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Many people don't know what Easter really signifies. They have family dinners....perhaps go to church. They buy a new outfit and celebrate the fact that spring is here and the world is waking from it's long, cold sleep. But, this holiday can and should mean much more to us. This i...
Its all about what hAppy people don't do in order for them to be happy. What they do that bring them happiness and what they don't that buy them perennial HAPPINEES
So much goes on on these wikinut pages and I have many loving friends here and also those who are not...but those who in againstness be will find themselves dying slowly and painfully.. that is the Law of those who are in loving God bless...
Sometimes life heaps unfair burdens on people. When things seem hopeless, God often sends comfort in unexpected ways.
Happiness is crucial no wonder people are running after it. But how do I get it and make it stay?
This piece came up after a class I attended at the weekend on the Nine Transformations It was to be on alchemy but inside I was told not to do that so instead this came through. As many of you know my brother is the most precious being in my life and this is dedicated to him.
Up until recently I have not been particularly religious. My childhood cured me of any thought I might have had that I needed some type of spirit person (God) in my life to help me deal with any of the ups and downs I experienced. That has changed! Read on to find out the how and why.
In the joy there are no questions, but outside of it there are too many.
We get pushed into a lifestyle that may not be our inner calling. It serves us well to keep our options open to switch to those by listening to our heart, What matters finally is in following our heart with passion and perseverance even if we fail to achieve our set goals.
What a feeling one can get when there is that season of spring
This is about thriving, what is it? No two people may agree what it is yet everyone wants to thrive.
Its all about love and how it makes you feel.A lovers paradise...
A set of inspirational poems to brighten your day. Check out the song Never surrender!
A childhood is faith remembered and renewed in old age.
Life's experiences and what we do with them. The contrasts help us to expand and to move towards who we truly are, if we allow them to and if we allow the good from them to be free.
This is a short piece about ascension and our quest of God.
My family in Pennsylvania had too much snow and so I told them, I would pray the snow would come to Northern Alabama.
We all have to face our mortality sooner or later...and how does time fit in here...we can either pile it up against ourselves or just a state of neutral acceptance and flow with whatever IS in the moment...not always easy but so worthwhile...
I was born January 29 1957 to the proud parents Peter Rava and Dawn Rava and so my journey began. My parents were both loving and giving and four years after my birth, our family was to receive another gift my brother peter. It is funny how our minds work I know every detail of my lif...
This is a page for my poems with connection to the rain concept.
Life may not always present you with a smooth path. Even in times of worry and change you can still find some comfort. Beyond fear there is peace of mind, that will set you free.
It seems that as the planet moves through its moods so do we too...some of us are aware of the movements some are not...but when in a blue mood downward swing really the best thing to do is to look up and smile and with the help of some very good friends as I have here we will be on t...
' So You Can Sing With Joy Again ' is written for all those who start the New Year with less than happy hearts .... may it give you hope and comfort...
There are lots of communication way. Dail free call and feel yourself in home.
The passionate desire foods that are bitter, sour, saline, over- hot pungent, dry and burning. These produce sickness, pain and grief.
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