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"Eh... we just sort of see a flower." That lily without the right amount of sun. Without the right amount of rain. It still sprouts. It still remains.
A word of encouragement to strengthen you as you press your way through the trials of life.
A word of encouragement to inspire you as you walk with the Lord
A short, brief overview of the strengths and weaknesses of power. Still, with underlying hope and a desperate call for unity.
Our beautiful first born! All through his young years he struggled to find a meaning for his life. Always searching for his own self-worth and happiness. He needed to feel a sense of belonging. It seemed nothing Mark and I could do was right for him. Will he eventually find what he wa...
This poem is about how we forget about our dreams when we grow up. The dreams we had as children. Life just sucks our dreams and imagination, the only thing left for us to consider is how to get through with work. How to exist in life. This poem is to show how children still see the d...
A word of encouragement to strengthen and comfort you as you walk with the Lord
A poem of societal truth. We shouldn't get comfortable with being looked down upon. See through the media and any other form of distraction. Look in the mirror to find your truth.
My boys were growing up and turning into hopefully the men Mark and I envisioned them to be. Their teenage years were not always easy, would they make it through? Each one of them would have to lean on God for all the decisions they were about to make. This is where I had to let go a...
Stigma has increased in our society in recent years. We need to look at this issue from all angles, and point people in the right direction. It may be they need to seek treatment, they may need some guidance, or even a kind word. Whatever the case may be, some acceptance and tolerance...
Here's a fictional look into the spiritual realm. These types of things may not be as far-fetched as some of us would like to think.
The following article is sad at best. 2 young men in a horrid car accident, critically wounded. I share the next day in our lives, mostly for therapy for myself to help me deal and remain stable emotionally, part to ask for prayers. Please, pray for these boys, and for their family.
A word of encouragement to strengthen you as you walk with the Lord
Wow! As the boys were growing up it was getting harder and harder to raise them. They were very independent, and it seemed that any advice from us would only cause more strife in the home. What to do? We had to let go and let God, which was not an easy thing to do at times, especially...
"No real social change has ever been brought about without a revolution... revolution is but thought carried into action." -Emma Goldman
This page is about how every day life is a struggly and how horrible it can be some times.
A poem about trying to keep hope alive within in spite of the difficulties that we encounter as humans. But how long does that hope shine. How much longer can it be pushed until it is extinguished.
Every reality stands on an ideology. Two friends stood on an ideology and made their ode for freedom of mankind but it was broken after, one of them forgotten but one never forgotten and he feels the same pain all over his life.
A word of encouragement to inspire you to start over again
in every moment we are facing so many instance and some causes fatal dark in our life. if we can some large or extra effect of life and the universe and if we can feel love always then we see the light at corner of the room as we see coal(dark element) that beget the diamond(where lig...
It is more than just a good idea to listen closely when someone is speaking ~ and to ~ choose very carefully the words of response Also there are wonderful benefits in finding out what the Creator of the universe says concerning the situation in His wonderful Book of Life and Love. ...
This poem tries to show you the reader that even despite all of your great pain and difficulties, hope still desperately hangs on inside of you waiting for you to love without stopping, once more again. Love brings hope, because hope lives within love.
Walking through a dark and fearful tunnel is a unique experience. Unless you have a hope , you cannot walk till you reach the end. Hope and love only can build up your confidence.
Everyone has pain in life. How we face that pain will determine its outcome. Bitterness or hopefulness is the choice of each of us. This article gives some reason to hope in pain.
We should take those experiences from the past to chart the path for the future
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