumers? This page takes a little time to show the connection and interdependence of the people who grow the food with the people who consume the food.
Life on Friendly Farm is not always friendly, as some animals can be selfish.
You can pet a goat, sip some cider and watch the leaves change from the back of a hay ride while visiting Iron Kettle Farm in Upstate New York. Find out why people flock to the farm every October.
The judges were wowed by his original approach to energy use and ability to turn an expensive, energy-consuming process on his 204ha arable farm into an innovative, money-saving solution, already being replicated by other farmers across the country.
Some information on Newts in relation to my little trip out into the fields in search of these adorable little amphibians.
I go to my aunts house every now and then. She has lots of things to do to take away my boredom. It's no wonder I would like to go visit her again
Receiving a gift is a wonderful thing, unless that gift is something that scares you, then it is not so wonderful. What maybe a wonderful gift to you may not be so wonderful to the person receiving the gift.
A Roundel poem about life on the farm. I grew up on a farm and have fond memories of it. I loved living in the country where you did not have to have a gun under your pillow. You could sleep with your doors open.
To make healthier live, we must consume organic food.
If the weathered and rusted one-furrow plough which I found the other day among the rubble on a table at a farmyard rummage sale, could think and speak, it would be able to produce a front page scoop for a newspaper.
Last week one of our ewes had triplets, only days later another ewe had twins. The new twins look like baby cows.
This article is about some of the pets that you can keep outdoors. Not everyone wants pets in their house so why not get an outdoor only pet. Also learn why cats and most dogs should not be outdoor only pets.
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