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How quickly we forget - America is a nation of immigrants.i
Thousands of people immigrate from the UK each year. Who are they? And where are they going? Here we'll be looking at the current state of Britons around the world.
The idea of deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants is a crazy, nutty notion. But then we have to consider the source.
Democrats in California’s State Senate adopted ‘dump Trump’ legislation in the midnight hour of its legislative session. Senate Resolution 39 called for Californians to divest from Trump’s far reaching enterprises and condemned the man for his views on immigration. It didn...
Music is the true universal language, but sometimes there are borders to cross...but only with the right papers. Here's the story of one musician who is working to cross those borders.
Barbarians at the gate are not what typically destroys civilizations. Rather, a slow and subtle drift from existing laws, lack of transparency and institutionalized corruption break apart a once successful society and turn it into a world of tyranny.
What are passenger lists and how they can help a genealogist are two of the most common questions I was asked when I taught beginning genealogy. O have put together some brief how-to's, what information can be found, and useful links.
How can someone make use of Naturalization documents? Below is a very easy how to with links that show examples of other documents you may come across and terms you will need to understand.
UN, EU, US and Italy also have encouraged the exodus Islamic and now do not know how to stop it . In every country in the Middle East and there are millions of people who want to come to Europe for many different reasons.
The Pentagon needs to be able to consider "Dreamers" applying for military service on a case-by-case basis. There is no reason to block them categorically.
The need to reform our immigration policies is quite apparent. This Article deals with the many contingences that are involved in doing so.
What's in a name? Everything. Names tell us a lot about who we are, where we come from and our religious heritage. Immigration, the entertainment industry and pop culture are shifting the U.S. away from traditional names.
A free verse poetry in memory of three dogs that came to my life.
Why the United States needs to reform its immigration policies. Suggestions on how to fix them.
If you ask people for their impression of who is living in their country, they are quite likely to give you a very misleading answer.
Regarding on the Melilla issue, one tends to think that this migratory movement is being organized to create problems in other countries.
The Amish have expanded their settlements, as there is an estimated 150,000 Amish in the country now, mainly due to the large families which average about seven kids. There are as many as eight different orders here in the U.S. Such as Old Order Amish, New Order Amish, Andy Weaver Ami...
What Putin said to the Duma in August of 2013 is pertinent to the current USA/Mexico border crisis. The leaders should take heed of an intelligent assessment.
I have added a wrap-up to a piece I wrote almost three years ago about the problems on the United States/Mexico border. Nobody was listening then. Apparently, no one is listening now. The vaunted Dream Act for some is ending up a nightmare for almost everyone.
Migration is sometimes inevitable, and immigration lawyers are indispensable. The various legal aspects might slow down the process. By employing professionals, one can save time and effort.
The new 'Go Home' vans to curb the issue of illegal migrants within the UK have not been successful
Are you ready to travel? Well you may think you are ready for that international trip, but the immigration official may have different ideas. Here are several reason why you will no get let into the country of your destination.
Untrained boys forced into lifelong conscription in an endless civil war. The only trained power and proper firearms are in the hands of the leader's bodyguards. Eritreans have been trying to escape for too long. How will they stop the cycle of violence?
We should all struggle in search of better lives for ourselves and our children. But mortal peril -- or tragic accident -- could be avoided with more concern for equal rights.
Captain Jeremiah Higgins talks about a "prerequisite" for being absorbed as immigrants to the United States, at least for some nationalities, and about what actually happens to cadets during their military training. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
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