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In chapter VIII, The Mythology of Love, Joseph Campbell discusses the five degrees of love, as set forth in the Indian tradition. I think you will be surprised by his conclusions.
This poem is for anyone who loves walking and always find relief and feel stronger after a walk this is for you if you are on a journey to understand, not that I do but this is a poem of feeling the ground and Gods Love thank you Peace and Love
This is a poem about lies we tell ourselves or lies we believe this goes all the way back to creation a poem for anyone who wants to find truth
Some say it is a had world to live in, while others seem to find their way without problems.
The principle of tithing is the basic New Testament standard of stewardship. God has called you into his service and there is work to be done.
Are we really going to take birth again. I had no answer. i was confused myself. "maybe"i said, "we might reincarnate" He asked me again - "tell me pratik, Are we really going to be taking again the form of a human?Will i be able to meet my family again.... " Know more about the cycle...
The Bible teaches that there is only one way to get to Heaven, through Jesus Christ.
Jesus made Heaven possible for everyone. By simply asking forgiveness of your sins, Heaven is just a prayer away
In God’s company!We all live at God's mercy But then why should any God have mercy We all are his..
This article explains what Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is and how it happens.
Our duty as Christians, it is to fulfill the Great Commission. We are to “go into all the world” and share the Good News; we are to share how God has worked in our lives. Sharing our testimony is the easy part; leading someone to Christ, on the other hand, can be intimidating for ...
And who is God..A creativity of mind we often mix religion and god and faith belief... You are free to do so
God is like a wind, god is like the water and the skies and god is like a fire. Like a father he allowed all our being wicked and disobedient for a time, but if we have gone too far, like a father he needs to discipline us and he need to show his anger too.
We have to follow God Rule to seek his success those where God rules.
How many times have we looked skyward and asked God, "why?!" Now think: How many times have you waited for a response?
This post speculates onanswering some questions that we have all ask at one time or another.
This article speculates on some answers to some pressing questions that many people have ask at one time or another.
This post focuses on a few questions most thinking people have ask at sometimes during their lifetime.
You're worthy, don't let anyone tell you aren't, people will come in and walk out of your life, but one thing remains, the love of Christ Jesus. Today you may be lonely but put your trust in Him and He will bring you the right people into your life, you need friends yes but you need t...
creating a G O D ....God is the creation of an ignorant mind ...who thought the easiest path to solve all problems to place everything in the laps of G O D
My initial poem on time and god has been well taken few have spoke so this additional continuum for those left in the dodrums
I have always asked of you where is God ...No one has yet given any substantial evidence except this poem..
Global warming increasing anxieties, nuclear threat growing at a rapid pace, human nerves are fraying and coming to the end of their tether. Many people are asking the important question, are we living in the end times?
I am a Christian and my faith heavily influences my writing. I have begun to wonder whether or not predestination is a Biblical concept, and as I begin to lean towards believing in predestination, it leaves me with many questions. This poem strikes at the heart of my questioning. Can ...
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