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This is about the nightly trip most of us take and the journey to get back safe when things are too dark to see.
this a list of some of the most ridiculous and funniest robbery cases to ever took place around the world
A funny story about buying line for a line trimmer, and being caught on the hook of a salesman.
One of the many stories of my lovable dog Petey...... his crazy antics and his big heart.
A humorous story about the day that I spent managing my old friend Jack's second-hand book shop.
We all have to live with our neighbours, and their ways. This article shows us that sometimes these ways are made worse by our own interpretation of them, especially if we are viewing what is happening to us from a: "They shouldn't be doing that to me attitude."
This is a funny true story. About painting a fat lady's house. It's not a nice name for a title, but you know what she was not a nice lady. Maybe it was her up bringing. Either way it was messed up. So now when I think about it . It's funny.
Reality check. Freedom to write. Crush at first sight. Puppy love. Expressing oneself. Interesting. Be youRself to be on top.
Shopping online is the best way to shop. The stores scare me too much.
A day at work that is all too rare. Yes it is silly but it could happen. A poem of humor.
Very simply I am going to write silly poetry and hope to put a smile on someone that is having a bad day.
What are some crazy things your mother or father taught you when you were a kid that you look back on with amazement today?
Just a short humorous story on people and what kind there are.
Falling in love means long walks along the beach, candle-lit meals; and a hissing cat upset about visiting the veterinarian. This is a tongue in cheek look at how my husband and I keep our love alive.
it is a short story which arouses susupence in reader and and ends with smile on the face of readers.
Cats, Funny Stories, Experience from my own cat,He thinks he is part human part dog part rabbit1 He always seems to amaze me. He is the best cat in the world to me.
Children at my daughters Primary school are constantly bringing forbidden items such as money, mobile phones and make-up. Last week my eyes nearly popped out of my head when my daughter told me what her classmate brought in to share with the class.
Admit it. Everyone wants to catch a mermaid, if only to say they have done it. So if you are curious and want to know what the tactics are, here is what you do to catch yourself a mermaid.
Part two of the jokes, wit and sayings to give you a break from hectic schedules of life and take a look at the lighter side of life
A funny short fiction story about a dinner party. Hope you enjoy it folks!
When my husband suggested we retire to Lubbock, Texas, I was surprised. When I found out why, it all made sense. He's a man after all.
The new Pocket sized Tazer Stun Gun, a dazzling gift for your wife. Last week my coleague from work had purchased his wife a pocket Tazer for her birthday, this is his story:
Visitors to Gus' Fried Chicken Restaurant in Collierville, TN are greeted every morning by a rooster who makes a special trip and gives them a rousing cock-a-doodle-do. That's why this chicken is crossing the road.
I say we got the baked potato all wrong. He is more noble than we.
We all have those days when we open our mouths and blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. It seems to me I have more of those than most. Here's a few examples of those "foot-in-the-mouth" times.
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