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Even in old days, dreams interpretation is widely use as a prediction to one's faith. It serves as a warning to prevent possible tragedy. Animal dreams are common to us. I listed here some of animals and their meaning in dreams.
My computer is on the fritz so it took me from 9AM to !!:30AM to put this poem about our future coming under the weight of our pre-modern world.
Where are our compassionate people except the young innocent ones, those too are restricted from doing any good to others!
Removing injustices within our society will usher in peace and coexistence. Our leaders should have the courage to fight for truth and justice relentlessly. Our future might well depend on how we succeed in our endeavor towards this righteous path. Wisdom lies in inclusive approach to...
Social assessment, through the resultant social action, attempts to set right the shortcomings in the system.
This story is of a past (but recent) dream I had and there are 2 more noted dreams referenced too. Id like to know your understanding of them.
This is an attempt to explain one possibility in the complexities of communication and listening--mutual understandings--from a very right-brained perspective. It might make more sense if you think in terms of energy and frequency (quantum physics), and try to imagine telepathic commu...
A short guide on how to interpret your own dreams, concentrating on your feelings and what the images mean to you.
This is a short poem of different situations and conditions of mind.
Looks at the the state of education in this country, the attitudes of learners, teachers and educators, and the growing perception that education is boring, too difficult or in some cases unnecessary. This is a critical evalutionof what needs to be done to make our education system mo...
Internet is the only place I found relatively less discrimination is found, in all other aspects of our life there are some kinds of discriminations are there.
Perfection is achieved through perfection. Hence, the resources, interpretation of the research data and conclusion drawn thereafter have to be flawless. Is it possible to fulfill such a condition?
Tori Amos is a very powerful musical artist. She has a great way of wrapping core messages in whimsical and sexy packages. In her song "Leather" from "Little Earthquakes", we find a girl questioning herself as to why she remains in a lifeless relationship...and then we see what she ...
Once coming to questioning oneself and ones surrounding, then it becomes obvious, that we are living in an illusion and self created fake reality. About the result from living this way, there can't be any doubt: Disappointment, frustration, stress, depression, disease... Just because ...
How often something come over the wrong way only just by that tome of voice.
Yes it that manner of expression as well a interpretation, that make that difference in communication
And I thought that instead of ignoring this fact pointless personal anecdote, I would bow to pressure larger office and write about it. I'm nervous, but here we go. Oh, wait, before entering what I tell you why. Part of this is because I'm usually a little cynical. When it is assumed ...
Statistics though useful one still has to spend some time, to understand the massage it conveys.
Another distinguishing element is the learner’s family and cultural background. The learners have their different personalities as well as behaviors. They come up in different upbringing practices which influenced their personalities.
There are a thousand ways to say 'I love you', but to hear it within a song that someone has written just for you, must be the sweetest way of all.....
And the dream is that we may wake up into a new day, without criminals running around loose on the streets with guns and knives, and our adorable teenage children are not affected by the drug abuse culture now running rampant from one weekend to another.
The book of Daniel is a story of faith and devotion, revealing dreams, and Godly miraculous intervention, as well as a book of end time prophecy; detailing the rise and fall of major kingdom ruling empire.
The sound of a well played guitar is a pure joy....Listening not just with your ear, but your heart and soul also, it takes you on an inward journey....All too easy to lose yourself within its captivating melody...
A study on Internet. Can the internet replace your TV?
~She wears her wings mysterious~I am inclined to gaze at her reflection~terrified at the prospect of a direct hit~a sixth thing she~divides a man~becomes understated~damned & glad to be so~what is next if she is not~
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