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This is an essay about farming and organic farming.
This post has been written about the country way of life before the land enclosure laws enforced in the late eighteenth century. This part of our history is not well documented. This era is a passion of mine as the lands were free and opened there were many more plants and flowers, ma...
to fill the time off work we fished was a very pleasant thing, we do not need a large area to start planting, use of vacant land surrounding the home page is an interesting thing. we can start by planting vegetables and seasonings for cooking needs, at least, can save money shopping b...
“My daughter has gone organic, so I bought an organic turkey for Thanksgiving. It cost twice as much as a regular turkey and tastes no better, but it made her happy to know it was organic.“ My friend lamented the misguided longings of her daughter, who was steeped in the Kool Ai...
This post contains some semi-graphic content displaying a portion of the slaughter of a hog. Reader discretion is advised. The Tale of the Hog is not for the squeamish or sensitive. If this type of discussion/content disturbs you, you might want to move along to something else instead...
Until about 12000 years ago, people everywhere were constantly on the move. They covered huge distances hunting wild animals and collecting wild plants to eat. They often lived in caves or in makeshift shelters. Then an extraordinary thing happened that changed their lives forever: th...
Indian villages offer an exciting time to all those who have grown up in luxury and comfort. A trip to the village offers insight into village life.
A poetic observation of coffee farmers in El Salvador in the Lago de Coatepeque region. Travel observations and experiences of El Salvador in 2013, shared through the fusion of poetry and photography.
How interdependent are farmers and consumers? This page takes a little time to show the connection and interdependence of the people who grow the food with the people who consume the food.
Summer is coming. Everybody is happy but oops! Someone is not. He is used to the cold. Who is it? Read 'The Dying Boots' to find out for yourself! But Summer is also time to harvest many crops. What has the author faced this year. Find out by reading 'Slipping Luck'.
Sara loved nature, she also loved working on her farm, which has being in her family for generations. But as much as she cared for it, the farm was in bad shape and needed cash, so Sara juggles between jobs, tending to the farm, as well as working as a research assistant. All these s...
Life on Friendly Farm is not always friendly, as some animals can be selfish.
You can pet a goat, sip some cider and watch the leaves change from the back of a hay ride while visiting Iron Kettle Farm in Upstate New York. Find out why people flock to the farm every October.
Large corporate farms have taken over our and almost made the local independent farmer practically extinct. And our imported food has only intensified the growing number of health related concerns.
Being stuck at a low elo and being matched with either trolls or feeders is demoralizing and frustrating. The following article will outline some tips which should help you get on your way to a higher elo.
this has some websites and business that could help with raisng crops or raisng plants
Reviewed here are some of the innovative technological advances that have impacted farming in America through computer usage. The article reflects on how farming has evolved within the past half century.
A Roundel poem about life on the farm. I grew up on a farm and have fond memories of it. I loved living in the country where you did not have to have a gun under your pillow. You could sleep with your doors open.
This is my first public attempt at a Roundel poem. I hope I don't mess it up too badly but I'm just learning this style.
This page describes my life on a small farm in Gilmer County West Virginia USA.
Agriculture is one of the subjects that you will undergo here in the Philippines when you are in High School.
Villa Escudero first established in 1872 by Don Placido Escudero couple, later it was developed by their child as tourist resort.
Britte relay of US developed window farming concept by waste plastic bottles (Used plastic bottles)
This is a short tribute poem about a wee dog called Jack.
Discussing urban farming and how it is beneficial to you and your community
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