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Were in the world to all the people go after they die. So many people die each year.
I wrote this article as part of the requirement for a wonderful online course I took called "42daysofwriting." This course taught us how to write in the flow of consciousness genre letting my ideas flow on paper without reservation.
I attended the wedding ceremony of a friend yesterday and as i watched her during the events, a version of what her thoughts, feelings etc may be came to my mind. I made up this fictional story seeing things through "her" eyes.
This article is about hope. It asks the question can all hope ever be all ever lost? This question is poetically examined here within a number of short poems, My short answer is though, that all hope cannot be ever all lost. As with love, and faith, we always retain a portion of hope...
A poem; Sometimes life can feel confusing, we may lose or way. But hope will always pull us though, and brighten even the darkest day.
“Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” -J.R.R Tolkien This is a poem inspired, to keep our dreams safe from the stour, let tranquility seep into the stirrings of our hopes.
Hope always takes us to new horizons. It gives reassurance, it inspires us to start afresh after a dark night. So keep hope in your pocket and move on in life!
3 things I practice as a Christian, hope, prayer and dealing with tribulations or mostly difficult times. The tribulations in my life are normally very real and difficult for me but God helps me through them. God will help you too.
our natural eyes can always not show us what we need to see. what we see determines how much we work. what we see determines our vision learn more from the outstanding poem on how to see
What is needed to reach a hope, keeps trying and does not despair; if all these efforts seem always fail, maybe what to do is find a way swivel and enjoy the process.
Eastern European people may have been craving for freedom, but on the Western Hemisphere, freedom of speech is allowed while we don't criticize or attack the system.
My boys were growing up and turning into hopefully the men Mark and I envisioned them to be. Their teenage years were not always easy, would they make it through? Each one of them would have to lean on God for all the decisions they were about to make. This is where I had to let go a...
This is the verse-journal for February 4, 2015. It sums the emotions at this time.
A representation of wishful thinking, of hope for brighter days to come, for winter's frozen embrace to leave us and for the bloom of beautiful spring days to shower our days with color.
Yea, throw the violence out. Your efforts towards this subject are never is vain. It may not happen drastically but change is change no matter how small. I don't want to perpetuate an idea. I hate the concept of false hope. For if we can't find answers to whatever we're fighting for, ...
A brand new day was there...Soon, the dark nightmares would be only a very distant memory destined to get lost into the dust of time.
Excitement was in the air for us five children! 78 year old Memere was coming to live with us, Even though she was my mom's mother we did not know her very well, Will this be our opportunity to really get to know her, or will an unforeseen tragedy get in our way.
We hear so many people say that we can accomplish anything as long as we believe in ourselves and remain positive. This is wonderful advice, but following this belief is not always an east task. Besides self-confidence and a positive outlook, there are four other necessary attributes ...
No, not everything was suddenly perfect. But that magical night, everybody felt a little happier and a bit more hopeful than before.
My prayer to Jesus during this restless time to grant me blessings.
"With every spring springs the Springtime of new hopes." This poem is a basic declaration of new love.
This is a short story about something very small that managed to radically change the life of a whole town.
This poem shares about the different moods of love.It also gives you joy and inspiration.
This poem relates about hope beyond hope.It also shares some struggles in the past and such struggles led the person to succeed.
This devotional journal will help you build a closer relationship with the Lord. The words of encouragement, are filled with compassion and love, and will remind us that the Lord is listening, and He cares about even our smallest need.
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