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...we said goodbye... an intense and passionate love, a summer love, forbidden love...
Don't cry babe..Nowadays all men and women seek opportunity to ensure abetter life particularly in achieving orgasmic energy.Ask any truthfully we all fantasize but play safe for sake of society
Infidelity also known and referred to as cheating, double dealing, unfaithfulness appears to be on the increase in these times. Modern day technology like the access to internet facilities, apps, etc has made this act easier to carry out and hide so many victims are not aware that th...
A true story of Christian love, infidelity, forgiveness, answered prayer, hope and healing.
Promiscuity and infidelity.This is a very controversial subject do read it with care
The Vagina and the beer; have something in common they both get their men all the time A smooth transportation in addition, the lamentation
When you have learned that your spouse has so un-thoughtfully cheated on you, your mind is bombarded by a volley of negative thoughts. It is now, after the affair has come to light that the questions start creeping in. You are feeling numb, all the while asking yourself; "How can this...
A man come home early from work and finds his wife in bed with his friend. He packs his bags and leaves on the night train. He returns some years later.
Girl's meaning to man's head turn to sexy women creates the feeling of inferiority.
Infidel they say ...some secretly remain silent ..just to avoid the open infidelity
Have you ever been betrayed. One moment can change lives.
Most women and men have experienced the infidelity of their lovers and the emotions involved. I digress here and bring into being the kiss of the vampyre to do unto others as they have done...a tale of woe
Do you know there is a website that rates cheating men? Wives and girlfriends share their horrible experiences with these so called losers and the database is huge.
Used as a metaphor this piece is written from the perspective of a book wanting to move past the marker in its pages...... I was inspired to write this after reading a friends poem entitled The Faithful Book...
''Moon'' in this poem has meaning similar to that in Robert Browning's ''Andrea Del Sarto''. ‘’My face, my moon, my everybody's moon,/Which everybody looks on and calls his''-- ''Moon'' here may be also reminiscent of John Donne’s ‘’And sweare/ No where/Lives a woman true a...
This is the second part of Picture Perfect. This is the moment of decision for Gustave and Ivette.
When it comes to relationships why are people putting up with so much just for the sake of love?
A simple explanation as to why women typically go for guys that are just all wrong.
What happens to a relationship after someone is unfaithful and what can you to prevent it from happening again
Where to begin when the trust in your relationship has been destroyed, and how to make it better a little at a time.
Thoughts on betrayal and infidelity and the possible reasonings behind why it is so prevalent in our society
Even if you can turn all the lights on and add some candles, a man will never know or feel the weight of his manhood. A woman who handles it is the one who feels the massiveness of that load. This means; the foolish decisions a husband makes could be part of his nature; his wife is t...
My anger at a girlfriend's infidelity dissolves in an instant.
Marriage Life is a new step of your life where you can feel security and stability. But no matter how perfect a particular relationship is, we tend to encounter terrible things in our relationship. Some of these are controllable, others are not and these thing are part of your struggl...
Will she overcome the past to be happy in the future? Or will her her past continue to ruin the future? She continually tries to take 2 steps forward but somehow ends up falling back 4 times more.
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