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I often write about the heart of hearts and inner worlds and the magic that resides within for me this is an expression of lifeing not of the physical world...enjoy
A sweet melange to fill your heart with joy for as I created this I experienced each nuance. Some of you will, some do not even know what I am talking/writing about and that is fine too....enjoy
Our beautiful first born! All through his young years he struggled to find a meaning for his life. Always searching for his own self-worth and happiness. He needed to feel a sense of belonging. It seemed nothing Mark and I could do was right for him. Will he eventually find what he wa...
This is a letter to joy to romance and say how much I long for that bliss to come.
A young boy's first fantasy, or how to get rid of roaches and reclaim your kitchen.
A lovers pledge to make love last.She is everything to him and want love to rule their lives.
Soldier Letter #10 - A New Beginning for Me. Sometimes we have to sit back in life and look at where we're going. We also have to remember the most important person in our life is often ourself.
I have said this in so many ways but once again..loving is the key to health, wealth and happiness...It is the highest point you can reach whilst in a physical body so share it with yourself and everyone else. Love is the only thing that I know you keep it around by letting it go and...
I wrote this poem to express my experience with depression. I don't always feel this way, but when depression hits, it can hit hard. It happens to me in cycles.
This is about She who on the bidding of the Mighty One goes into the nether regions to bring back those who there do dwell...fallen from grace by their wrong doings..yet by the grace invested in Her She is able to break their bonds..enjoy
Lovers in a quiet night who are all by themselves with just the natural surrounding.
It may sound simplistic and too general, yet the truth of the matter is that In our Creator's Wonderful Book of Teaching on Life and Love is found everything we need to always have hope and a strong consolation.
This one is about asking, prayer and the gap between things that sometimes we know is there.
This poem is about my wondering what will happen in my future. This is about the fears of what will happen.
When we are laughing, our body is triggered to produce hormones called endorphins. When our body can produce enough endorphins, then we can have comfortable, happy, and energized feelings.
Always, always there will be those who malign you but always remember sticks and stones may hurt your bones but words can never hurt you...then there are those who rise far above the maddening crowd and bring forth the kingdom of heaven...peace love and joy into your hearts and always...
Joy always emanates from all our life experiences. The simplicity of breathing in itself is a gift. We have so much to be grateful for and when we honor ourselves - we are honoring all that is.
Many people don't know what Easter really signifies. They have family dinners....perhaps go to church. They buy a new outfit and celebrate the fact that spring is here and the world is waking from it's long, cold sleep. But, this holiday can and should mean much more to us. This i...
Its all about what hAppy people don't do in order for them to be happy. What they do that bring them happiness and what they don't that buy them perennial HAPPINEES
So much goes on on these wikinut pages and I have many loving friends here and also those who are not...but those who in againstness be will find themselves dying slowly and painfully.. that is the Law of those who are in loving God bless...
Sometimes life heaps unfair burdens on people. When things seem hopeless, God often sends comfort in unexpected ways.
Happiness is crucial no wonder people are running after it. But how do I get it and make it stay?
This piece came up after a class I attended at the weekend on the Nine Transformations It was to be on alchemy but inside I was told not to do that so instead this came through. As many of you know my brother is the most precious being in my life and this is dedicated to him.
Up until recently I have not been particularly religious. My childhood cured me of any thought I might have had that I needed some type of spirit person (God) in my life to help me deal with any of the ups and downs I experienced. That has changed! Read on to find out the how and why.
In the joy there are no questions, but outside of it there are too many.
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