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Everyone wants to have at least a university in their studying life. However, attending university is not the only way to get success. And below are the three reasons to prove that point.
Should high shool graduates spend one year doing a certain job before continuing their study at university?
Some politicians can deceive the people for more than half a century. Others are not that lucky.
This personal guide to landing a job is designed to help all those people who are in various stages of their job search. It acts as an encouragement and offers handy tips on what to do to increase your chances of landing the right job for you.
While cities are overcrowded, there are many towns pray of weeds, rats and rubbish. This is the story of some educated people whose main aim was to give a town back its past splendour, if not more.
Tis the season for receiving diplomas. New graduates may not realize how much they have to learn about life. Here are some tips that I wish somebody had told me when I graduated.
This is about our picnic today for the Adult Basic Education Priogram of Wood County West Virginia and also about the graduation of my son at McKinley Elementary School in Parkersburg West Virginia.
"Every end comes a fresh start." I guess every body knows this famous line especially the graduates. Every time I see a graduation ceremony, I always look at the students faces and see different emotions reflected in their eyes. Some are happy, some are gloomy but all of them are pro...
New article published in response to The Guardian's depressing video broadcast last week subtly but quite clearly stirring moral panic over the career prospects of 2012 UK grads. Although the employment situation has obviously been better, I equally do not feel doomed to life in a cal...
Stumbling across this image on the internet, normally I’d just skip on past and get on with my evening. But instead, it just bugged me. Mainly because as a newly released graduate giving a half-hearted attempt at a ‘productive’ day I’d still only reached step two – ‘I can...
This page is about finishing the graduation and celebrating our convocation day
This story is reminiscent of the times we spent on our 29 acre farmette hunting, fishing, shooting and kayaking with our three grandchildren who all will be graduating High School this June 2012.
My congratulations to all graduating students, this a message that you must read.
Unemployed graduates must improve their skills in various ways to gain experience and get up to date knowledge.
Graduate school is a school with the highest educational background and attainment that a certain student must know or further have cognizance about. It constitutes an advanced program of study focused on a particular academic discipline or profession. It is a school that awards advan...
Finding jobs for graduates in the UK is harder now than it ever has been before, but there are some tips that can help you stand out from the crowd.
Whether its magazines, books or newspapers, the publishing industry is a shark tank. Work experience is beyond essential if you stand a chance of breaking into these media hubs; starting out myself I have already experienced first-hand the ruthless nature of this selection process and...
The world through the eyes of a new university graduate
Your on a high and full of confidence after graduating, however the realisation of the job search can drag you down. Here's some tips and helpful information.
Why there are substantial unemployment in Malaysia for fresh graduate?
Graduation Gown and Cap comes with a variety of types and categories. Now we will come across on the Master’s degree academic regalia. This kind of graduation gown comes with a lightweight and comfortable cap, Deluxe Hoods, Fluting, Self-Repairing Zippers, and have black fabric.
In near the beginning of the medieval period, each and every one of the students at the teaching institutions special in the universities were in at least not a minor prerequisite, and were required to put on clerical dress or the cappa, and constrained the wearing of any dark color a...
In every life of a student, making things work is her/his primary goal. Years of training and developing the one’s potential is the antidote of her/his sleepless nights. The role is to get the highest grade as possible, and if she/he breaks the role the comfort of friends is the sea...
The Deluxe Bachelor’s Gown is the top of the line, it is has a quality Bachelor's regalia, it has the finest quality fabric and best workmanship, a very full cut, it falls in an elegant folds and it is suitable to both male and female,
In the United States, there is an Inter – Collegiate code which is the basis of the academic dresses use in some of universities, colleges and other teaching institution in their graduation events. By this code the dresses are detailed which became the standard of some school, unive...
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