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Originally penned in 2005 just after Hurricane Katrina but never published, this poem shows that in 8 years same-sex marriage equality has progressed to 13 US states and Washington DC., but there are still 37 to go . . .
I travel down memory lane as I summarize how I've grown into my spiritual skin through the years learning to fly (as it were) from my baptist roots to the comfort zone where I now find myself.
As my husband receives his first promotion to manage his first motel, we begin our "Southwest Tour." Thus begins his reputation of fixing up one motel and its staff after another . . . leading us to our ultimate destination.
A lot of pieces begin to fall into place for me after I begin my online bromance with the big tall fella from El Paso named Lane who introduces me to the United Church of Christ. My spiritual side starts getting fed again . . . and so naturally my heart follows . . .
Gay marriage, is a subject of inconsequense far as my mind goes....Am I being different again
This story is true, based on the experiences of myself as well as close friends and family. I grew up in a small town in California which tends to be very conservative, I also grew up knowing that I was bisexual. This story explains what California's proposition 8 meant to me, my frie...
Obama Visited Africa in the past one week, He left places turned upside down and others with hope that future is bright
A couple of months back, UK legalized gay marriage within its territory. I was happy hearing it because everyone on earth has the right to love and to be loved. No matter what’s his or her orientation, marriage means union of two loving souls.
This page summarizes what this preacher believes is the decline of America due to the ever increasing number of states that are allowing gay marriages and the fact that throughout history God has shown consistently that He would not tolerate such behavior.
A unique celebration spontaneously erupted in New Zealand's Parliament after gay marriage was legalized.
If you think the world will go to hell in a hand basket should gays be allowed to marry, then you should watch this speech.
America's government is transforming America to an end-time Sodom and Gomorrah. Are there any consequences to this folly? Read this article.
“I would not compromise my principles for politics. You’re saying, will it become politically unpopular to have the position I’m having? If it does, so be it. I don’t compromise my principles for politics.” - Chris Christie
America and the world are accepting and legitimizing gay marriage. Are there grounds for challenging this immoral movement? Yes and this article boldly declares what the grounds for contention are.
The decision of the president to openly support same-sex marriage will have a negative affect on the sanctity of the institution of marriage, on the morality of the country and on the future lives of our children.
Most Christians oppose gay marriage. Their strong opposition is often misinterpreted as hatred, in fact, it is love that motivates them.
A pastor in North Carolina thinks he knows how to prevent kids from being gay.
In Texas, a Judge is refusing to marry straight people.
The only rationale California’s Ninth Circuit could come up with for hammering Proposition 8 was that those who voted for it must have felt “animosity” toward the disadvantaged. This is weak minded and absurd.
The heated public discussion, debate and even drama over gay rights, especially marriage, masks the fact that throughout our society there are groups of people, namely the disabled, who suffer far more than your average LGBT person. Why are they forgotten? Discrimination is discrimina...
What determines a family: Is it the traditional one-man/one- woman for a lifetime, like many Christian believers agree on, or will it go to same-sex couples too? Who determines who has the right to be in love?
For many years we have had the traditional family where a man and woman who decide to become one and start a family. Now days, in an age of divorce and gay marriage, what does a family consist of?
A funny encounter one night between two men.This one's so Gay.
A case for the legalization of same sex marriage in the US.
The separation of Church and state protects people on all sides of the ideological spectrum. Without it, Democracy can be rendered pointless. When the rights of the gay community (tax paying and law abiding citizens) are removed because religious folk don't like what they do in thei...
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